The Best Wound Spray for Your Dog 

We all know that dogs don’t like Band-Aids. I mean, how can you even keep one on a furry pup? You can’t! That’s why wound sprays are such a genius invention — especially the ones tailored specifically for canines. There are two reasons I started looking into wound sprays for Eira: first, it’s summertime in Alaska and there are mosquitoes EVERYWHERE. We’re all getting bitten, dog and human alike. While I’m comfortable putting Benadryl or hydrocortisone cream on my own bites, I’d rather use something dog-specific for Eira.

The Best Wound Spray for Your Dog  1

Summertime means mosquitos are in the air. Yuck!             

The second reason is that Eira will be getting spayed this September, and I want a spray that will help her wound heal faster and itch less. Basically, anything to make the surgery experience less painful and more comfortable for her is a win-win for all of us!

There are several reasons you might want a wound spray in addition to the reasons listed above.

  • Allergies and skin itchiness
  • Insect bites — chiggers, no-see-ums, fleas, mosquitos, and so on
  • Hot spots
  • Hair loss patches (sign of irritation)
  • Skin infections
  • Shallow/superficial cuts
  • Minor burns

Not every spray will help every condition, and always remember that before using a spray for an incision or to help heal from a more serious injury or allergy, you should first speak with your veterinarian.

Here are the best wound sprays that I’ve found so far. They range from antiseptic sprays to antifungal sprays to liquid bandage sprays to organic sprays, and each of them is a fantastic choice, depending on what’s plaguing your dog.


Vetericyn Wound & Skin Care Hydrogel

This antimicrobial spray gel helps wounds heal faster, keeps itching at bay, and even helps treat hot spots and other dermatitis issues. You don’t have to worry about what happens if your dog licks at it; the formula is safe for dogs to ingest, so you can rest easy. It’s less of a spray-on Band-Aid for minor bleeding wounds and more of a spray to help wounds stay infection-free.

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Pet MD Antiseptic & Antifungal Spray

This is a spray I wish I’d had for my German shepherd, Bella, who suffered from fungus-based hot spots later in life. She used to chew her tail so hard that patches of hair fell off, revealing raw, moist spots of skin underneath. Our vet told us she had a fungal infection and gave us a cream to use, but a spray would’ve been much easier to apply as Bella did not want to let me touch her poor tail. Bella also loved to swim, so in between baths (during which I removed her collar, washed it separately, and let it dry before putting it back on her), and sometimes I’d forget to remove her collar and let it dry after a fun day at the lake. She’d develop fungal infections in the fur where her damp collar sat for too long!

This spray by Pet MD is an antiseptic spray but also an antifungal spray, so it can treat minor flesh wounds as well as ringworm, zits, and hot spots in dogs. It’s a nice 2-in-1 to keep in your house, especially if your dog gets hot spot flare-ups or you live in an area with chiggers (think Oklahoma and other Southern US states). You can spray it in your dog’s armpits or groin — or, ahem, under her collar after removing it following a day at the lake — to keep fungal infections from developing.

The Best Wound Spray for Your Dog  2
Southern states suffer from lots of skin-irritating bugs that can ruin your dog’s summer!      

I like that this isn’t just a treatment spray; it’s also preventative.

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Remedy + Recovery Medicated Antiseptic Spray

This is the spray I got for Eira to help with her bug bites and, in the fall, her surgery stitches. She’s got a spot on her paw that’s got a bite underneath. Of course, it’s hard to see because it’s buried under her fur — the nasty, persistent mosquitoes in Alaska can reach through her thick fur and sting her skin!

The Best Wound Spray for Your Dog  3

You can’t see Eira’s mosquito bite, but it’s there and it bothers her. Thankfully the antiseptic spray from Remedy + Recovery works wonders!

I don’t spray this on Eira constantly, but if I notice her nibbling excessively at her paw or scratching another area (her belly is another favorite place for mosquitoes to bite her), I apply a spritz of spray to the affected area. I try to keep her from licking it, mostly so that it can stay on her skin and do its work, and then after a minute or two she seems to forget all about her bites.

This spray contains a mild numbing agent that can not only help the itching and burning caused by bug bites but can also take the edge off minor cuts, scratches, and clipper burn (this spray is not specifically for different types of minor burns).

The Best Wound Spray for Your Dog  4

Eira’s also got a bite on her spine, where it’s hard for her to reach and scratch (probably a good thing). Here’s my husband spraying the affected area. 

You can find this effective, budget-friendly spray here:

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Forticept Antimicrobial Burn and Wound Spray

If your dog has a minor burn, look to this spray for help. A lot of veterinarians use this spray in hospitals because it is inexpensive yet so effective that it can greatly speed up the healing process. It won’t sting your dog’s burn, scratch, or surface wound. You can use this spray to clean a cut immediately after your dog sustains the injury, and then you can also keep applying spray a couple times a day until the injury is healed.

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Nutri-Vet Liquid Bandage Spray

If you’ve been waiting for me to mention a bandage spray, your wait is over: the Nutri-Vet Liquid Bandage Spray is what you’re looking for. Unlike the other sprays on this list, this one creates a protective film over your dog’s burn, cut, or hot spot, and it tastes bad, which means they won’t want to lick it off. The seal it creates is waterproof, so once it dries you can bathe your dog or take her swimming like usual — the wound underneath will continue its healing process. I’m ordering a bottle of this from Amazon to keep on hand just in case Eira gets any cuts or scratches, or I miss a mosquito bite and it turns into something a little nastier with her biting and scratching.

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SENTRY Hydrocortisone Spray for Dogs

If I only needed a spray for bug bites instead of a spray that could help bug bites AND surgery stitches, this is the spray I’d get. Hydrocortisone cream is often extremely helpful in treating my own mosquito bites, and this hydrocortisone spray is formulated specifically for dogs. If your dog just can’t stop itching all her mosquito and chigger bites, get a small bottle of this spray and watch her discomfort disappear.

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Bexley Labs Curaseb Antiseptic Spray for Dogs

For an antiseptic spray that soothes, this one from Bexley Labs contains aloe vera as well as anti-itch, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial properties to help your dog. Use it for yeast infections, fungal infections, and all those minor wounds that you can treat at home (with your vet’s guidance). I like this spray because of the aloe. It costs a little more than the other sprays, but aloe vera is a wonderful natural soother. Also, this spray is veterinary-strength, so the price reflects the extra power as well as the wonderful soothing aloe you get in this little bottle.

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Vet Organics Natural Wound Spray

If you’re looking for a wound spray without chemicals, this is the spray for you. It features witch hazel, which is a natural anti-inflammatory and anti-itch property, as its main ingredient. It also contains calendula flower extract, burdock root extract, and peppermint oil.

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Wound Sprays: Budget-Friendly and Effective

Wound sprays are wonderful for treating your dog’s minor injuries and irritations at home, and the sprays listed above cover just about any use you could need a spray for! Which wound spray does your dog like best? Let us know in the comments!

The Best Wound Spray for Your Dog  5

Eira says, “Thank you, Remedy + Recovery Wound Spray, for relieving my mosquito bite itchiness!” 

The Best Wound Spray for Your Dog  6