15 Best Dog Stroller Brands For Owners On The Move

A few weeks ago when taking a walk in my friend’s neighborhood, I was approached by an older woman and what must have been her teen granddaughter. The pair looked at me lovingly, the older woman almost longingly, and they asked, “how old is your baby?”

I was pushing a pink jogging stroller with dark, enclosed mesh sidings, and I smiled. “She’s seven years old.” I replied innocently.

The pair were clearly and understandably confused. They blinked and smiled politely and then went about their way without having any clue that the seven-year-old “baby” I was referring to inside the stroller was actually a seven-year-old long-haired dachshund with back issues.

Oh well.

I didn’t intend to mislead anyone by pushing my Dachshund in a stroller that day, although I will admit it was entertaining to watch the woman and her granddaughter walk away scratching their heads at my bizarre reply.

But in my defense, the stroller I was pushing the Dachshund in wasn’t a baby stroller, although it probably did look like one to them. It was in fact a dog stroller. Made for dogs. With an actual dog bed and doggy leash seat belt contraption built inside for…well…for dogs.

Wait a second. Dog strollers? Have we gone overboard as humans here?

I don’t think so. In fact, studies are showing that more and more of the younger generation is foregoing having children (at least initially) in favor of having dogs. The benefits are the same, according to research. Some experts insist we can actually love our dogs just as much as our human offspring. And as a dog mom myself, I can’t argue with that.

And if our dogs are really our babies, it goes without saying that we would have some baby-like equipment for them, right? Afterall, lots of people throw puppy showers and doggy birthday parties. Many dogs attend doggy daycare while their parents are away at work and I know some couples who go as far as to find doggy babysitters when they go out on date nights.

So, with all that already in the works, why not be a loud and proud dog parent and purchase a dog stroller for your dog? Listen, before you judge, dog strollers are actually beneficial in more ways than just babying your dog.

Take my story, for example. I have a dog who enjoys getting out but has back issues and can’t walk very far. Enter the doggy stroller.

For senior dogs, puppies, and just dogs like my Dachshund with back problems, dog strollers are sometimes a must.

Are you considering investing in a dog stroller for your dog? Then you’ve come to the right place. Today we are talking all about the benefits of dog strollers and I have even compiled a list of some of my favorite dog stroller brands just for you.

But before we begin, let’s talk a little bit more about what a dog stroller actually is and how it differs from an infant stroller.

Keep reading.


What Is A Dog Stroller?

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A dog stroller can paint a funny image, but it’s a thing. We swear. 

The term “dog stroller” can paint a funny picture for those who are a bit green to the dog industry, but it is a real thing people can buy. We swear.

In fact, dog strollers are actually becoming more and more popular as society becomes more and more accepting of humans pampering and loving on dogs as if they were children.

The term “fur kid”, “fur baby”, and “dog-ter”  (I created this term for my dog daughter – patent pending) are circulating the dog-verse and dog parents are loud and proud about their love for their furry little babies.

Companies catering to canines are latching on to the trend and these days you can find dog strollers almost anywhere. But what exactly is a dog stroller you ask? And furthermore, why can’t we just recycle our old baby strollers to use for our dogs?

Well, you could recycle an old baby stroller, but your dog is going to have a less comfortable ride trying to sit in a seat shaped for human kids.

The truth is, a dog stroller and a baby stroller do look the same on the outside, hence the reason that older woman and her granddaughter thought I was pushing a baby along. But it’s the carriage of the dog stroller that makes all the difference for your dog.

A dog stroller is specially designed for dogs to lay down or sit in comfortably and naturally. The windows and sidings are designed to allow dogs to see out at their unique height vantage points and there are often uniquely made dog seat belts and built-in leashes in many dog stroller brands that offer extra safety perks to keep Fido in place during a walk or jog.

Best of all, dog strollers come in different sizes and are made to hold different dog weights safely. They are also designed for different types of activity to help your unique, walking-averse canine join you on almost any type of adventure.

Which Kinds Of Dogs Need A Dog Stroller?

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All dogs can enjoy a dog stroller, but not all dogs actually need a dog stroller.

Of course, not all dogs need a dog stroller and some owners may just enjoy having a dog stroller for the ease of using one. We want to note that dog strollers should not take the place of regular dog walks.

Dogs of all ages need daily exercise. Senior dogs may need shorter walks, but they should still be encouraged to get up and get out. Walking helps combat obesity and arthritis. It also helps keep your dog mentally stimulated, happy, and healthy.

With that being said, some dogs may only be able to walk for a few minutes before tuckering out and active owners may want to go on longer adventures with their pups. Other dogs may have doggy siblings that want to keep the walk going longer and don’t tire as quickly.

This is when a dog stroller is a great idea.

But how do you know if your dog is a good candidate for a dog stroller? Let’s take a look at some of the types of dogs who may actually require a dog stroller to get around.

Dog strollers are great for 

  • Senior dogs
  • Tripod dogs
  • Dogs recovering from surgery
  • Dogs with orthopedic issues
  • Dogs with brachycephalic airway syndrome
  • Dogs who are susceptible to overheating or exercise exertion

And the list goes on.

Some dog strollers are also often used for recreational use. I see many people shopping with their dogs in dog strollers or running routine errands with their pups in toe (or in wheel, shall I say?). This is usually (not always) to combat walking into a store with a dog on a leash who wants to go around sniffing everything they maybe shouldn’t.

Remember, there are different kinds of dog strollers for different kinds of dogs and dog owners. Each stroller is made with a particular lifestyle or activity in mind, so it’s important to do your research and know which stroller will work best for you and your dog.

Let’s learn more.

Are There Different Types Of Dog Strollers?

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Some dog strollers are specifically made for jogging while others are made for casual walks. 

Some dog strollers are specifically made for jogging while others are made for causal walks or strolls. Some dog strollers are made for off-road terrain and some dog strollers are made to carry more than one pooch.

Your dog’s size, your lifestyle, and even the number of pets you plan to travel with will all come into play when you look into buying the best dog stroller for you.

Remember to do plenty of research and consider the types of activities you plan on partaking in with your dog and his dog stroller before you purchase the right one.

Of course, always read reviews and look for high quality standards. We love strollers that are made with safety in mind first because, as we’ve mentioned at least seven thousand times already, our dogs are our babies.

And with that in mind, we want to assure you that we have you and your fur kid covered. We have reviewed hundreds of dog strollers and brands and have gone ahead and listed 15 of our favorite, pet-approved dog strollers just for you.

These strollers include the highest safety ratings, comfort ratings, and the best user reviews. Take a look for yourself and see if you like any of these dogs strollers listed below.

1. BestPet Pet Stroller For Small Dogs And Cats

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We will start with the BestPet Pet Stroller for small dogs and cats who weigh up to 11 pounds. This stroller is waterproof, folds for storage, and comes in six beautiful colors!

The cabin boasts a flat bed that is designed so your pet can lay flat or sit up and look out. Mesh sidings offer great views and swivel wheels make sure that steering is easy.

This dog stroller is not a jogger and is not meant to hold multiple pets. And while it’s durable and quality, we would suggest this stroller be used for casual day to day use as opposed to hiking or venturing on rougher terrain.

2. Dkeli Cat or Dog Travel Stroller For Small or Medium Pets

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If you love color options for your dog stroller then you’ll love that the Dkeli Cat or Dog Travel Stroller comes in five different shades.

You’ll also love that it includes rear brakes for extra safety and lots of sturdy mesh windows for extra ventilation. This product is great for brachycephalic breeds like French Bulldogs or Pugs who need all the extra air they can get or who may be more susceptible to overheating.

The easy to clean interior is large enough for your dog to stand up or lay down. It is also water repellent and folds for storage.

We recommend this dog stroller for small to medium sized dogs.

3. Pet Gear No-Zip Pet Stroller For Multiple Pets Or Large Dogs

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The Pet Gear Pet Stroller is made especially for larger dogs and is excellent for those of you with senior dogs. The no-lift design makes it easy for dogs to climb right in on their own and get comfy for the ride.

We also like that this product includes push button sidings instead of zippers, which means no fuss or zippering hassle for pet parents on the go.

This dog stroller also offers two entry points so your pooch can climb in from the front or the back and exit either way as well. Since the cabin is large enough for a big dog it is also great for multiple small dogs. We just suggest doing your measurements before purchasing and, of course, we suggest making sure your dogs get along before putting them in the stroller.

4. Paws & Pals Dog 3-Wheel Pet Stroller For Small to Medium Dogs And Cats

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We love that this Paws & Pals dog stroller comes in seven colors, but of course that isn’t the only reason this product made our list.

This dog stroller also has a front zip entry and a removable canopy incase your pet wants to cruise in style with convertible mode.

This Paws & Pals 3-Wheel Pet Stroller is specifically made for smaller dogs and cats and is foldable for easy storage when it’s not in use. This is the perfect dog stroller for everyday errands and even has a storage basket and cup holder for the human pushing it!

The water resistant materials are a plus as well and the bedding inside comes with a removable and  washable cover for easy cleaning.

5. Pet Gear Ultra Lite Travel Stroller

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If you are looking for a stroller for your everyday life, then you need to take a look at Pet Gear Ultra Lite Travel Stroller.

This super lightweight doggy stroller weighs in at only nine pounds and folds flat for storage, making it the perfect stroller to keep in the back of your car or in your trunk for convenient use.

It comes in three different colors and has a full mesh front so your fur kid can still see out whether he is standing up or laying down. This is a four-wheel dog stroller which is not meant for jogging or hiking but is great for running errands or taking a casual walk through the neighborhood.

Keep in mind that this dog stroller is for smaller dogs who weigh under 15 pounds.

6. Pet Gear No-Zip Jogger Pet Stroller

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If you’re looking for a jogging stroller then chances are you are going to love the Pet Gear No-Zip Jogger dog stroller.

Even if you have larger pets, you’re in luck. This dog jogging stroller is great for pets who weigh up to 75 pounds.

It’s three wheel design makes for easy maneuvering and the air-filled tires are durable and help with shock absorption to keep the ride as smooth as possible for your furry friend inside.

The storage basket underneath is great for holding jackets, blankets, dog bowls, and more while the cup holder near the handle bars is perfect for when you need to stop that jog for a water break.

We also think your dog is going to love the full mesh windows up front so he can see out and experience all that fresh air.

Best of all, we love that safety comes first with this quality product as there are rear foot brakes for parking and a safety leash built inside the cabin.

7. HPZ Premium Heavy Duty Pet Stroller

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The HPZ Premium Heavy Duty Pet Stroller boasts a super durable design and is made of stainless steel and aluminum for premium use.

The front swivel wheels make turing easy and the rear brakes add extra safety and security for when you are stopped or taking a break.  We also love that this product is health conscious with UV-reflective materials because, yes, even dogs can get sunburned!

The odor resistant materials are easy to clean and the inside cabin actually changes sizes so you can fit one large dog or keep one small dog feeling cozy. You can also make enough room for multiple small dogs!

8.  TOGift Pet Roadster Pet Stroller

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Products that win awards always have us doing a double take, and the TOGift Pet Roadster Pet Stroller is no exception. This product won the 2018 TTPM Pet Product Gear Award and it’s no wonder.

It has dual entry for your pet, which we already know is a great thing for senior dogs, and is made for all types of terrain. It is foldable for excellent storage and allows for your pet to stand up, sit down, or lay down inside for optimal comfort.

The TOGift Pet Roadster dog stroller is primarily for small to medium dogs who weigh up to 70 pounds.

9. Ibiyaya 5 in 1 Pet Carrier for Dogs and Cats

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Okay so this is a super cool product that we really want to get our hands on. The Ibiyaya 5 in 1 Pet Carrier for dogs and cats becomes, as its name suggests, five different pet carriers.

This product can transform into a pet backpack, a pet carrier, a pet stroller, a pet car seat, and even a pet rolling carrier.


But wait. It gets better. This product is crack resistant and super durable with heavy duty mesh siding so your pet can get plenty of ventilation. The stroller cart folds for easy transportation and the sidings provide easy zipper entry.

Of course, due to the fact that this 5 in 1 product turns into several things we humans need to physically carry, it may come as no surprise that it is for small dogs or cats.  Sorry big dogs.

10. Paws & Pals Double Pet Stroller

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A Paws & Pals product has already made its way to this list but this dog stroller is different and we thought you might be interested, especially if you have more than two dogs and if those two dogs want their own space during stroller rides.

We love that this double dog stroller is for small to medium dogs and holds up to 50 pounds per basket. There are multiple entry points and, as you can see, there are separate carriage spaces for each dog.

The storage basket underneath holds all your essentials so you can push your pups easily and the wheels lock for extra safety during stops. The comfy bedding inside the cabins are also removable for easy washing.

11. Dog Quality Dogger Stroller

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We  have listed a few dog jogging strollers already but what we really like about the Dog Quality Dogger Stroller is that it has rear suspension and air-filled tires, making it a super comfy and smooth ride for your dog, even on difficult terrain.

The canopy is also completely removable so your dog can feel that gusty wind in his fur.

Because this jogger provides such a smooth ride we not only love it for all-terrain pet parents but we also love it for seniors who may suffer from stiff or achy joints even on casual strolls.

The jogger comes in two colors, folds for storage, and holds dogs who weigh up to 60 pounds.

12. Ibiyaya Double Dog Stroller For Large Dogs

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The Ibiyaya Double Dog Stroller is great for those of you with multiple dogs or one large dog who weighs up to 77 pounds.

It has a removable folding canopy so your pup can really get into the adventure and is wide enough for your pet to sit up or lay down in. The mesh sidings provide great views and the front swivel wheels offer easy maneuvering around sharp corners.

We love the large storage basket underneath the dog stroller but should note that this is more for casual use and is not designed to be a jogging dog stroller.

13. Best Choice Products 2-In-1 Pet Stroller and Bike Trailer

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If you don’t need a 5-in-1 product, maybe you’ll enjoy this 2-in-1 dog stroller and bike trailer combo by Best Choice Products.

This is for the ultimate pet parent on the move. The stroller/bike trailer mashup has sturdy mesh sidings, front and back entry for easy access and exits, a rear brake system for extra safety and even comes with a safety flag and built-in reflectors for extra safe night walks.

The stroller is perfect for small to medium sized dogs who weigh up to 66 pounds.

14.  Petique All Terrain Jogger-Blazin’ Berry Pet Stroller

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The Petique All Terrain Jogger is an ideal dog jogging stroller for pet owners who like to go off the road. We even love this dog stroller for beach-goers and moderate hikers.

The jogger has three, shock absorbing tires and folds for storage. It also has an adjustable handle with foam covering so it’s extra comfortable not only for your pet but also for you.

And as if this stroller isn’t already awesome enough, it even comes with a tire pump and bike adapter!

15. Pet Gear No-Zip Double Pet Stroller

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Last but not least we have the Pet Gear No-Zip Double Pet Stroller for those of you with two small dogs or one medium dog.

The no zip entry means no more struggling with zippers. It’s just easy in and easy out, keep it moving!

The extra wide cabin space is perfect for larger dogs who want to sit up or lay down. It is also great for multiple dogs and the photos show it holding up to three! Still, we encourage dog owners to make sure and do their measurements and remember that this dog stroller can carry dogs up to 90 pounds.

How Do I Pick The Best Dog Stroller For Me And My Dog?

15 Best Dog Stroller Brands For Owners On The Move 4
Not every dog stroller is going to be right for every dog. 

Remember, when picking your dog’s dog stroller, research is key. Keep your unique dog and his unique needs in mind and ask yourself what you plan to use your dog stroller for most.

Are you an avid jogger who wants to bring your dog along for the adventure? Then we advise getting a high-quality dog stroller designed for jogging.

If you plan on going for slow sunday strolls with your senior dog through the neighborhood and on primarily flat terrain, then an easy walking stroller should do.

Regardless of the stroller you pick, we suggest focusing on the quality of the brand, the buyer reviews, and consider your dog’s size, weight, and activity level.

And remember, as we mentioned above, dog strollers should not be used as substitutes for walks or daily exercise. All dogs need routine exercise to stay happy and healthy so keep them active and moving, and enjoy the ride of doggy parenthood!

Happy strolling!
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