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A couple years ago, in the year between when our German shepherd, Bella, passed away and we got Eira Violet, we had an out-of-town student named Sammy living with us so he could attend the local school. Sammy loves dogs too, and he was thrilled because come summertime, his aunt and uncle were going to get him the best late birthday present ever: a dog. After hearing my husband and I rave about German shepherds for a year, Sammy decided to ask his aunt to find a German shepherd puppy for him, and she did. In June of that year, Echo the German shepherd entered Sammy’s life. Because Sammy’s aunt and uncle live about three hours from any major towns in Alaska, we didn’t get to meet Echo right away. We had to wait until we came to visit the lodge later in the summer.

We’ve visited several times since then, and it’s always fun to see Echo. Who, by the way, is absolutely enormous. And super smart! The thing that impressed me the most about Echo is that he has a toy box in the corner of the living room at the lodge. Not only does Echo know where to find his favorite toys, but he also knows to put them back in his toy box once he’s done playing with them! How’s that for intelligent?

It’s not something Sammy trained him to do. He just picked it up naturally. Don’t you love when dogs showcase how thoughtful they are? Ever since I saw the magic of Echo’s toy box, I wanted to get one for Eira. I tried using a few different plastic containers I had lying around, but they were too small. I guess I get Eira a lot of toys and even keeping three toys in those small baskets was too much.

So I knew I needed to go on the prowl for an epic toy box for Eira.

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To find out where you can get this amazing toy box I chose for Eira, keep reading!

She’s already got a pretty sweet setup in the house with her elevated pet feeder and her favorite rug to sleep on. I knew that getting her a toy box would complete her area and make it as organized and tidy as my son’s room (usually) is. Eira is, after all, my dog-child. Why not optimize her living space to be cozy and inviting and personalized to her tastes?

After doing my dog toy box research, I came up with several fantastic choices. Read on to browse the best dog toy boxes — and to find out which toy box I ended up getting for Eira.


Spectrum Diversified Macklin Paws Toy Basket

If you have one of those dogs who’s bent on chewing the house apart seemingly no matter what you do, you won’t want a soft toy box or even a wooden one. This rust-resistant steel basket costs a little more than a fabric basket, but it’s sure to last even if you have the chewing-est dog on the planet. This basket features steel handles on either side to make it easy to pick up and move. It’s also got a cute paw print design, and you can get the basket in steel gray or white. At 12.8 x 9.5 x 8 inches, it’s a medium-sized basket, so if you have a big dog who hoards dozens of toys, this basket might be too small. But it will work nicely for most dogs…as long as they aren’t too spoiled!

Another benefit is that your dog can see all his toys through the wire mesh sides, where the squares between wires measure approximately 1 inch by 1 inch. The basket weighs about 1.9 pounds, so it’s sturdy and difficult for small and medium dogs to knock over and push all over the house. Your dog might need to get used to reaching into the basket without getting his collar tags stuck in the wire, but that’s a small issue if your main problem is that your dog has chewed every toy box you’ve ever owned.

All told, this is a perfect dog toy box for a puppy or a small to medium dog — or a large dog with a few select favorite toys.

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Woodlore Cedar Pet Toy Box

Want something rustic, stylish, and sweet-smelling to add to your dog’s living area? Look no further than the Cedar Pet Toy Box from Woodlore. This cedar toy box releases its natural, fresh scent into the room and also keeps your dog’s things smelling, well, less doggy. Or if you want a toy box to store your dog’s outdoor balls and frisbees, this wooden box holds up nicely in the outdoors. Like the wire toy box, this wooden dog toy box has large openings between the wood slats so that your dog can see her toys inside.

This toy box measures 11.1 x 11.9 x 6.5 inches and weighs about three pounds. It’s on the smaller/medium side, so you can get one or even two to spruce up your indoor and outdoor living areas and keep your dog’s toys organized and sweet-smelling.

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Feline Ruff Large Dog Toy Box

If you need something a bit bigger than the first two toy boxes, the Feline Ruff Large Dog Toy Box will work perfectly for you — as long as your dog isn’t a chewer. Even though the product is sold by the company “Feline Ruff,” it’s a perfect dog toy box — but if you have a cat and a dog, your two best buds can definitely share the box because this thing is HUGE. Because of its size, and the fact that it closes, this is the toy box I got for Eira. Check out the video below to see the toy box in action.

You can see how roomy it is. It will fit all of Eira’s toys, both now and in the future. As an almost year-old dog, she shows no interest in chewing the box to bits — and she can happily reach in and grab a toy with her mouth — even with her e-collar on! — as you can see in the following sequence.The Best Dog Toy Box  2

Eira (blurrily) approaches her toy box…

The Best Dog Toy Box  3

She reaches inside, navigating her soft recovery collar expertly…

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And she emerges with a favorite Kong toy dumbbell in her mouth! PS, if you’re wondering why her food and water bowl aren’t in the elevated pet feeder it’s simply because it’s too hard for her to reach her food and water if they’re elevated when she’s wearing her e-collar. She has another week of e-collar life left, but after that things will be back to normal, much to all of our relief. 

I’ve taken to leaving the lid open all day and then closing the box at night. Eira sleeps near her toy box at night, but I’d rather she not clunk around the house with toys in the middle of the night, so I close it. It looks nice, too. When morning comes, I open the box and Eira has full access to all her toys all day long.

Unlike the other toy boxes we’ve mentioned so far, this one is a spacious 16 x 12 x 12 inches and weighs one pound. It’s bigger and lighter than the other boxes, but the lighter part hasn’t been an issue for us. Eira leaves her toy box where it goes, next to her food and water bins.

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Eira’s toy box in its spot. See how big it is compared to her food and water bowls? And I love the paw print design, and the handles on the sides for easy transport. You could bring this box with you to a guest’s house or hotel during vacation store all your dog’s necessities inside. 

So far, we have had this toy box for about a week and we absolutely love it. Eira is decently tall, so she can get her toys out easily. If you have a smaller dog, you can tilt the box on its side for easier access and then stand it back up when it’s bedtime. It’s a nice bedtime signal for dogs who have a hard time adjusting to a sleep routine.

I got the gray color with white paws because it matches the sofa and rugs in my home, but you can also get a blue box with white paws or a white box with dark-gray paws. There’s something for everyone! Oh, and if for some reason your dog does chew this thing to shreds within the first three months, just return the shards to Feline Ruff and they’ll either send you a new one or give you your money back. That’s what I call an amazing guarantee.

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Bone Dry Round Dog Toy Box

Looking for a stylish round toy box instead of all the square-shaped options I’ve presented so far? This adorable dog toy box from Bone Dry features a sturdy round-shaped construction with two thick rope handles. You can get it in two sizes: small, which is 9x12x12 inches, and medium, which is 12x15x15 inches. This round bin comes in a variety of colors, from a solid tan with a big paw print to a lattice gray with lots of paw prints. Basically, there’s a style to fit every household and dog preference.

Unlike our other choices, this bin collapses for easy storage when not in use (but when are you not going to use it?? It’s so useful!). It’s perfect if you have smaller dogs you like to bring places with you — you can easily tote their toys along, too. I came very close to purchasing the gray version with a black paw, but decided to go for the other one instead because of its cover. Still, this is a fantastic option for any dog-loving family!

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Bone Dry Plastic Wicker Toy Box, Bone-Shaped

Bone Dry makes another irresistibly adorable dog toy box: a bone-shaped wicker basket with a locking strap to keep curious Fido from sneaking toys when he’s supposed to be sleeping or training! Even better, this wicker basket comes in three sizes: small, which measures 18 inches long by 7.5 inches tall; medium, which comes in at 21x13x8; and large, which is a convenient 24x15x9. There’s a size for any dog, and this durable wicker basket is sure to please the eye and the organization-loving soul inside you. It’s even made with at least 20% post-consumer (recycled) materials, so you can feel good about buying something that reuses our planet’s resources.

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Have you tried any of these toy boxes for dogs? Which ones are your favorites? Let us know in the comments!

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We love having a dog toy box. It makes cleanup so much easier!

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