Feeling Punny? 100 Most Howlarious, Best Dog Puns For Any Occasion

Furgive me if I sound repundant, but I swear there is nothing like a good dog pun to keep you and your pooch howling with laughter. You may think that I’m barking mad, and you’d be right. I am barking mad. Mad about dog puns, that is.

Okay, okay. I’ll stop.

I know they can be cheesy, but they’re still fun, right? I’ll confess, I’ve always found punny people somewhat annoying. Annoying, that is, until one of my best friends married a puntastic pun-master who challenged me to countless games of punny wit each time we saw each other.

Alas, I became hooked. The cheesier the better. I too found myself a master of the snicker, the overly-dramatic wink, the elbow nudge. “Get it? Get it?”

Ask me if I care that I annoy people with my punniness?. Go ahead, just ask.

No, is my answer. I don’t care if they are annoying and how many of my friends roll their eyes or how many dinner parties I’ve stopped being invited to.

So, whether you are an appreciator of funny sayings to put on your dog’s ID tag or if you’re just a dog lover, or if you’re all those things and you work in the pet industry, like I do, then you’re really going to love these 100 howlarious dog puns we’ve compiled just for you to use in every occasion.

Let’s begin!


10 Breed-Specific Dog Puns

Feeling Punny? 100 Most Howlarious, Best Dog Puns For Any Occasion 1

Have you spotted a Dalmation who requires a good pun?  Or maybe you’ve come across a Husky dog who swears he’s just big boned?

Regardless of what you need these for, we have you covered. These hilarious ones are the creme of the crop, top of the pedigree, purebreds perfected for generations to ensure you and yours get to keep chuckling.

  1. The Dachshund had to sit in the shade. Why? Because he was a hot dog!
  1. What do you call a dog who picks locks? A Corg-Key! (It was a Corgi, get it? Hahahah…haha…ha…ahhh. Anyway, carry on.)
  1. My dog’s not fat. He’s just a little Husky.
  1. The Dalmatian tried to hide from everyone. He never wanted to be spotted.
  1. I like big Mutts and I cannot lie.
  1. I wish those dogs would clean up after themselves! They are nothing but a bunch of litter Pugs!
  1. What do you call doggy magicians? They are Labracadabradors!
  1. My dog is artistic. He’s always Labradoodling.
  1. When a problem comes along, you must Whippet!
  1. I took my family to the zoo but we didn’t get to see any of our most loved animals. What a Shih Tzu!

10 Dog Puns About Doggy Activities

Feeling Punny? 100 Most Howlarious, Best Dog Puns For Any Occasion 2
This dog looks rather fetching today. Get it? Get it??? 

Look, raising a dog isn’t all tail wags and lick kisses. It’s also tough. You have to deal with doggy behavioral issues, barking, potty accidents, and lots and lots of dog fur.

As a trainer, I work daily with dogs doing all kinds of activities to help them live happier and healthier and to help their people better understand them.

I love working with dogs on socialization and using positive reinforcement techniques to help them thrive. Unfurtunately, most of my work is done alone. Most days, it’s just me and my puppy client.

This means that my human coworkers and I don’t get to spend too much time together, but when we do meet up we talk about nothing but the dogs in our care.

These are usually holiday parties, work meetings, staff fundraisers, and the works.

And you know who the hit of the party always is? It’s me, of course, all thanks to my funny, punny dog jokes!

Okay, this may not be accurate. I may only be invited to our work get togethers because I’m an employee and they don’t want to hurt my feelings…still, I choose to believe it’s because I use these to make everyone laugh, however awkwardly and forced.

Anyway, here are some great ones that have to do with doggy activities to use around those dog loving friends or coworkers of yours.

Oh yes, and you’re welcome.

  1. My friend said he threw a stick two miles and his dog still brought it back. Seems a bit far-fetched to me!
  1. Did you see the dog’s new outfit? Wasn’t it rather fetching?
  1. You don’t have to thank me for taking the dog for a walk. It was the leashed I could do!
  1. I’m dog-gone tired! My dog barks all night without any paws.
  1. Trying to train my dog was a Mastiff waste of time.
  1. The puppy found his halloween costume very dograding.
  1. We just want to stay home and puggle with our dogs.
  1. We didn’t choose the Pug life. The Pug life chose us.
  1. Our dog is so tiny and adorable it just Beagles my mind!
  1. The squirrel at the park made our dog go mutts.

10 Dog Puns For TV And Movie Fans

Feeling Punny? 100 Most Howlarious, Best Dog Puns For Any Occasion 3
If your circle consists of doggy and movie fans, then you’re in luck.

Is it wrong to binge watch Harry Potter with your dog and literally cry every time Dumbledore dies even though you’ve read the books and seen all the movies like 800 times?

Asking for a friend. Also asking for me.

But if it’s wrong, I don’t want to be right! And you know who else loves Harry Potter? That’s right! My dog! Together, my dog and I have compiled a great plethora of Harry Potter and countless other movie jokes that are both hilarious and dog-friendly. (I like to include my pooch in the party).

  1. What do dogs eat when they go to the movies? Pup-eroni pizza and pup-corn of course!
  1. Do you know what my dog’s favorite movie is? It’s Jurassic Bark!
  1. Can you guess what Darth Vador named his dog? He named him Luke Skybarker!
  1. We think our Dog’s favorite character in Harry Pawter is Dumbledog. We are dead Serius.
  1. We took our dog to see Harry Pawter and he knew right away that Voldimort was an impawster!
  1. Watching the Whole Canine Yards with our dog is a hoot.
  1. Have you ever seen Pup Fiction? We liked it but our dog thought it was pawful.
  1. High Fidolity had us all sitting on the edges of our seats. It earned great appaws once it was over. s
  1. My dog didn’t want to watch True Bloodhound with me so I watched it alone.
  1. The dog could watch Mission Impawsible over and over again even though we hound him to stop.

10 Dog Puns To Use At The Veterinarian’s Office

Feeling Punny? 100 Most Howlarious, Best Dog Puns For Any Occasion 4
Turn your dog’s cone of shame into the cone of comedy!

Has your pooch found himself a victim of the cone of shame like the one in the photo above? Trips to the veterinarian’s office are (usually) never fun for anyone.

Either your dog is sick, getting dog shots, needing a surgery, being spayed or neutered, or is having something else done that is both painful and expensive.

That’s where we come in! Let’s turn that frown upside down and get ready to see that four-legged friend of yours wagging his tail at the vets! I’m here to save the day with these ten vet dog jokes that are sure to turn any dreary old day at the vet into a stand up comedy session staring little old you!

You’ll be the hit of the waiting room! Or, at the very least, they’ll despise you so much they’ll hurry up and get you out of there faster.

Either way, it’s a win for you and your dog, am I right? So sorry not sorry.

  1. Don’t worry. This dog will be pup and running in no time!
  1. We always make sure our dog pays his annual fleas.
  1. Our dog has been going through a rough pooch lately.
  1. We couldn’t tell the dog where we were going or he would have flead the scene.
  1. Feeding dogs grapes can kill them. That’s why we’re rasin some awareness for this paws.
  1. Do you have any good medical in-fur-mation about dogs?
  1. Our dog hates the vet. After going, he doesn’t fur-give us for weeks.
  1. Something is wrong with our dog so we’re just waiting for the vet to shed some light on the pawblem.
  1. The vet told us our dog was pregnant so we asked how to go about getting pawternity leave.
  1. Somepawdy told our dog she was going to the vet and we haven’t seen her since.

10 Dog Puns To Use During The Holidays

Feeling Punny? 100 Most Howlarious, Best Dog Puns For Any Occasion 5
This coy looking dog knows he’s not supposed to be eating the Christmas ribbon. But he doesn’t care. He has these ten clever jokes to keep his humans distracted.

These great holiday jokes are furbulous for anything from holiday cards to holiday emails, to holiday texts, to holiday greetings and even holiday social media posts!

And don’t be shy when it comes to using them. I am very pupular in my family for dishing out the goods when it comes to dog puns at holiday parties. In fact, I’m so appreciated, people now tend to avoid me at all costs as soon as I show up so as not to taint my incredible creative pun juices with their utterly dull commonness.

Ready to become the most popular and most avoided person at the holiday shindig? Then grab a notebook and copy these down at once.

  1. Happy Howlidays everyone!
  1. It’s finally howl-o-ween!
  1. My dog is so basic. She only drinks pup-kin spiced lattes in the fall.
  1. Feliz Navidog!
  1. We don’t care if it rains cats and dogs just as long as it doesn’t reindeer.
  1. Our dog tried to put the Christmas star on the Aspen. He’s barking up the wrong tree.
  1. May your howliday be furry and bright!
  1. We had so much fun just Dachshund through the snow!
  1. Bahh, humpug!
  1. Here is to unleashing your joy this howliday!

10 Dog Puns For Food Lovers

Feeling Punny? 100 Most Howlarious, Best Dog Puns For Any Occasion 6
There is nothing I love more than dogs and food. Well, except for puns, of course. 

There is nothing I love more than dogs and food. That’s why this list of dog-friendly, food-furbulious, howlarious dog puns might just be my furvorite. (I know. I can’t stop, I won’t stop).

Is your stomach just growling for these delicious doggy puns? Then sit, stay, and read on.

  1. We like to off-fur our dogs and cats a variety of foods but only the cat eats purritos.
  1. For the holiday season, we are making a Yorkshire Pudding Terrier.
  1. Have you ever tried a Pita Bull? They are delicious!
  1. The dog was so sad he was mellon Collie.
  1. Our dog’s breakfast food is woofles.
  1. Our dogs love the pugkin spice lattes in the fall.
  1. We love our Shiba Pinot and she loves us.
  1. I took my  Pomeranian to get a haircut but the groomer didn’t like her. Apparently she’s too afloof.
  1. We can’t leave our Dachshund out in the sun too long or he’ll be one hot dog.
  1. My dog’s drink when he is fursty is a muttini on the rocks.

10 Dog Puns For Music Lovers

Feeling Punny? 100 Most Howlarious, Best Dog Puns For Any Occasion 7
The musician in me loves a good dog pun that has to do with music.

Before I worked with dogs and became the talented pun-master I am today, I used to be a musician. That’s why the musician in me loves a good dog pun that has to do with music.

I had the most fun scouring the interweb for music related dog puns while also creating some of my own. And I must say, I am incredibly talented. Because, you know. I’m punny that way. Ruff!


Alrighty, here are ten of my dog puns for music lovers!

  1. We were not surprised to learn that our dog’s Pink Floyd album is Bark Side of the Moon.
  1. Our dog is obsessed with Linkin Bark but in the end, it doesn’t even matter.
  1. Our dog won’t play any instruments other than the trom-bone.
  1. My dog just joined a band called Muttly Crew.
  1. How do you tell the difference between a violinist and a dog?  A dog knows when to stop scratching!
  1. Why did the dog want to join the band? He wanted the trom-bone!
  1. The Corgi tried to tell a joke about a staccato, but it was too short.
  1. The dog couldn’t stand the music cat-alog so he ruffused to play it.
  1. My wife made our dog a dog-safe Gingerbread man treat for the holiday but the dog bit his leg off. Now it’s just a Limp Bizkit.
  1. The dog catcher’s favorite song to sing while catching strays is “You ain’t nothing but a pound dog.”

10 Dog Puns For Sports And Fitness Fans

Feeling Punny? 100 Most Howlarious, Best Dog Puns For Any Occasion 8
Do you love sports? Then you’ll die laughing at these winning sports puns for dog lovers.  

In spite of my father’s best efforts, I did not grow up to be a big sports fan. I do, however, love dogs and puns. This may come as a surprise to you, and if it does then you clearly haven’t been reading this article and shame on you because clever dog puns are littered throughout this whole piece and you’re totally missing out.

Anyway, back to the point – I’m not a big sports fan. But I do love puns and I do love dogs, and I do love research.

Here are ten of my favorite sports puns for dog lovers that I could find. Perhaps you can find a use for them as I will not be able to, considering I am so far removed from the sports world.

Good luck.

  1. It’s time for Super Howl Sunday!
  1. Our dog only eats out of a Super Bowl on sundays.
  1. Since the dog quit soccer, he’s lost his goal in life.
  1. The dog wanted to keep playing, but he was no longer the Golden Retriever.
  1. My dog helps me dig up worms for fishing. He knows it’s the end of the line for them.
  1. If the dog wants to win the stair climbing competition he is going to need to step up his game.
  1. The dog ran at least the length of two football fields, but that’s just a ballpark number.
  1. I named my dog Six Miles. Now I tell people I walk Six Miles every day.
  1. My neighbor told me that my dogs are out chasing people on bikes. But my dogs don’t even own bikes.
  1. Why couldn’t the sports dog listen to his favorite music? Because he broke the record!

Feeling Punny? 100 Most Howlarious, Best Dog Puns For Any Occasion 9
10 Dog Puns That Make Good And Clever Job Titles – Dog puns that I can use in the workplace are perhaps my favorite.

Dog puns that I can use in the workplace are perhaps my favorite of all. I use them every day, all day, and on anyone who will listen.

The reactions I receive are mixed, but I can tell you that, as I am the one who hears and uses them the most, they are quite funny. The dogs I work with seem to enjoy them too, so long as a treat follows the clever quip.

So, if you work in the pet industry, or even if you don’t and are just looking for some clever, dog-tastic ones to liven up your workplace or give your marketing – or should I say barketing – strategy a boost, then these dog puns below are for you.

  1. We are all meeting at the Barking Lot
  1. He is the CFO (Chief Fetch Officer)
  1. She is the CTO (Chief Treat Officer)
  1. Where is the Tail Wag Inspector?
  1. Call in the Bone Operator
  1. This area is designated for VIPs (Very important Pups) only.
  1. To grow your business, you must use barketing!
  1. Send the invoice to Bellyrubs Receivable.
  1. For more, call the Face Licking Coordinator.
  1. We only trust those biscuits to the Keeper Of Treats.

10 Of Our Favorite Funny And Random Dog Puns

Feeling Punny? 100 Most Howlarious, Best Dog Puns For Any Occasion 10
In case you didn’t find a pun above to work for you, one of these below are bound to have you howling. 

Sure, we have a big list of dog puns above categorized specifically for every occasion, but that doesn’t mean you automatically found the perfect dog pun for you and your pooch to use on a daily basis.

And if you didn’t find that golden dog pun, it’s going to be okay. We’re not done yet.

In fact, I’ve prepared myself for this very occurrence and even gone to the trouble of saving the best list of funny dog puns for last. So, incase you didn’t find the best dog pun above to work for you, one of these dog puns below are bound to have you howling.

  1. Our dog is a tripod and needed a new leg, but it ended up being a big faux-paw.
  1. It was raining the other night and I stepped in a Poodle.
  1. My dog is so smart that he majored in bark-eology!
  1. Do you know what kind of construction dogs are best at? Roofing!
  1. I’m so obsessed with dogs I nearly had a roverdose!
  1. We knew the dog was calling because we have collar ID.
  1. Our dog listens to his subwoofer way too loud!
  1. Our dog never stands up for himself. He always just rolls over.
  1. Our dog’s favorite breakfast food is woofles.
  1. What’s more amazing than a talking dog? A spelling bee!

Don’t lie. We know one of these funny dog puns made you laugh or at least snort a little bit or even just puff some air out of your nose.

But  if you really didn’t find it in your cold, humorless soul to chuckle even a tiny bit at one of these 100 dog puns above, then perhaps you can do better?

Care to battle me in a game of punny wits? Leave some of your favorite dog puns in the comments section below!

En garde!

Feeling Punny? 100 Most Howlarious, Best Dog Puns For Any Occasion 11