The Best Rain Jackets for Dogs

Dogs don’t mind getting wet — right? They’ve got that fur that repels water, so when they’re out walking in the rain they don’t feel much. Right?

Wrong! Dogs do get wet, especially if they have short fur. But eventually any dog will get soaked under a downpour — and how would you feel if someone took you out for a walk in the rain with no jacket for protection? You might enjoy it for a few minutes, but after that you’d get cold, constantly blinking water away from your eyes. The rain would soak into your skin and start to make you shiver.

Just look at these sad pictures of my German shepherd, Bella, that a friend sent me after she got caught in a sudden Arizona monsoon. Thankfully Bella got to go inside immediately after these pictures were taken.

The Best Rain Jackets for Dogs 1

Poor Bella looks miserable! If this isn’t proof that dogs need rain jackets, I don’t know what is. 

Bella looks absolutely miserable. She hated being out in the rain. It got in her eyes and made her want to constantly shake. But she still had to get exercise, even on stormy days.

The Best Rain Jackets for Dogs 2

Bella on a stormy day in the desert — before the rain fell. 

And so does Eira. Usually, it rains quite a bit in Alaska during the summer, fall, and spring. But this year it’s been awfully dry. When it does rain, though, Eira isn’t a fan, so we bring her inside. (She loves snow, though!) I can’t imagine if we lived in Washington or Oregon, somewhere it rains almost constantly! And then there’s the dog-parent’s side of the wet-dog experience. If you take your dog out for a walk on a rainy day, you know you’re going to end up with a stinky dog once you get back inside. Your pup will want to crawl into your bed or onto the soft, dry couch, and you’re going to grimace.

Not if she has a rain jacket!

I’m hoping the fall rains come soon; Alaska needs them. And I will keep taking Eira out to exercise in the great outdoors. But I wanted her to have something to wear to protect her fur and face from the rain. That’s when I started researching rain jackets for dogs. I’ve rounded up my favorites below.


Ellie Dog Wear Yellow Zip-Up Raincoat

If you love the classic look of a yellow rain jacket but still want safety features — such as reflective strips — to keep your dog visible on a rainy road, this is the rain jacket for you. It’s bright yellow and lined with black- and white-striped fabric, so it’s extra chic. It’s got a hood that buttons under your dog’s chin, and even sleeves for your pup’s front legs. The buttons are reflective and there are eight of them, which is a decent amount of reflective protection. The jacket could use a little more reflective gear, but that would sacrifice some of the chic look.

And the buttons are there for a purpose: they button several pockets closed because yes, this raincoat has pockets. How neat is that? You can stick some poop bags in one of the pockets for convenience or extra treats for an extra sweet walk. Not only does this rain jacket feature pockets, but it also has several zippered areas designed to accommodate a dog harness, if that’s what you prefer for walks. The tail hole and hood are both drawstring adjustable for a snug fit around your pup’s face and bum.

The Ellie rain jacket is made from two layers of high-quality fabric for extra warmth and water resistance. It’s available in every size from XS to XXL, so any dog can wear it (just make sure you measure according to the charts on the product listing page first!). And if yellow isn’t your dog’s jam, you can choose from pink, navy, gray, and red.

The price is a little more expensive than our other best raincoat options, but if you live somewhere rainy, the investment is well worth the money. Your dog will enjoy years and years of dry walks — even when the rain is pouring down on them.

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Nourse CHOWSING Dog Rain Jacket

If it doesn’t constantly rain where you live and you don’t want to shell out that much cash for a rain coat, this jacket by Nourse works really well. I know this because…it’s the one we bought for Eira!

The Best Rain Jackets for Dogs 3

The Nourse CHOWSING Rain Jacket before I put it on Eira. 

This rain jacket is made from durable material that’s 100% waterproof, as you will see in the video below:

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I haven’t been able to test it in real rain yet, but I am excited to take Eira for a walk in the rain with it when it does rain again. The jacket doesn’t seem to bother her as long as the hood isn’t up, but I have a hunch that she will love the hood once it’s actually raining outside — because it will keep rain out of her face! I also should probably keep from laughing with delight when I see how cute she looks in her rain jacket. I mean, just look at this photo of Eira drinking water (from her elevated pet feeder, which I’m still absolutely loving!) with her rain jacket on.

The Best Rain Jackets for Dogs 4

I can’t even handle the cuteness of this photo. 

Isn’t it adorable? I love how the flaps come all the way down over her belly and over her rear end and extend all the way into a roomy hood. There’s a slit on the top of the coat for a leash, but unlike the Ellie Jacket this raincoat isn’t harness accessible — unless the harness has a front clip. Still, we love it! And our harness does have a front clip so we can put it on underneath the jacket and clip Eira’s leash to it for a rainy day walk.

Another plus of this jacket is that it has a huge reflective strip on the spine. It’s not visible in the photo above, but I got a video to show you how bright the reflection is:

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>

I am sold on this rain jacket — and it even came with a bonus gift: a massaging/dog-bathing glove. I had no idea it would!

The Best Rain Jackets for Dogs 5
I am not upset about this awesome glove that came with the raincoat. I’ll be able to make Eira’s bath time more pleasant now!

All of these features (and the gift) come at a price that’s very easy on the wallet.

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Lovelonglong Raincoat and Snow Coat

Eira loves snow. But if your dog doesn’t, this raincoat is also a snow coat. That’s because it features extra-warm insulation and is completely rain-, snow-, and wind-proof. Smaller dogs benefit the most from a raincoat like this because they often suffer the most in extreme outdoor conditions, yet they still need their daily fresh air and exercise. But this raincoat comes in sizes that fit dogs beyond 75 pounds, so if you have a big sweet baby who hates the cold (and you live somewhere cold), get her this snow coat. It’s reasonably priced, especially when you consider how much coverage it gives a dog.

Some users have warned that dogs with short legs might find the elgs too long, but that’s easily solved with some safety pins or fabric trimming if needed. Most dogs, however, find that the leg sleeves are the perfect length to keep their limbs free of mud and rain splatter.

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HiGuard Lightweight Dog Raincoat

If your dog hates hats and hoods and refuses to wear them, ever, this raincoat is perfect for you. The green-and-black design allows for optimal visibility, and the jacket also features reflective strips. But it has no hood that goes over the dog’s head. Instead, there’s a hood that goes up to the base of the neck, allowing water to drip down the dog’s back and off his body. This is ideal for dogs who hate hoods because you don’t have to deal with an unused hood being bunched up at the base of your dog’s skull.

This raincoat is specifically designed for larger dogs: it’s available in sizes from medium to XXXL. Like the other rain jackets featured, this one has a small hole for the leash to connect to the collar. But if you are outside and not using a leash, the makers of the raincoat thoughtfully sewed a flap onto the space that can be laid over the hole so your dog won’t get wet in that one tiny area. I love that thoughtfulness shining through in the design.

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PetLoft Dog Raincoat

Do you have a tiny dog who needs a raincoat but would rather not shell out the money for an Ellie jacket? Then take a look at PetLoft’s Dog Raincoat, which is one of the lower-priced rain jackets on this list. It’s made of durable fabric with an inner fleece lining — which you can remove if the weather is warm and rainy instead of cold and rainy. The rain jacket is available in sizes XS to XL, so it will fit the smaller pups who need protection from storms. While the hood isn’t removable, it can be neatly rolled and buttoned back out of the way for dogs who don’t like hoods. With color choices in green, navy, and pink, there’s a size and color fit for any little dog. And there’s a reflective strap at the back to make sure cars can see you in all that rain.

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There’s a rain jacket on this list for every dog out there. Have you tried a raincoat for your dog? If you live in an area where it rains even semi-often and you want your dog to be comfortable on daily walks, it’s time to get one!

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