15 Funny Dog ID Tag Ideas

Are you a fun-loving dog parent in need of some funny ways to spice up your dog’s boring old ID tag?

Well you’re in luck! I am one such dog mom who loves all things hilarious and I always try to incorporate my fur baby in the comedy.

Recently, I scoured the internet, asked friends and family, and even spoke to a few of my dog trainer and veterinarian friends to find out what some of the most clever and most hilarious dog tag sayings might be.

I came across hundreds of clever and witty dog tag sayings and quotes, but I’ve gone ahead and pulled fifteen of my most favorite to share with you.

But before we begin, let’s discuss dog ID tags in a bit more detail. Why are they important for our pets, and what information should your dog’s ID tag include aside from funny phrases and puns?

Let’s find out.


Does My Dog Need A Dog ID Tag If He Is Microchipped?

There are lots of ways we as dog owners can keep our dogs safe. From teaching our dogs important commands like sit and stay, and working on having a solid recall, to making sure they are equipped with ID tags and microchips.

Making sure your dog is easily identifiable is pretty important to most pet parents, so I would highly recommend that your dog not only be microchipped but also wear his collar and ID tag regularly, especially when you take your dog for walks, take him on vacation, or take him on camping trips.

Keep in mind that your dog’s ID tag is more than just a cute, shiny pendant to hang on his collar. Your dog’s ID tag is just that – his ID.

Unlike humans, dogs don’t carry around wallets or purses with their identification. If they are ever to escape their leash or harness, get out of the backyard, or even be stolen, an ID tag is one of the easiest, if not the easiest, ways for your dog to be reunited with you.

With that being said, your dog’s ID tag should have more than just a cute or funny saying on it.

Along with his name, I suggest having your current address and phone number listed. And if your dog is microchipped, it’s never a bad idea to state that as well.

15 Funny Dog ID Tag Ideas 1
It’s important to make sure your pup is always easy to identify with an ID tag that has up-to-date info with your address and phone number

I personally got a custom ID dog tag for my own pooch. Her’s is adorable and there is a photo of it down below.

Because the saying took up too much space on the tag, I opted to get her another tag to go under the cute and funny ID tag that includes my current address, as well as information stating she is chipped.

I also made sure the material of her dog tag was quality material. It makes no sense to spend money on something that is going to tarnish or break in a few weeks or not hold up during an emergency, right?

My favorite material for a dog ID tag is stainless steel. This material is strong, rust-resistant, and inexpensive.

Other options include aluminum, silver, rose gold, gold, platinum, and wood. Of course, keep in mind that silver, gold, rose gold, and platinum are going to cost you. Also keep in mind that wood and aluminum may not last as long as you would like.

Where Can I Get Custom Dog ID Tags and Are They More Expensive Than Standard Dog ID Tags?

You can find custom Dog ID tags pretty much everywhere these days. From online sites like Amazon and Etsy, to local pet boutiques and big name pet suppliers, the possibilities are endless.

I got my dog’s custom ID tag at a local pet boutique, but I also looked on Etsy and Amazon. For funny dog ID tags on Amazon, I loved the shop below.

No products found.

They provide funny sayings with different shapes and quality metals to ensure your dog’s ID tag stays in place and lasts.

On average, custom ID tags cost between $10 and $25 dollars, depending on the material, the store you purchase it at, and the saying you want.

The cost of a custom dog ID tag is not much more than the cost of a standard dog ID tag, so why not have some fun with it?

And speaking of fun, let’s talk about funny sayings! Here are fifteen of the funniest sayings you can add to your dog’s ID tag!

1. Not All Who Wander Are Lost. Except Me. Please Call My Mom.

Call me biased, because this is the saying I chose for my dog’s funny ID tag saying. Her name is Axelle, and she is about six pounds, so she certainly should not be wandering anywhere without me.

That’s why I thought this saying was perfect.

15 Funny Dog ID Tag Ideas 2
Not only is the front custom, but the back is hilarious in my humble and unbiased opinion.  

I also liked that I was able to pick a custom font for the front plate and a cute little design and that it came with an additional, smaller tag that stated she was microchipped.

I purchased this dog tag at a local pet boutique near my home but you can find similar products online on Amazon or Etsy.

2. Got Lost Prowling For B*tches – or – B*tches Love Me!

If you’re not too prim and proper, this may be the perfect dog tag saying for your pooch, especially if he is a handsome lady’s man.

15 Funny Dog ID Tag Ideas 3
A lady’s man needs an appropriate name tag, don’t you think? 

A dear friend of mine was gifted a dog tag that says this very phrase and her fourteen-year-old Yorkshire Terrier sports it proudly along with his one remaining tooth. (Yorkie’s are notorious for oral issues as they age).

Of course, this tag saying would apply more to male dogs than female dogs if you want to follow gender norms. If you don’t, then this is a spectacular dog tag for any dog in your life who likes to go out prowling for, well, b*tches.

3. Oh Crap! I’m Lost. Have Your People Call My People.

Short and simple.

This phrase can also be changed to the naughtier “Oh s**t, I’m lost!” if you’re feeling risky, but I like that this is a little more family friendly, especially for dog owners with kids.

15 Funny Dog ID Tag Ideas 4
The bashful look on this pup says it all! 

This is a great saying for high-energy dogs as well who love to run around and are out and about. The saying is abrupt, as if your dog was playing hardcore and suddenly realized he was lost!

4. Call My Human. He’s Lost Without Me.

I almost chose this saying over the one I did choose. It was a hard decision, I’m not going to lie.

That’s because I am lost without my pup. But I also know she’s lost without me.

Either way, this is an adorable yet funny way to express the love both you and your pooch have for each other and will surely entice someone to hurry up and make that phone call to get the two of you back together at once.

15 Funny Dog ID Tag Ideas 5
I love custom tags that suggest the dog knows how much he is needed by his human! 

5. I Know I’m Cute But You Can’t Keep Me.

This was my third choice. It’s literally a very real fear of mine that someone will find my dog wandering alone and decide she’s way too cute to hand back over.

15 Funny Dog ID Tag Ideas 6
This is the perfect ID tag for that super cute pup you know needs extra protection!

Of course, this is why she is microchipped and wears her ID tag and is never out of my sight. Call me a helicopter dog mom if you want to, but my dog is so cute it’s dangerous for her!

6. I Solemnly Swear I Am Up To No Good – or – Mischief Managed.

Are you a Harry Potter fan?

For all those Muggles out there wishing they were witches and wizards, this is a saying that will have you reaching for your wands.

15 Funny Dog ID Tag Ideas 7
For the bookworm in you, Harry Potter dog tags are especially awesome. 

Any book worm and Potter head will appreciate these cute and clever sayings, and best of all, they go perfectly with a dog who is as mischievous as he is adorable.

7. Watch Out. I Can’t Control My Licker.

I always get a little giggle out of this one.

The pun is way too funny and it’s a perfect warning for those who are less afraid of their dog getting lost and more on edge about all the kisses they will be receiving when hanging out with said dog.

15 Funny Dog ID Tag Ideas 8
For the pooch who loves to show affection, a warning tag might be in order. 

If your dog loves to give you and even perfect strangers all his affection, I would highly recommend this cute and funny dog ID tag saying.

8. I Escaped. Muahahaha.

This is the ID tag saying for the secret evil genius lurking in your dog. Can’t you just hear that high-pitched, hamster-style, evil laugh?

15 Funny Dog ID Tag Ideas 9
I love custom dog tags that make dogs seem a bit mischievous! 

If you have a happy Houdini on your hands, you may want to consider getting this saying engraved on his custom ID tag along with his name, your address, and your telephone number.

Of course, I also suggest you work on some training techniques for doggy escape artists to help keep that four-legged friend of yours safe and sound in his home.

9. Zombie Outbreak Squad – K9 Unit

This is the greatest dog tag saying for those of you who want to play a bit of a prank on the unsuspecting person who may find your wandering pup.

15 Funny Dog ID Tag Ideas 10
This is the perfect saying for those of you looking to have a bit of fun with not only your dog, but other people. 

The saying will be especially convincing if your dog happens to be a German Shepherd or a Malinois type breed.

And it would be even better if the person who came across your lost dog was a zombie apocalypse fan or a government conspiracy theorist!

10. Hey, I Just Met You and This Is Crazy. I Think I’m lost. So Call My Mom, Maybe.

Even if you lived under a rock a few years ago, chances are you still know the lyrics to this song and loved to hate it with the rest of the world.

If you want to really crack someone up, give them something to remember. This saying will easily get stuck inside the head of the person who finds your dog and you’ll certainly be getting a call.

15 Funny Dog ID Tag Ideas 11
This is for the Carley Rae Jepsen fans in the house. 

And also, sorry if you now have this song stuck in your head. My bad.

11. If You Can Read This I Will Lick You.

15 Funny Dog ID Tag Ideas 12
Warning – this dog is a kisser! 

Is there any better saying than this? I mean, aside from some of the funnier ones above it, I absolutely love that this immediately tells people that this dog is a love bug and nothing else.

I love sayings that are sweet and cute. Just like this photo! (Photo credit: Pexels/https://www.pexels.com/photo/black-dog-beside-little-girl-1364756/)

Besides, not all dog ID tags need to insist that someone “Call My Human” and many of them can just be funny little sayings that accentuate your dog’s cute personality.

12. I Like to Sniff Butts and I Cannot Lie.

Sir Mix-a-Lot totally approves and so do I! Let’s face it. Dog’s say hello by sniffing butts and there is no shame in their game when it comes to it either.

So, if your dog is a good ol’ butt sniffer, why not label him as such?

15 Funny Dog ID Tag Ideas 13
Is your dog a butt sniffer? Is he also a closet rapper? Then this is the perfect saying for his name tag!

This is also a great saying for the dog who is a closet rapper or who has an owner who just really loves Sir Mix-a-Lot.

13. Feed Me And Tell Me I’m Pretty.

If I were to wear an ID tag, mine would say something like this. Honestly, all our dogs want is food and love, right?

This is the perfect phrase to go on your dog’s ID tag if he or she is the king or queen of their domain.

Is your pooch pure royalty? Then feed her and tell her she is pretty!

15 Funny Dog ID Tag Ideas 14
If your dog is a princess, like this pup here, then you may want others to know it’s always time to pamper her.

From purebred Poodles to mutts or mixed breeds, this phrase doesn’t discriminate and I love that it gets to the core of what every dog truly wants.

14. Zero Woofs Given – or – Look At All The Woofs I Give.

This is the best phrase or dog ID tag saying for the lazy dog in your household. I can’t stop smiling at this one because it packs so much sass with so little effort.

I know so many dogs who just lay around and really don’t give a woof one way or another and this ID tag phrase is perfect for them.

15 Funny Dog ID Tag Ideas 15
This is the perfect saying for any dog who just wants to live his life free of the drama. 

Of course, this dog ID tag saying can still work for your pup, even if he is an excessive barker,

If your dog just wants to live his best life free of the drama, then you should really consider an ID tag that says as much.

15. Every Day Is Hump Day.

Every day is hump day to a dog. Pun intended.

If your dog feels this way, then why not make a little joke out of it?

I love this saying because it’s not only cute and funny, but it kind of breaks the ice at the dog park should your dog – ahem – suddenly feel the urge.

15 Funny Dog ID Tag Ideas 16

Every day is hump day to a dog. Pun intended. 

Finding the Perfect ID Tag For Your Dog.

Remember, not all dog tags need to be prim and proper, nor do they need to remind someone to call you. There are no rules, and the above list is meant to inspire you.

Feel free to create your own funny phrases or dog ID tag sayings that suit you and your unique dog’s personality!

So long as you have the important information including your dog’s name, your current address, and your phone number, then the world is your oyster!

15 Funny Dog ID Tag Ideas 17
The most important thing is that your dog has a name tag that is up to date with correct information

Do you have some favorite funny dog ID tag sayings you would like to share with us? I love laughing so don’t be shy! Share your funny dog ID tag sayings in the comment section below.

15 Funny Dog ID Tag Ideas 18