The Best Dog Basket For Bike Riders

Depending on where you live, biking might be your primary mode of transportation. But even if it’s not, it’s still fun to go biking, and it’s even more fun to tote your four-legged friend along with you for the ride. Living near the beach, we see plenty of bikes equipped with wicker baskets for fur kids, but where do you find such cute accessories?

More importantly, how can you find the safest dog basket for bike riders? Well, that’s what we’re here to find out.

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What Is A Dog Basket For Bike Riders?

Pic 1 a dog in a wood basket
Traditional baskets can be made safer for dogs, but the best dog baskets are designed for dogs specifically.

So, what is a dog basket for bike riders? Well, a dog basket for bike riders is just that – a basket that attaches to your bike and allows for your dog to ride safely and smoothly behind, in front of, or alongside you. However, there are hundreds of brands of bike baskets that are used for a multitude of purposes, including carrying groceries, belongings, drinks, and the likes.

Not all dog basket for bike rider options are baskets that are designed for dogs, and it’s important to make sure you pick a basket that is designed for dogs specifically.

It’s also important to note that not all of the dog baskets for bike rider options are going to be traditional baskets. Some are made of wood while others are made of wire or metal. There are also mesh baskets, plastic baskets, and even trailers for larger dogs that are more like bike attachments.

The type of basket you will use for your dog will depend on your dog’s size, the minimum weight capacity of the dog basket for bike riders, and the type of bike you have.

Let’s take a look at the different types of dog basket options you have to help you better determine which dog bike for bike riders would be right for you.

The Most Common Type Of Dog Basket For Bike Riders

Pic 2 a shih tzu in a yellow basket
The most common dog bike basket is a traditional basket, but they come in many other forms. 

As we just covered, there are different types of dog basket for bike rider options and brands. Not all baskets are “baskets”, and many are made specifically to accommodate either larger dogs, smaller dogs, or even multiple dogs at once.

The most common types of dog basket for bike rider options include:

Traditional Handle-Bar Dog Basket For Bike Riders

Traditional dog baskets are the baskets you probably thought of when Googling this topic. These bike baskets attach at the front of your bike near the handlebars, and are designed to carry smaller dogs who are no larger than 15 pounds, (with most traditional handlebar baskets having a weight limit of around 13.5 pounds).

This type of dog basket for bike riders can come in many forms, from wicker to metal to polyester.

We like the traditional style of dog bike basket for bike riders because it is usually the easiest to attach. It might also be the safest, as you are able to keep an eye on your dog the whole ride. These types of baskets also allow for your dog to see you, which can help reduce anxiety. Many of these baskets even come with covers to keep your dog from jumping out.

Back Rack Dog Basket For Bike Riders

A back rack dog basket for bike riders is ideal for larger dogs, as it doesn’t hinder your balance as much as a handle-bar bike basket. These dog baskets are also usually covered to ensure your dog’s safety as you ride.

Like the front-attached dog basket options, the back rack dog basket for bike riders is available in different materials including wood, metal, wiker and polyester.

Seatpost Dog Bike Seats

A seatpost dog bike seat sits behind your handle bars of your bike but in front of you. There are different variations of this type of dog basket for bike riders, but most are designed for smaller dogs under 15 pounds. Some are made for your dog to sit comfortably while others allow for your dog to lay down.

Bicycle Dog Trailer 

For a larger dog, the best dog basket for bike riders would not be a basket at all, but instead a bicycle trailer. These trailers can often tow up to 100 pounds and sometimes more, and close securely for your dog’s safety.

They are often most comparable to bicycle trailers for children. These types of dog carriers are generally the most expensive, but are certainly the safest option for bringing your larger dog along for a bike ride.

What To Look For In A Quality Dog Basket For Bike Riders?

Pic 3 a woman with a poodle in a basket
Safety, durability and comfort are the three most important things you should consider when considering a dog basket. 

When looking for the best dog basket for bike riders, you have plenty of options. You can generally find products anywhere, including online, at bike shops, or even at local pet supply stores.

However, remember that not all dog basket options are created equal, and it’s important to do your research before purchasing a dog basket for your specific bike and unique dog.

Before buying the best dog basket for bike riders, make sure you consider your type of bike and the type of bike riding you do. If you tend to go off-roading or ride on mountain trails, we suggest getting a secure and sturdy dog bike basket that secures your dog and includes internal tethers and a caged cover.

If you are simply cruising, a less heavy-duty bike basket should do, but it’s still important to ensure these baskets are designed for dogs.

There are three major factors to consider when looking for the best dog basket for bike riders:


Safety should be your number one focus when it comes to picking the best dog basket for bike riders. Biking is fun, and while many dogs do enjoy joining their human’s on these outdoor adventures, it’s important to remember that biking can be dangerous, especially for a dog in a basket.

The best dog basket for bike riders will attach securely to your bike, and most will either be covered or include seatbelts or other safety accessories to help keep your dog inside the basket at all times.


Your dog’s basket is only as safe as it is durable. Make sure baskets are rust resistant, weather resistant, and made of sturdy material that will not rip, tear, or break when riding.


Last, comfort is also incredibly important. If your dog is uncomfortable in his dog basket, he may try and jump out. He may also become fearful of getting in the basket to go for rides, and this could turn the adventure into something that he hates.

A comfortable dog basket is going to be lined with cozy material so your dog can sit, stand, or lie down comfortably. The bottom should be a bit cushy, and there should be no sharp edges along the siding where your dog can get hurt when going over bumps or off of curbs.

The Best Dog Basket For Bike Riders – Products We Love

Pic 4 a maltese in a bike basket
We love dog bike baskets that keep your dog safe, comfortable, and happy during the ride. 

As we mentioned above, there are plenty of companies and stores that sell dog baskets. In fact, there are so many options that it may be challenging to find the best dog basket for bike riders for your unique needs and dog.

If you’re not sure where to begin, don’t worry. We have listed some of our favorite products. Take a look below at the best dog basket for bike riders, according to our experts.

Barkbay Pet Carrier Bicycle Basket

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First on our list of best dog baskets for bike riders is a comfy, cozy basket for smaller dogs. This basket includes a side pocket for extra storage and even a shoulder strap so you can continue carrying your pet when you stop.

The basket is padded and comfy, and allows for your dog to poke his head out as you ride or simply lie down for the adventure. The top also closes for extra safety. It comes in three colors and even has a harness tether to keep your dog from jumping out of the basket.

Raymace Dog Bike Basket

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Another traditional dog bike basket that attaches to the handlebars is a basket by Raymace. This is one of the best dog basket for bike rider opyions because it is not only safe and secure, but it also includes reflective straps and can be used for multiple purposes.

This bike basket can be used as a backpack, travel carrier, and even a car seat. It is safe for dogs who are 15 pounds and under and includes a harness tether to keep your dog from jumping or falling out during rides.

PetSafe Happy Ride Wicker Dog Bike Basket

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If you are looking for a more traditional dog bike basket, you’ll love the PetSafe Wicker Dog Bike Basket listed above. This basket is not only super cute, but it’s also super safe and designed specifically for smaller dogs under 13 pounds.

It also comes with a removable sun shield to protect your dog from the sun during rides, making it one of the best dog baskets for bike riders who ride in warmer climates. The inside of the basket is also lined with fleece and the wicker is weather-resistant and durable.

As most of the best dog basket for bike riders do, this dog basket includes a harness tether to keep your dog safe.

PetSafe Happy Ride Dog Bike Trailer

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A dog bicycle trailer is quite possibly the safest type of bike transportation for larger dogs over 30 pounds. The above dog trailer by PetSafe is made with steel for safety and durability. It is easy to attach and disconnect from your bike, and comes with an internal safety tether to keep your dog inside and safe during rides.

The bike trailer also includes storage pouches, and unzips on the front and top to allow your dog to pop his head out and really enjoy that breeze. You can order this bike trailer in medium or large, depending on your dog’s size.

Rear Mount Dog Bike Basket

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The best dog bike basket for bike riders who are looking for a casual way to bring their dogs along is the above bike basket by Beach & Dog Co. This is an adorable wicker basket that comes with a removable cage top to keep your dog safe and sound during rides.

The basket is simple and cute, though it is not ideal for more intensive bike rides or for more serious riders who go off-road. It has a weight capacity for dogs up to 25 pounds and must be installed to a rear bicycle rack using a mounting bracket that may need to be purchased separately.

Snoozer Pet Bike Basket

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We also love the Snoozer Pet Bike Basket and have included it on our list of best dog basket for bike riders here because it is safe, durable, and fashionable to boot. It comes in two bright colors and includes two storage pockets on either side for extra water, dog food or even treats.

It is made of polyester material that is easily cleanable, and mesh sidings unzip to allow your dog to peek out if he wants. You may also cover the top to protect your dog from sun or rain, and there is an internal harness tether to keep your dog safe from jumping out.

The weight limit for this dog basket is up to 14 pounds.

2-in-1 Pet Stroller and Bike Trailer

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We are always fans of products that can serve as more than one thing at a time, and this is the case for the above dog basket and trailer. It can be used for a bike trailer as well as a dog stroller, so it’s wonderful for senior dogs or large, young puppies who are not yet leash trained.

The above dog bike trailer is a bright red color and includes mesh siding and a plastic roll down front to protect your dog from the wind or rain.  It also includes a flag for extra safety and visibility to other cars.

The frame is made of lightweight steel, making the trailer easy to ride with and simple to push by hand. The weight capacity for this dog trailer is up to 66 pounds.

Other Products To Help Keep Your Pet Safe and Comfy On A Bike

Pic 5 a dachshund in a basket
Along with a quality dog basket for your bike, we recommend investing in other accessories to keep them safe like goggles, helmets, first aid kits and more. 

Biking with your dog is great fun, but you should also take measures to ensure your dog is safe and comfortable during the adventure. Along with investing in the best dog basket for bike riders you can find, it’s also important to invest in other tools and accessories to help keep your dog safe.

Some of these products include:

  • Dog Goggles
  • Pet First Aid Kits
  • Portable Water Bottles
  • Dog Helmets
  • Bike Lights
  • Dog Jackets
  • Dog Sunscreen
  • And More

We have listed some of our favorite products you should consider investing in along with the best dog basket for bike riders below.

Dog Helmet

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If you go biking with your dog often, you might want to consider investing in a dog helmet along with the best dog basket for bike riders. This will further help ensure your dog is safe on his journey, and can protect him if you fall or get into an accident.

The above helmet is not only adorable, it is functional and comfortable for your pup. It is also sunproof and rainproof, and comes in different colors.

BV LED Bike Lights

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Once you buy the best dog basket for bike riders, your next investment should be to purchase bike lights. Even if you don’t plan on riding at night, it’s easy to accidentally get caught in unexpected conditions.

The above bike lights are very bright and can connect to both your bike and your dog’s bike basket. The lights will increase safety and visibility in fogs, thunderstorms, and of course night riding.

They also blink, flash, and work as reflectives to keep you and Fido safe during your outdoor adventures.

Portable Dog Water Bottle

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Make sure your dog stays hydrated during your biking trips by keeping water on hand at all times. Our favorite water bottle for dogs to go along with the best dog basket for bike riders is the above MalsiPree dog water bottle. This bottle is leak proof and simple to travel with.

All you need to do is twist it and the water pours out into the attached drinking bowl, making quick water breaks a breeze. You can order it in either 12oz or 19 oz depending on your needs and it comes in both pink and blue.

Getting Your Dog Used To Riding In Dog Basket For Bike Riders

Pic 6 a yorkie in a basket
Not all dogs are going to acclimate to riding in a dog basket, and that’s okay.

Some dogs naturally love riding in their bike baskets, while others loath it. If you’re an avid biker and want your dog to come along for the ride, it’s important to introduce your dog to the best dog basket for bike riders gently.

For anxious, skittish dogs, bring the bike basket inside your home and leave it near his bed for a few days. Fill it with treats, toys, chews, blankets, and any of his other favorite things. Then leave it be. Let your dog get used to this basket and possibly even sleep or lounge in it for a few days before putting it on your bike.

When you do introduce your dog to the basket on your bike, go slowly. Use treats and praise, and never force him into the basket if you can see he is frightened. This may only make the situation worse and cause your dog to fear bike riding for the foreseeable future.

Dogs of all ages can learn to love riding in their bike baskets, but it is easier to train dogs to enjoy riding in baskets at a younger age. Consider this a part of your puppy’s socialization and training when you first get him, especially if you know you want to live an outdoorsy lifestyle.

Unfortunately, not every dog will adapt to riding in even the best dog basket for bike riders no matter how hard you try. If your dog simply will not adapt, it’s best not to force him. Dogs can become easily overwhelmed, anxious and stressed, and they count on us to protect them from these emotions.

Instead, try finding other adventures you and your dog can enjoy together, and leave biking to you and your human friends.

Other Tips To Keeping Your Pet Safe On A Bike

Pic 7 a jack russle in a back bike basket
Make sure to protect your dog from the elements, including sun, rain and wind. 

Now that you know about the best dog basket for bike riders and have gone over a few other products you can purchase to help keep your dog safe on the bike, it’s time to go over a few safety tips from experts.

Never Ignore The Weight Limit Of The Dog Basket 

First and foremost, do not put a dog into a basket that he is clearly too big or heavy for. This could not only cause damage to the basket but injury to your dog if the basket breaks during a ride.

Follow Traffic Laws Carefully

This is a no-brainer, but it’s important to address. When you are riding your bike with your dog, you are responsible for his safety. For you and your dog’s wellbeing, make sure you are vigilant and obey traffic laws carefully.

When Riding At Night, Wear Reflective Gear and Bike Lights

Wearing reflective clothing and riding with bike lights not only protects you, but also your dog. This is especially important if you have a dog in a bicycle trailer behind you. Many times, cars will see the bike but not the trailer, so protect your dog by putting reflective and blinking lights on his basket or trailer as well as your bike.

Keep Your Dog’s ID Tag and Other Information Up To Date 

If you get into a bike accident or your dog happens to get out of the basket, he may wind up lost. For this reason, it’s important to keep his ID tag information up to date and ensure he is microchipped so you and your dog can be reunited.

Travel With A Pet-Safe First Aid Kit

Your dog’s first aid kit should include any special medications your dog may need, gauze, tweezers, antiseptic, wound cleaner, and a list of local veterinarians as well as numbers for pet poison control.

Keep Extra Water On Hand 

Even though your pet isn’t exercising, he is still outside and will likely get thirsty. Just as you keep yourself hydrated on outdoor adventures, make sure you keep your dog hydrated as well.

Bring A Cover To Protect Your Dog On Sunny Days

Your dog can become very hot just sitting in a basket or trailer on your bike during warmer weather, so make sure he has adequate cover and that you take frequent breaks to give him shade and water.

Remember that some dogs are more susceptible to heatstroke than others, so speak with your vet about your dog’s unique needs and know the signs of heatstroke in dogs.

Bring Protective Clothing To Ensure Your Dog Is Warm in Cooler Weather

When dogs are not moving, they are less able to stay warm in the cold. When riding your bike in cooler weather, make sure your dog is able to keep warm. You can either make sure he is wearing appropriate clothing like a dog sweater or jacket or you can bundle him in a cozy blanket.

Take Breaks Often To Allow Your Dog To Go To The Bathroom and Stretch His Legs 

Last but not least, make sure you take breaks often for your dog. Do not leave him in the basket longer than an hour at a time, as he will need to get up and move about to stretch his legs, go potty and simply have a sniff break.

And that’s it! So, which of the above dog basket for bike rider products did you like best? Tell us about your favorite dog basket in the comment section below.

Happy riding!

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