Best Rolled Leather Dog Collar 

If you’re like most people, you may have put a little bit of thought into which collar you bought for your dog. You probably went to the local pet store and checked out their display, searching for the cutest collar for your sweet little Fido. Maybe you gave it a few tugs to make sure it seemed solid and then brought it home for your new dog. This is what I did when we got ready to bring Eira home last November. The collar I picked her out was blue and purple and looked so pretty on her black fur. It was so much better than the cheap collar the breeder sent her home with…but it wasn’t that high-quality. As I took Eira on walks and began to train her, I noticed that the collar loosened all the time. I had to constantly readjust it so it wouldn’t loosen too much.

Needless to say, this got annoying very quickly. So I went back to the store and got Eira a sturdier collar. I chose a leather collar with a belt-buckle style adjuster so it couldn’t move all the time. This collar worked well for a while…until the small leather flap that held the D-ring broke the other day and Eira got loose on our walk! Not cool!

Because of this, I decided to look into other collar types for Eira. I had noticed that the flat collars leave her fur matted and extra-stinky. When my German shepherd Bella was alive, I had to remove her collar a couple times a week, clean it with bleach, let it dry, and let her fur air-dry so it could have a break from the collar. Otherwise her skin got so irritated that her fur would fall out and leave her skin raw beneath it.

What I didn’t know back then is that rolled leather dog collars help eliminate this problem. If I’d had a rolled leather dog collar for Bella, I wouldn’t have had to worry about her fur getting matted and stinky because the rolled leather would glide smoothly over her fur during the day, allowing different parts of her skin to breathe as she moved around naturally.

So of course, I had to get a rolled leather dog collar for Eira. It was the perfect timing since her other non-rolled leather collar had just broken.

Best Rolled Leather Dog Collar  1

Eira’s new rolled leather dog collar. Notice how the leather is rolled, giving it a round instead of flat shape? That’s (obviously) how it got its name. 

If you’re searching for a new collar for your dog or you’re just plain tired of the stink-producing effect of flat dog collars, check out our list of the best rolled leather dog collars. There are all sorts of different choices and one is bound to suit you and your pup.


BRONZEDOG Rolled Leather Dog Collars

If you think that having a rolled leather dog collar means your dog will only have one color choice — brown — think again. Your pooch can enjoy the luxury of a rolled collar in all sorts of different colors.

For a dog (and dog-parent) who prefers soothing tones, these BRONZEDOGS rolled leather dog collars come in dark blue, mustard yellow, burgundy, and dark and light brown. They’re made from crazy horse leather, which is NOT leather from horses but simply means the leather has been given a wax coating. This coating improves durability, softens the leather, and gives it an antique feel. This type of coating does not, however, make it waterproof. So if you live in a super wet state, this collar might not be for you.

Rolled leather dog collars are extra strong and are perfect for dogs with longer fur as they don’t tangle the fur. Imagine how lovely your pup would look in one of these — especially the burgundy color! I just love it.

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BRONZEDOG also makes rolled leather collars in fun, bright colors — think electric blue, green, pink, light gray, purple, and yet another shade of brown. I got Eira a BRONZEDOG rolled leather collar because I liked the product quality. And so far, it’s been very much worth the price! It’s more expensive than a typical collar but not unreasonable.

Best Rolled Leather Dog Collar  2

Eira wiggles around in her sharp new rolled leather dog collar. 

Doesn’t it look nice in her fur? The stitching is sturdy, the color is smooth and pretty, like coffee, and the collar slips easily over her fur to keep it from getting matted and stinky. This threw Eira off at first. I’m sure she was wondering why the collar kept sliding over her fur instead of pushing it down.

Best Rolled Leather Dog Collar  3

Eira scratches at her rolled leather dog collar. It stands up to everything!

She scratched at it at first. She just got her e-collar off after two weeks of wearing it after getting spayed, so she definitely was not used to the feeling of smoothness and freedom that her new collar provides. The feeling of strangeness was short-lived, though: now she loves her collar.

Best Rolled Leather Dog Collar  4

Eira poses for the camera in her rolled leather dog collar from BRONZEDOG. 

The difference between this BRONZEDOG collar and the first ones mentioned above is that these aren’t treated with wax to look antique-ish. They’re more modern and snappy with brighter colors, so if that’s your thing, these are the perfect rolled leather dog collars for you. The crazy horse leather collars come with gold buckles and D-rings; the brighter, modern collars come with silver buckles and D-rings. Both styles of rolled leather collars come in sizes small, medium, and large.

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Coastal Pet Rolled Leather Dog Collar

This collar is made from full grain, top quality leather that’s been vegetable-tanned for durability. It is a little stiffer than the other collars — both styles are fine; it’s up to you to choose whether you want a soft or stiff rolled leather dog collar. Goldendoodles, poodles, and other dogs with longish, curly hair relaly benefit from the slightly added stiffness of this collar. It’s available in only black and Coastal Pet lists each size independently, so if the size below doesn’t fit your dog, check around for a size that does.

This collar is quite slim, as well: around the width of your pinky finger. This means your dog barely feels it on her neck! Also, it doesn’t collect any of the doggy smells that a flat collar would, which is fantastic if you have a sensitive nose and can’t figure out how to keep your dog’s neck from smelling funky.

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Auburn Leathercrafters Rolled Leather Dog Collar

A bit more expensive than the other choices, this premium rolled leather dog collar is perfect if you’re looking for the highest quality and durability. Made in the USA with American leather, this collar also comes with a manufacturer’s guarantee. The family-owned, New York state-based company has been making leather collars since 1950 and  truly believes in its products. They will gladly make things right if something goes wrong with the collar. The Auburn Leathercrafters rolled leather dog collars come in fourteen jewel-toned colors that will look beautiful on any dog.

For a super high quality rolled leather collar, look no further than Auburn Leathercrafters.

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CollarDirect Rolled Leather Dog Collar

If you need an affordable yet still solid-quality rolled leather dog collar that comes in a plethora of sizes, the CollarDirect rolled leather dog collars will suit your needs. These collars come in seven different sizes that fit the smallest and largest of dogs — and their color options range from bright to toned down to everything in between. This thoughtfully constructed collar features a strap to hold the extra collar length in, an O-ring for a leash, and quality silver buckles.

It’s less than half the price of an Auburn Leathercrafters collar but is comparable in quality and durability.

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What Are the Pros and Cons of Rolled Leather Dog Collars?

The pros are easy to cover: the collars don’t mat fur, they’re extra durable, they don’t trap doggy smells, and they’re easy on sensitive skin. There’s really only one con: leather collars aren’t waterproof. So if your dog spends a lot of time in a rainy area, make sure you put a different collar on for long rainy walks. Or if your dog loves to swim, put a different collar on for that.

Otherwise, rolled leather dog collars are the perfect addition to any dog’s collar collection.

Have you tried a rolled leather dog collar? Let us know which rolled leather dog collars you love best!

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