The Best Large Dog Crate

When I was just ten years old, I begged my parents for a dog. They took a week to think the proposition over and then decided the answer was yes,

The Best Puppy Playpen

Last Thanksgiving was a wild one. At only two months old, Eira was an energetic, high-needs puppy and we couldn’t leave her home. We still hadn’t purchased a crate for

The Best Dog Shedding Brush

Ah, dog shed. Maybe if you’re lucky, you have a dog that doesn’t shed hardly at all, ever, like a yorkie. Or maybe you’re like me and you have always

The Best Pet Carpet Cleaner

Back when I was a kid, our German shepherds stayed outside a lot. They had a huge, grassy backyard and each other for company, and we played with them all

The Best Diet Dog Food

It’s hard not to smile at an overweight dog waddling around a house. And yet, obesity contributes negatively to several of the leading causes of death for dogs, including cancer,