15 Of The Best Dog Steps For Bed 

Is your dog constantly trying to get his cuddle on? It’s probably one of the things we dog people love most about our dogs, right? But it does become annoying in the middle of the night when our dogs want to get up on the bed and yap at us until we wake up.

Look, it’s hard enough falling asleep these days, and when you do fall asleep only to be awoken by your fur child who wants you to pick them up so they can snuggle, it’s down right torturous.

I know this on a personal level. I have a darling little Maltipoo who loves to get on the bed and off the bed, and then on the bed and off the bed again. This caused way too many sleepless nights. It was like having a newborn with fur and honestly, I was exhausted.

Thank goodness I discovered dog steps. Of course, I was hesitant to buy a piece of furniture to add to my already cramped bedroom, but after doing some research I found that some of the best dog steps for bed time come complete with foldable storage abilities. Others are gorgeous and I really wouldn’t mind leaving them at the end of my bed day and night.

Best of all, now that I have dog stairs I can finally get a good night’s sleep and my dog can get in and out of bed whenever she wants.

Are you in this boat? If so, you’re in luck. I’ve taken my trauma and put a spin on it. I’ve done all the research needed and found fifteen of the best dog steps for bed time available.

You’re welcome.


What Are Dog Steps Used For?

Pic 1 a dachshund lays in a bed
Dog steps help certain dogs like Dachshunds climb up and down from high places safely.

Dog steps are exactly what they sound like. They are steps made for your dog so he can easily climb up and down on his own.

Does investing in dog steps seem a little drastic? Couldn’t you just use a bench or something? Well, you could, but you run into issues with make-shift dog steps that could lead to injury or ruined furniture.

Here’s why dog steps are so cool. The best dog steps for bed time are specifically made for dogs so they climb easily and safely. Dog steps come with safety stops underneath to keep them from moving when your dog climbs up or down on them. This also keeps the dog steps from ruining your flooring or carpets.

Some of the best dog steps for bed are even made specifically for certain dogs, like small breed dogs or dogs with shorter limbs. In fact, the best dog steps for bed are made with special fabrics to help give your dog extra grip for when he’s climbing.

How else are dog steps good for dogs? Let’s find out.

Are Dog Steps Good For My Dog?

Pic 2 Puppy tries to climb up onto a bed
Dog steps can help some dogs build confidence and get up and down from higher places without struggling or risking an injury. 

While many dogs can easily jump onto and off of furniture, there are certain dogs who struggle.

Puppies are adorably famous for their inability to go up and down stairs or get on and off our couches and beds, and the best dog steps for bed time helps them get to and from bed more easily.

But dog stairs are not just for puppies and small dogs. In fact, the best dog steps for bed can actually be physically good for larger dogs who have joint issues and senior dogs who struggle with painful arthritis.

Dog stairs can also serve as a preventative for future joint issues by allowing dogs to gently climb where they want to go as opposed to jumping.

That said, some dogs can benefit from using dog stairs more than others. Keep reading to learn more.

Which Kinds Of Dogs Need Dog Steps For Bed?

Pic 3 a labradoodle on a bed
Senior dogs, dogs with joint issues, puppies and small dogs can all benefit from dog steps!

The honest truth is that all dogs can benefit from using dog stairs. However, some dogs actually need dog steps in their home to help them avoid injury or help alleviate stress and anxiety.

Dogs who are especially close to their humans and want to be able to reach them at all times will certainly enjoy having dog stairs to help them get to the bed and onto furniture, but senior dogs, very large breed dogs, and very small breed dogs will truly benefit from using dog steps as they can help reduce the chance of injury.

So, which kinds of dogs benefit from using the best dog steps for bed time?

Of course, there are lots of different kinds of dog steps, and not every type of dog stair product is made for the same purpose or for the same kind of dog. Let’s take a look at how you can go about picking out the best dog steps for bed for your dog.

Tips On Picking The Best Dog Steps For Bed Time

Pic 4 a brown and black dog smiling on a bed
Picking the perfect dog steps will depend on your dog and his needs. 

As we mentioned above, not all dog steps are made the same. Some dog steps are made simply to help healthy dogs climb to and from while other dog steps are made specifically for senior dogs or dogs with certain joint issues.

Before you purchase the best dog steps for bed time, keep your dog’s unique needs in mind. Is your dog suffering from arthritis or other joint issues? We suggest going with dog stairs that are made with softer material and that will be gentle on your dog’s bones as he climbs.

Is your dog a puppy? The best dog steps for bed will have anti-slip fabrics and siding to help keep clumsy puppies from falling.

Now, are you ready to take a look at some of the best dog steps for bed time? Great! Let’s begin!

Pet Gear Easy Step

Let’s start this list of best dog steps for bed with a super simple step option for small to medium sized dogs.

These are some of the best dog steps for bed time as they are lightweight, yet they hold up to 150 pounds. They are sturdy and even come with soft carpet grips to help keep your pet safe from slipping as he climbs up to cuddle at your side.

We love these pet stairs for bed time and especially love them for older dogs and dogs with joint issues due to the slip-free grips. There are also rubber stoppers on the bottom of these dog stairs so even though they are portable and lightweight, they won’t slip around when your dog goes for the climb.

And don’t worry about finding the best dog steps for bed to match your bedding or furniture. These pet steps come in four different colors.

Best Pet Supplies Dog Stairs

If you need even more versatility in your dog’s bed step options, take a look at these foam dog steps for bed by Best Pet Supplies. You can order them in three different heights, making them great for dogs of several different sizes.

They also come in sixteen different colors and pattern types, so you’ll most certainly be able to find the dog steps for bed you need to match your decor.

These are foam dog steps but they are sturdy and durable., and include anti-slip bottoms that ensure your dog is safe while climbing up and down from bed. We also like the soft, foam design which helps your dog get a good grip when he’s going up or down and the fact that these stairs can hold up to 150 pounds.

Best Pet Supply Foldable Pet Steps

If you loved the dog stairs for bed above but were worried about storage, then take a look at these dog steps made by the same company.

They include all the goodness of the foam steps, making them ideal for dogs who are suffering from an injury, recovering from surgery, or senior dogs and dogs with joint issues who need extra cushioning while climbing.

However, an added bonus is that these dog steps for bed actually fold and are much easier to store and put away. That means you can pull them out from under your bed or in your closet and put them up for your dog during the night, and then hide them away during the day.

These dog stairs come in two sizes and eight colors and pattern types.

Zinus Comfort Pet Steps

We love these pet steps by Zinus because they are so simple. Just two little steps and your dog is able to get up onto your bed or couch and give you all the cuddles he wants. We also like that these steps come in so many size options, making them great for dogs of all different weights and heights.

You can order these dog stairs in extra small all the way up to extra large, and trust that these steps are going to be durable and strong. That said, we do think these dog stairs are best for smaller to medium sized dogs just based on their make.

This product also comes with a removable cover that not only helps your dog get a good grip when climbing up to bed but can be removed and machine washed easily.

PetSafe Solvit PupStep

PetSafe is a brand we’ve tried and trusted, so we were super excited when we found these dog steps for bed. What we love most is that they are durable and safe to use both indoor and out. Each step also has a built-in grip flooring to help ensure your dog is safe climbing up and down.

These steps are good for dogs up to 150 pounds and you can order the stairs in a standard size or an extra large size, for the bigger dogs in your life. And while these steps are super durable, they are lightweight and easy to move and store. In fact, they fold flat and fit easily under beds or in closets! That’s always a bonus.

Pet Gear Easy Step

These dog steps for bed by Pet Gear are an excellent pet stair option for growing puppies and larger breed dogs. They are especially made with wider steps so bigger dogs have an easier time getting up and down without slipping.

And speaking of slipping, each step is covered with an anti-slip covering that helps your dog maintain a good grip so he can feel safe and secure while climbing up to cuddle with you.

The rubber grips on the bottom of the stairs keep the steps in place, and larger dogs can enjoy these stairs as they hold up to 150 pounds. You can order the steps in two sizes and eight colors, however these steps do not fold and may not store easily, so keep that in mind.

PetMaker Folding Pet Stairs

This is another product we love for its versatility and storability. These are great dog steps for bed because they are so portable and lightweight while also being super easy to store. They fold flat and can be tucked away under your bed or hidden in a closet when not in use.

These dog stairs are also great for indoor and outdoor use. They are easy to clean and made of durable materials, and each step is covered with an anti-slip material that helps grip your dog’s paws so he is safe and secure while climbing.

You can order the steps in two different size options, including three steps or four steps, and two different colors including gray or tan.

However, pet owners with larger dogs may not find that these pet steps are suitable, as the steps can be narrow. For that reason, we would recommend these dog steps for puppies and small to medium sized dogs.

Dallas Manufacturing Co. pet Steps

These are some of the best dog steps for bed time because they are so soft and cushy. They will mesh right in with your cozy bedding at the end of your bed or at the side of it, and your dog will love each soft step that is covered with a plush, comfy material which also serves as an anti-slip fabric.

But don’t let this soft look fool you. These are some of the best dog steps for bed as they are super durable and can hold even larger dogs up to 150 pounds. You can order them in two color options but only one size, so make sure you take a look at the measurements of these stairs to make sure they will fit in our room.

And because safety should always come first, we want to note that these dog steps have an anti-slip bottom and a removable, machine washable cover for your convenience and your dog’s health.

Majestic Pet Portable Dog Stairs For Bed

The stunning design of these stairs is what first caught our eye, but we were thrilled to read on and find that they are not only beautiful but also incredibly well made. You can order then in three or four step options and get them in a heavy duty option as well.

And the patterns these dog steps come in are endless, so you’ll never have an issue finding the right look to suit your unique style.

When it comes to durability, we like that these pet stairs are made with strong materials and foam stairs that are excellent for senior dogs, dogs suffering from injuries, or dogs with joint or hip issues.

These are also some of the best dog steps for bed as they are made for your safety and comfort as well. The outer lining is foam and soft, and therefore you won’t risk injuring yourself when walking past it in the middle of the night for a midnight snack or potty break.

We also love that the cover is machine washable. Our only issue with these dog steps is that they don’t fold or store, so if you’re looking for a stair option you can hide away, you might have trouble with these.

Best Pet Supplies Certified Foam Dog Steps

We love products that consider the safety and comfort of our dogs, especially when considering the health of senior dogs.

These are the best dog steps for bed by Best Pet Supplies as they are made with certified foam for senior dogs or dogs with joint and hip issues. Most dogs have to struggle a bit to climb and their paws and joints suffer when pressure is put on them getting to and from the bed.

Luckily, these foam steps help alleviate that joint stress with soft, cushy stairs. You can order these steps in sixteen color options and the cover on each is removable and machine washable.

PetMaker Folding Pet Stairs

Hallajulia for storage-friendly pet products, am I right? Dog steps especially can be a pain because they are often so cumbersome and large, but these are the best dog steps for bed time for space-impaired owners as they are foldable and easy to store when you’re not using them.

Better still, they are safe and friendly for small dogs and puppies who may be extra clumsy. Why? Because each step is covered with an anti-slip carpet material that helps keep your pet on his paws while going up and down from bed.

And when you don’t need to use these pet steps, simply fold them flat and store them under your bed or in your closet.

These are the best dog steps for bed for small to medium sized dogs up to 80 pounds, and they aren’t our first choice for senior dogs or dogs with joint issues. The steps are hard and may not help reduce stress on bones and joints for older dogs, so keep that in mind before purchasing.

Giantex Dog Steps For Puppies And Senior Dogs

If you are looking for the best dog steps for bed for your puppy or senior dog, then take a look at these dog steps by Giantex. They are great for very small dogs and even large senior dogs with joint issues. The steps are made with soft, foam materials and are covered with a cozy outer covering that not only is comfy for your pet to use, but helps maintain a good grip as they climb.

The steps are large and wide, so puppies have enough room to climb up and large dogs have enough grip to get where they need to go.

We also think that these are some of the best dog steps for bed because they are foldable and that the top step comes down for easy storage. That said, they don’t fold flat so you may not be able to fit them under your bed.

PetSafe Decorative Wooden Pet Stairs

We can’t get over how beautiful these decorative wooden pet stairs are for dogs. Created by PetSafe, a brand we know and love, these are the best dog steps for bed as they add some function and fashion to the bedroom.

The stairs look like furniture but act as a safe and durty ramp for your dog to climb into bed with you. You can order them in either two steps or three and feel secure knowing your dog will get a safe climb every time with the anti-slip covering on each step.

The covers do have some cushion, but we still wouldn’t recommend these steps for very old dogs or dogs with joint issues, as the hard steps may cause stress to their sensitive bones and joints.

However, we do love these dog steps for puppies and adult dogs who are healthy and just need an extra boost to get up and down.

Snoozer Scalloped Dog

These are the best dog steps for bed for owners looking for something a little different. We really love these dog stairs for senior dogs and small puppies because the steps are small and allow for very limited climbing motions.

In fact, this item is almost like a dog ramp and stairs in one. They allow for your dog to get a good grip while moving and lifting his legs minimally to get to the bed, which can help reduce stress and pain on aching joints and bones for seniors.

You can order these dog steps in five color options and three sizes, so make sure you do your measurements so you know which size would be right for you and your dog.

Petsfit Dog Stairs For Small Dogs

Last on our list of best dog steps for bed are these adorable dog stairs for small dogs by Petsfit. Best suited for small dogs, these dog stairs hold dogs up to 30 pounds and are easy to store, clean, and move.

We also love that the steps are covered with soft fabric that helps grip your dog’s paws and can also be used as a cozy spot to curl up and lay down. Best of all, these dog stairs have an opening in the middle where your dog can crawl in and take a safe little nap.

These stairs fold and can be easily stored, and you can order them in either two steps or three, depending on the height of your bed or your dog’s needs.

Other Ways You Can Help Your Dog Feel Comfortable And Safe At Home

Pic 5 a Beagle on his back
Some dogs need extra help feeling comfortable and getting around. 

Dog proofing your home is an important part of being a dog owner. And while not all dog owners want their dogs to climb up on all the furniture, many of us have found there are great benefits to sleeping with our dogs, which is why so many of us love dog steps.

However, dog steps aren’t the only way we can help our dogs feel more welcome in our homes with us. You can help your dog feel even more safe and comfortable by making sure he has his own designated spaces.

My dog has a few areas in each room she knows belong to her, and she uses them happily. Her dog bed is by the window in the living room and she retreats there when she wants some peace and quiet. Her eating station and toy box are in the kitchen, and she has a water bowl and potty pads in the bedroom.

All these spaces help her to know that my home is also her home, and she feels safe and happy in every room.  I have also made sure that my home is puppy proof and safe, similar to the way I would baby proof my home if I had a toddler. Afterall, our dogs are like our kiddos, and it’s our job to keep them healthy, happy and secure.

So, what do you think about dog steps and dog proofing your home? What other ways can we help our dogs feel at home with us? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.
Best Dog Steps for Bed