The Best Dog Frisbee 

Have you ever met a dog who didn’t love to chase things that fly through the air? I haven’t. Our German shepherd, Clancy, used to love accompanying us to fly kites in the field in front of my childhood home. She’d chase the kite’s shadow all day long if we let her. We often had to make her take a break so that she wouldn’t completely wear herself out. Frisbees are a little less expensive than kites but no less fun for dogs to chase. They’re more fun, in fact, because unlike kites, dogs can catch frisbees in their mouths for a satisfying end to their chasing spree!

There are tons of frisbee choices out there, and it can be daunting to choose the best one or two frisbees for your dog. There are all sorts of things to take into consideration. Is your dog a chewer? If so, you’ll need to get a tough frisbee. Do you have small dogs? They’ll still adore chasing frisbees — but you need to find frisbees that don’t fly quite as far so that your toy dogs can keep up without wearing out in two seconds.

Our guide takes all that into consideration and more.

Without further ado, your guide to the best dog frisbees.


The Best Frisbees for Small Dogs

As we mentioned above, toy dogs will need special frisbees that don’t fly as high — and that fit in much smaller mouths than usual. Check out these frisbees designed for small dogs to find the perfect one for your special, fetch-loving pooch!

The Chuckit! Lite Flight

This charming frisbee comes in two small-dog friendly sizes: 7-inch and 10-inch. Made of polyester canvas, it’s durable with a soft edge that’s gentle on small-dog or puppy teeth. You can get the Chuckit! Lite Flight in blue or a glow-in-the-dark green — it all depends on whether you like to play frisbee with your dog at night or during daylight hours! You could even get two: one for summer and one for winter when it’s so dark. Oh wait…that’s just Alaska. I’m already preparing for another long, dark winter and am thinking about ways to make outdoor play fun even during inky-dark afternoons.

Another neat thing about this frisbee? It floats. If you’ve got a small dog who loves to swim, this is the perfect frisbee for you. The little Lite Flight also doesn’t soar quite as high as other frisbees, but it still gives your dog a thrilling session of chase-and-catch.

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Hyper Pet Toy Story 4 Squeaker Frisbee

This 7-inch frisbee is perfect for your smaller canine pals, and even better? It has a squeaker inside! The adorable Toy Story 4 characters — Ducky on one side, Bunny on the other — take up the whole face of the frisbee for a hilarious and entertaining effect. Don’t be fooled by the cuteness, though: this frisbee is as durable as any others on the market. It’s made from fire hose material and can withstand playing tug-of-war, fetch, catch, and just plain old “chew.”

Like the Chuckit! Lite Flight, the Hyper Pet Toy Story 4 Squeaker Dog Frisbee also floats in the water. Bring it to the lake with you to coax your little dog into taking some swimming lessons or enjoy watching it skim above the surface of snow or rain in the wintertime. Best of all, this frisbee flies high enough to get your dog’s legs pumping, but it won’t totally wipe them out after one throw. AND both sides of the frisbee are extra bright and easy to spot in tall grass, snow, or a jumble of other dog toys.

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The Kong Puppy Flyer

As the product title suggests, this frisbee is perfect for puppies — but it’s also ideal for tiny dogs. Sometimes, hard plastic frisbees can cause young or small dogs’ mouths to get cuts and bleed. The big advantage with this frisbee is that it’s made entirely of soft yet durable rubber that’s welcoming to a teething pup or small dog. This frisbee measures 7 inches and flies just far enough to give your pup or small dog a run for her money.

The one downside is that when you order a Kong Puppy Flyer from Amazon, you might get a pink or a blue disc. So hopefully you like both of the soft yet vibrant colors!

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The Best Frisbees for Aggressive Chewers

If your dog loves nothing more than chewing and tugging a frisbee so violently that you wonder how much money you’ll have to spend on frisbees in your dog’s lifetime, don’t worry! There are frisbees out there to withstand even the most tenacious teeth. Read on to find out where to get them.

Hyperflite Jawz Competition Dog Frisbee

Did you know that the World Canine Disc Championship Series was a thing? I didn’t — until I bought this frisbee. I hadn’t thought much about dog sports since Clancy was young and we enrolled her in agility and Schutzhund. She didn’t stay in the sports for very long, but it was fun to see the things she learned — especially the Schutzhund protection skills. But yes, dog frisbee competitions are a thing, and this frisbee is the official disc of the World Canine Disc Championships. If you’re interested in putting your dog in a sport that you can do right along with him, consider signing up for disc classes and competitions in your area.

The Best Dog Frisbee  1

Eira and her Hyperflite Jawz. 

The Hyperflite Jawz Frisbee is the one I got for Eira, not because it’s the official disc of anything, but because of its durability. Because of its high quality, your dog can scratch, chew, tug, and fetch this frisbee without breaking it enough to create shards that could hurt her teeth. That was really important to me when considering the best frisbee for Eira. Once, when I was a kid playing frisbee with Clancy, I noticed blood coloring her teeth red. Sure enough, the frisbee had cut her gums. I threw the frisbee away immediately and washed her mouth out, relieved to see the cut was minor. But it could’ve been worse!

Even with the Hyperflite Jawz frisbee, which is made of polymers shaped into a super aerodynamic format, you need to keep an eye on the frisbee’s wear and tear for any jags or edges that could cut your dog’s teeth. Just as a precaution. Because it probably won’t happen with this extra durable, designed-for-dogs frisbee.

So how high does the Hyperflite fly? Because Eira can’t run and fetch, I only tossed it in my kitchen for her. But my, does the thing fly! Smooth as butter and super high and I barely even tried. I can see why this is the championship disc, and I can’t wait until Eira is free to run and chase this thing. We have a huge backyard that’s perfect for playing long games of frisbee fetch, and the Hyperflite is a bright, easily spotted color.

The Best Dog Frisbee  2

The Hyperflite flies toward the ceiling! 

The frisbee is relatively easy for a dog to pick up off the ground even if it’s lying flat.

The Best Dog Frisbee  3
Eira trots away with her frisbee prize. 

It’s sturdy, but not inflexible. Large, but not too large at almost 9 inches in diameter. If your dog’s a chewer, which Eira is when it comes to her toys — but not, thankfully, when it comes to furniture — this is one of the safest frisbee options out there. You can get it in several eye-catching colors, including mango (pictured), glow-in-the-dark, neon, black, and blue.

The Best Dog Frisbee  4

Eira adores her Hyperflite frisbee already!

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West Paw Zogoflex Nearly Indestructible Frisbee

The name says it all: this frisbee can fly, but it’s also nearly impossible for your dog to destroy. West Paw trusts so much in its rubber-based frisbee that it has a 100% money-back guarantee if your dog does manage to damage the frisbee. Pretty neat, huh? They say the return rate is less than 1%, so not many dogs are successful in destroying the Nearly Indestructible Frisbee! Not only that, but the West Paw Zogoflex frisbee is waterproof, dishwasher safe for quick and easy cleaning, and recyclable if your dog ever decides she’s too cool for it. Oh, and it also floats.

It’s pretty much everything you and your dog could hope for in a frisbee. You can get this frisbee in several bright colors: green, blue, orange, white, and glow-in-the-dark. (People must really love playing frisbee in the dark with their dogs!)

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Nerf Tire Flyer Frisbee

Looking for a frisbee in a donut shape to make it easier for your dog to grasp — but hard to tear apart? The Nerf Tire Flyer Frisbee is the perfect fit for you. Shaped like a tire with ridges and bumps to match (and to please your dog’s chewing needs), the Nerf Tire Flyer is a 10-inch disc that can fly high and far. If your dog is one of those fantastically energetic dogs who also loves to chew, this is the type of frisbee that will work best for you. You won’t have to worry about your dog destroying it. You won’t have to forsake flying power for safety. And you will get lots of fun hours of fetch from the Tire Flyer.

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One More Awesome Frisbee to Consider

This next frisbee isn’t meant for puppies or small dogs or aggressive chewers, although with supervision you could let a chewer play with it. This frisbee’s for the other dogs out there — the calm, non-chewing Fidos who love to soar into the sky and fetch a flying frisbee.

Hyper Pet Flippy Flopper Dog Frisbee

Made of durable nylon with a soft foam edge that’s easy on your dog’s teeth, this set of TWO frisbees is sure to provide you hours of play at the park, in the snowy mountains, or in a lake. Because yes, it floats! And its bright green and red colors make it easy for you to spot if your pup loses it somewhere. Some dogs love to shake water from their frisbees, and these frisbees will stand up to such shaking. But not to heavy chewing, so make sure your dog doesn’t see them as fair game when you buy them.

In addition to being safe for your dog’s teeth, these frisbees fly high and far. In fact, you’ll notice that all the frisbees on our list are safe for dog teeth and gums. This is extremely important to us! Whatever you do, don’t buy a regular old plastic frisbee for your dog to play with. Buy a dog frisbee made with Fido in mind, and you’ll both enjoy lots of safe hours of frisbee fetch.

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What’s your favorite dog frisbee? Let us know in the comments!

The Best Dog Frisbee  5

Eira and her beloved frisbee, a lifelong pal for sure. 

The Best Dog Frisbee  6