The Best Kong Products for Small Dogs

We all know big dogs love Kong products. But what about littler dogs? This week, I’m in California with my in-laws’ toy dogs, Walter and Rosemary. Walter and Rosemary had never played with Kong toys before, so I got them several toys to find out which are the best Kong products for small dogs. Obviously little dogs have little mouths and small teeth, so those things need to be taken into consideration when purchasing Kong toys.


Do Small Dogs Even Need Kong Toys?

When you think of small dogs, do you think of dogs who chew everything in sight? No? Then you’d be somewhat wrong! Small dogs can chew things apart just as quickly as big dogs. Really, the level of chew-lovingness in a dog varies from dog to dog, not from size to size. Rosemary, my in-laws’ Yorkshire terrier, went through a phase where she loved chewing the walls up throughout the house. Yikes! That would’ve been a great time for me to send over several durable Kong toys!

Though Walter and Rosemary are a year old now, they still can chew a stuffed toy to bits within minutes.

So let’s find out: how did the Kong products for small dogs hold up?

The Best Kong Products for Small Dogs 1

Rosemary and Walter eagerly await their very first Kong toy!

Kong Wubba Weave

As soon as I showed Rosemary and Walter their new Kong Wubba Weave, made of sturdy rope/rope mixed with nylon, they hopped around with excitement. I almost wished I’d purchased two! But the little dogs started playing tug-of-war with each other and with me, and that was loads of fun. They seemed to know that the Wubba Weave isn’t designed for chewing as much as it is for playing fetch and tug games.

The Best Kong Products for Small Dogs 2

Walter grasps the Wubba Weave from my hand. 

The small-sized Kong Wubba Weave is ideal for dogs as small as Walter and Rosemary because it offers several levels of biting challenge. The ropes dangling off the weave are perfectly sized for small dog mouths, while the Wubba Weave’s head presents a touch more difficulty. The knot in the middle is the toughest part to grasp, and just trying to grab it provides Walter and Rosemary with lots of entertainment.

The Best Kong Products for Small Dogs 3

Uh oh—Rosemary got the Wubba Weave from Walter! He’s hot on her heels, trying to snatch it back.

The Wubba Weave is the tug-of-war toy for small dogs. If your toy dog doesn’t have one yet, order one below!

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Kong Squeezz Dumbbell Toy

Shaped almost like a little bone, the Kong Squeezz Dumbbell is a lovely noise-making toy for small dogs. The middle part is slim enough for a toy dog to grasp in her mouth, and if she’s bold enough to try to chomp on the bigger parts, she’ll be rewarded with a satisfying squeak squeak!

The Best Kong Products for Small Dogs 4

Walter and his beloved Kong Squeezz Dumbbell. 

Walter and Rosemary love their Squeezz Dumbbell. It bounces all over the place when you throw it, which is really fun to watch. Once again, Walter was first to grab the toy from me, but Rosemary quickly changed that.

The Best Kong Products for Small Dogs 5

Oh, Rosemary. At least there’s a Wubba Weave for Walter to play with now!

See how 3-pound Rosemary is holding on to the Squeezz dumbbell? It’s the perfect squeak and fetch toy for small dogs.

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Kong Small Sport Balls

Out of all the toys I got Walter and Rosemary, these were their favorites. Just watch and see how excited they were when I first held up the toy in front of them:

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They seem to just know that they’re about to get to play with really fun, really bouncy balls from Kong. I gave them each their own ball—one themed like a miniature basketball, the other like a soccer ball—and gave the third to my son to throw for them. Here’s what they did:

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>

Rosemary took one of the balls outside and Walter chased her around the yard! What a fun burst of exercise for these sweet small dogs. They’re small enough to fit into the dogs’ little mouths, but not so small that they’re a choking hazard. And so far, they haven’t been torn to bits—in fact, none of the Kong toys have.

The Best Kong Products for Small Dogs 6

The Kong Sport Balls fit easily in the palm of my hand. 

Kong Small Squeaky Bear

This low-stuffing bear features a signature red Kong squeaker that Rosemary and Walter simply can’t resist. Watch the video below to see how much they adore their new Squeaky Bear:

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>

Once again, the quick, tenacious Rosemary got to the toy first. But Walter got a turn with the Squeaky Bear, too!

The Best Kong Products for Small Dogs 7

This tiny squeaker toy is truly perfect for small dogs. 

Get your own squeaker toys for your toy dogs below. The bear comes with a duck and frog squeaker toy, too!

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More Favorites

While those four Kong toys for small dogs are Walter and Rosemary’s favorites, there are a few more toys that I know small dogs love.

The Extra-Small Kong Classic

This tiny version of the much-beloved Kong Classic can be filled with a pinch of peanut butter paste or pieces of a tasty treat for a fun afternoon activity for your small dog. This pack from Amazon comes with two extra-small Kong Classic toys—a plus of having a small dog is that the small toys often come in pairs of two or more.

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Kong Puppy Flyer Dog Toy

Ideal for small dogs and puppies alike, this flying disc is made of softer natural rubber so it won’t break delicate small-dog teeth. I think Walter and Rosemary would love one of these, so I’m planning to order one as a parting gift for when I leave. The dogs have a lovely, high-walled backyard to play in—perfect for this flying disc.

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Kong CuteSeas Crinkle Toy

These adorable ocean-themed stuffed animals crinkle and squeak when dogs bite down on them, and they come in a small size that’s perfect for small dogs. You can buy a whale, a seahorse, or an octopus. How cute(sea) is that?

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What are your favorite Kong toys for small dogs like Walter and Rosemary? Share your favorites in the comments below!The Best Kong Products for Small Dogs 8