Best Squeaky Dog Toys

Dog toys are often a key ingredient to a pup’s happiness. Whether they’re a small puppy or a fully grown dog, they like to have something to play with.

A range of toys and activities are important in your dog’s life to make sure that they remain inquisitive, active and healthy. Especially when your dog is young, you should introduce them to a range of toys, sounds and textures to ensure they get used to things they have not heard or seen before.

Dogs toys are important because:

  • They help to stop your dog from getting bored
  • They stimulate happiness and excitement
  • They can be useful when out and about
  • They can be educational for your pup

Of course, choosing the best toys for your dog is an important step as you must consider their safety. For example, puppies and some other dogs like to chew things until they are broken. So, giving your dog toys that have small, chewable pieces means that they must be supervised.

Although your dog will come into many textures in his life, you may often find that they are stimulated by sound more than texture. Puppyleaks suggests that the noise in dog toys stimulates their ‘prey drive’. I have seen this firsthand with Charlie the Westie, who enjoys to completely tear apart any squeaky toy until he gets bored of it. I always feel quite proud when there’s a toy that he cannot destroy.

Depending on how your dog reacts to squeaky toys, you may find that they work really well or you may find that they do not. Charlie has very limited squeaky toys because he becomes obsessed and does not let anyone anywhere near. However, Oz the Cocker Spaniel who I look after enjoys the noise as it stimulates play time.

Canine Journal suggests that squeaky toys can be great for dogs as it lets them get all of their excess energy out and explore new things. Just as us humans have frustrations, dogs do too and it is good for them to let these out.

I’m going to share with you a range of squeaky and noisy toys that might be a good fit for your dog. Remember that all dogs are one of a kind – one dog might love a particular squeak but hate another.

Best Squeaky Dog Toys 1

Oz absolutely loves all toys!


Kong Wubba

Kong are quite a well known brand in the doggy world. Their products are known to be sturdy, interactive and long lasting. All dogs that I have owned have had a range of Kong products to keep them occupied.

This company sells a range of toys, treats and interactive products for dogs and cats. One of the great products that they sell includes the Kong Wubba.

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This is a great product for dogs because it has a firm squeak that allows your dog to chew firmly in order to create the noise. The firmness of the product means that your dog could potentially limit his destructive behaviour because he is putting his efforts into the toy.

When I had Nelly the Cockapoo, she found it almost impossible to break this toy as it was so tough. However, she liked the squeak and so it would keep her entertained for quite some time as she was determined to keep the squeak going.

Oz the Cocker Spaniel on the other hand, has managed to destroy his Wubba Kong and so it no longer squeaks. Perhaps in this case, it’s a great toy for dogs who do not have an incredibly strong jaw!

Not only does this toy serve as a good squeaker, it also has tassels that your dog can chew, pull and tug at.

Kong squeak balls

As I’ve already mentioned, Kong products are pretty special. If you are in need of a squeaky tennis ball to take on your doggy walks, these ones could be great for you and your dog.

Although I have not used a squeaky tennis ball with Charlie, he does enjoy a squeaky ball on his walks because it encourages him to run and play fetch! If your dog is in love with tennis balls, try using a squeaky one to get him more excited.

When on a walk with a squeaky ball, I tend to squeeze it a few times before throwing it for the dog to catch. This way, it encourages them to run after the squeak and make the noise themselves.

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Please be aware that if your dog has a habit of chewing and breaking tennis balls, this could happen with this squeaky one too.

The American Kennel Club warns that the material that surrounds tennis balls can wear down your dog’s teeth and lead to dental problems. So, be wary when your dog has a habit of chewing for long periods of time. Keep a close eye on your dog.

Treat and puzzle balls

There’s no denying that there are dogs who constantly like to be doing something and keeping active. Whether it’s eating, drinking, jumping or playing, they always need something to keep them entertained.

Dogs with mobility issues also need puzzles and interactive toys that keep them interested. The Honest Kitchen suggests that a toy that keeps a dog busy could be a way to help with restlessness or boredom.

Treat or puzzle balls can provide lots of entertainment for your dog.

They help to improve:

  • Boredom levels
  • Stress levels
  • Interactivity
  • Restlessness
  • Intelligence
  • Agility
  • Reactions

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This treat ball provides plenty of enjoyment for your dog. The idea is that your dog needs to move it around to get the small treats out. The fact that your dog has to really think about what he is doing in order to get the treats out stimulates their mental activity. Dogs learn at different rates but you can bet if there’s a treat involved they will not give up!

This specific treat ball comes with different difficulty levels, which is great for building up your dog’s intelligence. This can be great for active doggies who like to move toys around the room, as it can easily glide across the room. The noise of the treats inside act as a bonus, as it encourages your dog to find them. No doubt they can smell the treats from a mile away anyway, right?

It could potentially be good for dogs with mobility issues if they can keep it close to them, but it might be worth looking into other toys that can be kept in one position a little easier.

What’s also nice about these types of toys is that they can be washed easily when used. The fact that they are adaptable is a real bonus and there is nothing stopping you from putting a range of treats in there to create different noises.

Potentially, this is a longer-lasting activity for your dog which means it could keep them busy while you need to do other things without them pestering you!

Screaming chicken

You’ve probably all seen this type of toy… It is the classic screaming chicken that lets out a high pitched squeak when squeezed by you or your pup.

It is undoubtedly one of the most annoying dog toys you can find in terms of noise. It is so loud that when you squeak one, someone can hear it at the other end of a large shop.

Despite the annoying nature of this screaming chicken toy, it can provide a lot of happiness for your dog.

Terribly Terrier states that dogs may like squeaky toys for a simple reason: They make noise. They also suggest that some dogs use noisy toys as a way of interacting and getting attention from humans. You can bet that if they want attention, they might go for this one first…

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Any screaming chicken toy you find will do, they all seem to have that same loud squeak. If you do find your dog becoming obsessed with a squeaker, it might be best to take a break or give them a different toy.

However, if your dog does enjoy a screaming chicken, it might be best to keep that one for at home so that they do not annoy too many people on their walks!

Plush toys

There are lots of different plush toys that you can get for your pooch. They all come with a range of textures, noises and activities. I have often found the ones with small squeakers in to be the best because it enables your dog to explore it in more detail.

Your dog is able to carefully bite his way along the toy and find the different squeaky points. Dogs enjoy toys that challenge them because it enables them to use their instincts.

However, although your dog may enjoy the squeak in the plush toys, they may also like the attachment they can form to it. Did you ever have a favourite teddy bear when you were young? Dogs can be the same and may use these toys as comfort.

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This toy is a nice option because it has squeakers in different places. Those combined with the chipmunks sticking out of the sides will keep your dog entertained because they will want to explore, chew and sniff.

If you wanted to give your dog an extra challenge, you could hide something inside of it!

One thing you must remember with plush toys is that they contain stuffing, which could be potentially dangerous for your pup if they eat it. When chewed, the toy can split and you might end up with stuffing all over your sofa!

Supervise your dog when they have plush toys and learn as much as you can to see how your dog reacts to them.

Best Squeaky Dog Toys 2

Oz will often try to keep several toys in his mouth at once. 

Choosing the right squeaky toy for your dog

When deciding what squeaky toys to buy your dog, consider:

  • How strong your pup is
  • How big your pup is
  • How old your pup is
  • What your pup’s temperament is like
  • What noises he has liked or disliked so far
  • How much activity you want to encourage indoors
  • How much activity you want to encourage outdoors

It’s important not to get a toy that is too small if your dog is quite big, as this could pose choking hazards. Try to also consider how much your dog likes to chew and which products are more robust for those that are strong.

Squeaky toys are a lovely way to interact with your dog. As long as they enjoy the stimulation they can get from the squeaks, you can introduce them to a world of different levels of squeak!

Always remember that there will be risks that come with all dog toys. Make sure you supervise your pooch when introducing them to a new toy.

Not all dogs will like squeaks but that is okay! Just try to introduce other noises slowly so that they are not anxious when out and about. They are likely to hear lots of different noises outside, so ensuring that they are familiar can alleviate that fear.

Most importantly, have fun with them! Dogs can be so funny when they interact with squeaks. I remember that Nelly used to shake her toys in her mouth and tread on them to hear the noise they would make.

To summarise:

  • Supervise your dog when you give them a new toy
  • Kong products are a well-known and trusted brand
  • Dogs often like squeaks because it brings out their ‘prey drive’
  • Puzzle or treat toys are good for their intelligence
  • Have fun, you both deserve it!

Best Squeaky Dog Toys 3