12 Beagle Mix Dogs Perfect For Families  

Anyone with a love of dogs is familiar with the Beagle. This compact cutie is famous for making the ideal family companion! Intelligent, affectionate, and family-oriented, the Beagle ranks at number six out of 195 on the American Kennel Club’s list of most popular dog breeds.

While we are certainly head over heels for the Beagle purebred, we would be remiss if we left out the fact that, like all dogs, there are pros and cons to this renowned gun dog.

Beagles are certainly not the right dog for every owner or household, but what about a Beagle mix?

If you love the Beagle but you’re on the fence about a purebred pup, we think you should consider these 12 Beagle mix dogs below!


But Before We Begin, Let’s Meet The Beagle!

1 a beagle
Beagles are considered some of the most family-friendly dogs thanks to their winning disposition!

Height: 13 to 15 Inches

Weight: 18 to 30 Pounds

Temperament: Gentle, Affectionate, Intelligent, Determined, Friendly, Playful, Happy

Lifespan: 12 to 15 Years

Health Issues: Glaucoma, Central Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Patellar Luxation, Hypothyroidism, Chondrodysplasia, Distichiasis, and Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca

Best Suited For: First Time Dog Owners, Families, Engaged Dog Owners

Beagle Breed Overview:

Due to the fact that the Beagle ranks at number six out of 195 on the American Kennel Club’s list of most popular dog breeds, it’s no surprise this is a purebred dog you might be curious about.

Beagles are fascinating dogs with a unique history. Though small and compact, Beagles were originally bred for hunting. They are renowned for their ability to sniff out prey like rabbits or hares, and they are intelligent, active, and full of fun!

All of these qualities make Beagles excellent family dogs, though that’s not to say these cute canines aren’t a handful. In fact, the Beagle’s powerful nose can rule his brain, making it easy for this dog to become distracted.

Beagles are prone to following their nose over commands, and this could be frustrating for some dog owners. Beagles should be worked with early to help reduce stubborn or distracted tendencies, and Beagles will do best in homes with securely fenced yards where they can roam freely and safely.

Though Beagles can be stubborn, they are rather trainable when training is done right. Like all dogs, Beagles do best with positive reinforcement training techniques that utilize treats and praise.

They will not adhere well to punishments or scolding, as this can hinder their ability to learn and even harm the bond they build with their owner.

Beagles also require plenty of exercise and mental stimulation, and they are best suited for active families who are able and willing to take them on routine walks or romps in the park.

All of these qualities could be inherited by a Beagle mix offspring, so if you’re considering one of these adorable hybrids, it will be important to remember this.

And speaking of hybrids, let’s take a moment now to discuss hybrid vigor and the truth behind the crossbreed controversy.

What Is A Beagle Mix – The Truth Behind The Crossbreed Controversy

2 a beagle on a bench
Crossbreed dogs are considered somewhat controversial thanks to their unpredictable characteristics.

Crossbreeding dogs is not a new concept, though that hasn’t stopped it from being shrouded in controversy over the last few decades.

Though an age-old practice, crossbreeding has only become popular amongst breeders and the common public over the past twenty years or so. Originally, crossbreeding was done to produce offspring with specific characteristics.

The truth is that most purebred dogs we are familiar with today are actually the result of careful crossbreeding over generations. This breeding has led to dogs with a predictable breed standard that includes coat type, coat color, health, and even temperament.

The Beagle, for example, was bred for hunting small game. As such, he is bred to be a more compact canine companion. He has a powerful nose, long ears, and a white-tipped tail that helped to make him visible when he was low to the ground or in tall grasses.

Crossbreeding a Beagle with another dog could combine some of these traits with other traits of another beloved purebred, though it’s important to note that it does take generations for particular traits to be deemed predictable.

This means that first, second, and third-generation crossbreed dogs like Beagle mix dogs are more unpredictable when it comes to their temperament, health, and appearance.

So while it is possible for a Beagle mix to be the perfect mix between his two parent breeds, it’s also likely that he will grow up to be more like one parent breed over the other.

This is where some of the crossbreed controversies come in. Crossbreed dogs, also known as hybrids, designer dogs, or mixed breeds, are becoming more and more popular by the day as companion dogs throughout the United States and even the world. As such, breeders have begun selling these “designer dogs” for as much if not more than their purebred counterparts.

This has brought out a number of unscrupulous or irresponsible breeders who are selling these dogs to make a quick buck. For this reason, if you are considering a Beagle mix, it will be important to go through reputable sources when the time comes for you to do so.

Of course, there are also benefits of investing in a crossbreed dog like the Beagle mix. In fact, there are many experts that point out crossbreed dogs could have what is known as hybrid vigor.

Hybrid vigor is a term used when describing the genetics of crossbreed dogs, and the fact that these dogs may have a wider gene pool than their purebred parents.

In fact, it’s no secret that purebred dogs have long been overbred in an effort to maintain their breed standard. This overbreeding has led to many purebred dogs struggling with genetic health issues.

A crossbreed dog, on the other hand, may be less likely to inherit particular genetic health issues from one parent breed over the other thanks to his widened gene pool. On the other hand, crossbreed dogs also may have a longer list of genetic health issues to contend with that owners should be aware of.

Still, while you may not always be able to predict the coat type, appearance, health, or even temperament of a particular dog, there are ways you can go about starting your hybrid Beagle mix off on the right paw.

And you do this by learning more about the particular crossbreed you are interested in! So, without further ado, let’s take a closer look at some of our favorite Beagle mix dogs that are perfect for families.

12 Beagle Mix Dogs Perfect For Families

3 a beagle in grass
Beagle mix dogs are friendly, outgoing, and playful.

When considering a family companion, it’s important to look for dogs who do well with children, strangers, and even other pets. Although the Beagle and his subsequent Beagle mix offspring could have a high prey drive, for the most part, this is a dog that is going to get along well with other dogs and cats.

The Beagle and most Beagle mix dogs will also do well with children. They are generally compact enough to not be overwhelming for smaller youngsters but large enough to withstand more handsy play and interaction.

Beagles are also social dogs, and they’ll enjoy the company of friends and family stopping by their house from time to time.

With that said, not all Beagle mix dogs below are going to be right for every type of family. Some Beagle mix dogs are best suited for families with older children while others do best in single dog households.

Are you wondering which Beagle mix would be right for you and your family? Here are 12 you might want to consider.

  1. The Beagle x Husky Mix (The Beaski)
  2. The Beagle x Chihauhua Mix (The Cheagle)
  3. The Beagle x Basset Mix (The Bagel)
  4. The Beagle x Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Mix (The Beagler)
  5. The Beagle x Pug Mix (The Puggle)
  6. The Beagle x Poodle Mix (The Poogle)
  7. The Beagle x Dalmatian Mix (The Beaglemation)
  8. The Beagle x Bulldog Mix (The Beabull)
  9. The Beagle x Labrador Retriever Mix (The Beagador)
  10. The Beagle X Pomeranian Mix (The Pomeagle)
  11. The Beagle x Boxton Terrier Mix (The Boglen)
  12. The Beagle x Corgi Mix (The Beagi)

Let’s take a closer look at these mixes below!

1. The Beagle x Husky Mix (The Beaski)

4 a beagle husky puppy
Beagle x Husky mix dogs are energetic, outgoing, and social.

Parent Breeds: The Beagle and The Siberian Husky

Best Suited For: Active Dog Owners, Families, Homes With Yards

The Beaski Overview:

If you’re looking for a fun-loving, energetic, and outgoing companion, you’ll love the BeaskI! This is a hybrid dog that mixes the Beagle with the active and friendly Siberian Husky.

Social and energetic by nature, the Beaski is best suited for active families and in homes where he has a securely fenced yard he can run and play in.

Beaski mix dogs get along well with children and other pets, though they can be quite energetic.

This energy can be overwhelming for novice dog owners or more laid-back dog owners, so we would recommend this hybrid dog for owners who are able to get out and get active with their dog.

2. The Beagle x Chihauhua Mix (The Cheagle)

5 a beagle chihuahua mix
The Beagle Chihuahua mix could be one of the smallest Beagle Mix dogs on our list!

Parent Breeds: The Chihuahua and The Beagle

Temperament: Intelligent, Bossy, Human-Like, Playful, Spirited

Best Suited For: Families With Older Children

The Cheagle Overview:

Perhaps one of the smallest Beagle mix dogs on our list, the Cheagle is the clever and spirited cross between the purebred Beagle and the purebred Chihuahua.

Chihuahua dogs are considered the smallest purebred dog in the world, often weighing no more than six or seven pounds. As such, there is a chance that your Cheagle mix could be a smaller crossbreed, and this could make him more susceptible to injury if he is handled too roughly.

Be sure to walk your Cheagle on a proper harness and leash that does not put pressure on his sensitive trachea or throat. We also suggest you monitor very young children around your Cheagle to ensure everyone is getting along safely and happily.

3. The Beagle x Basset Mix (The Bagel)

6 a Beagle Basset Mix
Beagles and Bassets are two scent dogs, so you can expect your Beagle Basset to follow his nose!

Parent Breeds: The Basset Hound and The Beagle

Temperament: Spirited, Comedic, Affectionate

Best Suited For: Laid Back Owners, First Time Dog Owners, Owners With Flexible Schedules

The Bagel Overview:

The Bagel isn’t only the name of one of our favorite foods; it’s also the name of the Basset Hound and Beagle mix!

The Basset Hound Beagle crossbreed is a mix between two dogs known for their sense of smell and their voice.

As such, you can expect your Bagel to be spirited, somewhat stubborn, and vocal. This is a dog that does well in homes with relaxed dog owners who don’t mind devoting plenty of time to training.

Though the Bagel can be easily distracted by his talented nose, when positive reinforcement training is utilized along with patience and consistency, training this dog can be a fun experience for the whole family!

4. The Beagle x Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Mix (The Biegler)

7 a beagle cocker spaniel
Beagle Cavalier Spaniel Mix dogs are very sweet-natured and affectionate.

Parent Breeds: The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and The Beagle

Temperament: Sweet, Intelligent, Affectionate, Trainable

Best Suited For: First Time Dog Owners, Families, Laid Back Families

The Beaglier Overview:

We love the Beaglier for his sweet disposition and gentle nature. A cross between the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Beagle, this is another one of our Beagle mix dogs that makes a fabulous family companion.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels in particular are known for being affectionate and eager to please. They become very bonded with their people and will enjoy being with a loving family they can dote on and that can dote on them.

When you mix these traits with the Beagle, you’re likely to have a playful, fun-loving, and gentle dog that will do well with children and other pets.

Of course, since the Beaglier can become so bonded with his owners, he may be prone to separation anxiety. This is a hybrid dog that will do best in homes with owners who have flexible schedules and can devote time to their canine companion.

5. The Beagle x Pug Mix (The Puggle)

8 a Puggle
The Puggle is one of the most popular Beagle mix dogs on our list!

Parent Breeds: The Pug and The Beagle

Temperament: Playful, Affectionate, Adoring

Best Suited For: Novice Dog Owners, Active Families

The Puggle Overview:

The Puggle is an incredibly popular Beagle mix dog for a number of reasons, one of them being his cute name. But the Puggle is so much more than his silly moniker! The Puggle is a mix between the sweet-natured Pug and the fun-loving Beagle, combining unique traits that are all things cute, fun, and playful.

Unfortunately, like many brachycephalic dog breeds in the United States, the Puggle can struggle with breathing difficulties, heat intolerance, and digestive issues due to his flattened skull.

While some of these traits could be bred out of later generation Puggle mix dogs, earlier generation Puggles are likely to contend with this.

If you are opting to invest in a Pug and Beagle mix, we recommend doing further research on brachycephalic breeds to help ensure you can provide your Puggle with the care he needs in order to thrive.

6. The Beagle x Poodle Mix (The Poogle)

9 a Poogle
Poogles are friendly, intelligent, and sometimes even hypoallergenic!

Parent Breeds: The Beagle and The Poodle

Temperament: Intelligent, Athletic, Active, People-Oriented, Eager To Please

Best Suited For: First Time Dog Owners, Owners With Allergies, Active Families

The Poogle Overview:

For those of you who struggle with allergies, the Poogle is calling your name! This is a Beagle mix that has the potential to come with a hypoallergenic coat. A cross between the purebred Poodle and the purebred Beagle, the Poogle is an intelligent, friendly, active, and athletic mix.

Furthermore, the Poogle may even be available in different size varieties. This is all thanks to his Poodle parent breed, which comes in three sizes including standard, miniature, and toy.

Although one of the Poogle’s most sought-after traits is that he could be hypoallergenic, it’s important to point out that a hypoallergenic coat is not always guaranteed. This is especially true for Beagle mix dogs that are earlier generation crossbreeds.

Remember, your Beagle mix could inherit any number of traits from his purebred parent breeds, including his Beagle’s shedding coat.

If you are looking for a Poogle dog that doesn’t shed as much or produce as much allergy-inducing dander, we suggest going through a breeder with a history of breeding Poogles and who can provide you with later generation Poogle puppies. You also have the option of adopting or rescuing a Poolge that is over one year of age and who already has his coat type established.

7. The Beagle x Dalmatian Mix (The Beaglematian)

10 a beagle dalmatian
The Beagle Dalmatian could have a unique look you may not expect.

Parent Breeds: The Beagle and The Dalmatian

Temperament: Intelligent, Energetic, Playful

Best Suited For: Active Families, Homes With Yards

The Beaglematian Overview:

The Beaglematian sounds like an entire canine movement, and he really is when you take a good look at him. A cross between the incredibly famous purebred Dalmatian and the adoring Beagle, the Beaglematian makes for a fun, unique, and playful crossbreed companion.

Dalmatians in particular are known to be intelligent, affectionate, and friendly. Of course, we already know the Beagle is particularly fond of children!

As such, this hybrid makes a great family dog. Of course, like all dogs, the Beaglematian mix should be properly trained and socialized at an early age to help reduce any serious behavioral issues.

8. The Beagle x Bulldog Mix (The Beabull)

11 a Beabull puppy
Beabulls are popular, cute, and even somewhat laid back.

Parent Breeds: The English Bulldog and The Beagle

Temperament: Laid Back, Sweet-Natured, Friendly

Best Suited For: More Laid Back Dog Owners, Families, First Time Dog Owners

The Beabull Overview:

If you’re a more laid-back family looking for a dog that requires less exercise, look no further than the Beabull.

A cross between the totally lowkey English Bulldog and the more active Beagle, the Beabull mixes a playful spirit with a more relaxed demeanor.

English Bulldogs in particular are known for their relaxed temperament, and while they are affectionate, friendly, and silly, these dogs prefer to lay back and watch the activity from a cozy bed or blanket.

They are gentle and friendly with children and other pets and make wonderful dogs for first-time dog owners and families with relaxed kiddos.

We should note, however, that while the Beabull is a more low-maintenance Beagle mix, he could also be prone to a number of serious health issues.

In fact, the English Bulldog in particular is prone to a long list of serious health problems that could easily be passed down to his crossbreed offspring.

If you are considering an English Bulldog Beagle Mix, it’s important to get your dog from reputable sources. Avoid backyard breeders, online sellers, or those looking to sell puppies for much more or much less than they typically go for.

You also might consider having your Beabull health screened at an early age using a canine DNA kit.

9. The Beagle x Labrador Retriever Mix (The Beagador)

12 the Beagle Labrador

Beagle Labs just might be the perfect family companion.

Parent Breeds: The Labrador Retriever and Beagle Mix

Temperament: Affectionate, Intelligent, Energetic, Playful

Best Suited For: First Time Dog Owners, Families, Active Owners

The Beagador Overview:

The Labrador Retriever currently sits at number one out of 195 on the American Kennel Club’s list of most popular dog breeds, so it’s safe to say that a Labrador Beagle Mix is going to be one of the most coveted Beagle mixes on our list.

This hybrid, which combines the playful and family-oriented Labrador Retriever with the outgoing and infectious Beagle is the ideal companion for homes with children and other pets.

He makes a gregarious crossbreed that will enjoy a number of adventures, playdates, dog-park outings, and eventually snuggle time by the fireplace.

The Beagador does have a shedding coat, so this should be considered if you have allergies. You should also note that the Beagador is a high-energy crossbreed dog that is going to need at least an hour or so of exercise each and every day.

10. The Beagle X Pomeranian Mix (The Pomeagle)

13 a beagle pomeranian with a birthday cake
The Pomeagle is a fuzzy, friendly little Beagle mix you won’t be able to get over.

Parent Breeds: The Pomeranian and The Beagle

Temperament: Adoring, Affectionate, Spunky

Best Suited For: Families With Gentle Children, Older Families

The Pomeagle Overview:

The Pomeagle is the unique cross between the sweet-natured Pomeranian and the outgoing Beagle. Pomeranian dogs are naturally quite small, meaning that this Beagle mix could weigh between 6 and 24 pounds.

However, it is most likely that your Pomeagle will be somewhere in between or closer to his beagle parent breed’s weight than his Pomeranian parent breed’s weight.

With that noted, it’s best to monitor very young children around your Pomeage. Remember, this is a Beagle mix that could be prone to injury if handled too roughly, especially if he is built smaller like his Pomeranian parent.

On the other hand, Pomeagle dogs are friendly, affectionate companions that will enjoy being cuddly lap dogs when the time comes, though they are also ready for a fun game of fetch or ball.

Pomeranian Beagle mix dogs can have dense, double-layer coats, and these coats can shed heavily. Keep this in mind if you have allergy sufferers in your home, as this can cause issues for some.

11. The Beagle x Boston Terrier Mix (The Boglen)

14 a dirty boston terrier beagle
The Beagle Boston Terrier can be somewhat mischievous, as you can see from this image.

Parent Breeds: The Boston Terrier and the Beagle

Temperament: Distinguished, Clever, Affectionate, Playful

Best Suited For: Families With Gentle Children

The Boglen Overview:

The Boston Terrier has long been considered an “American Gentleman”. With his black and white coat that gives him the appearance of wearing a tuxedo and his infectious temperament, the Boston Terrier makes an agreeable, intelligent, and fun-loving family companion.

When you mix a Boston Terrier and a Beagle, you are blessed with a dog that is all things family-oriented. This is a Beagle mix that is ideal for first-time dog owners and families with playful youngsters.

Boglen dogs are shedding hybrids, but the coat is smooth and short and sheds most heavily during spring and fall, which is shedding season.

Although the Bolgen Beagle mix does great with families and other pets, he may be a bit too lively for more laid-back dog owners. He will enjoy having a backyard to run and play in and he will need plenty of daily exercise to stay happy and healthy.

12. The Beagle x Corgi Mix (The Beagi)

15 a Beagle Corgi Mix

The Beagle Corgi mix is an intelligent dog with herding origins.

Parent Breeds: The Beagle and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Temperament: Intelligent, Work-Oriented, Playful

Best Suited For: Active Families, Families With Other Dogs

The Beagi Breed Overview:

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is famous for a few things, but most notably this dog is a favorite of the Queen’s. Long-bodied, stubby-legged, and with a big personality to boot, the Corgi is a fabulous companion dog for anyone looking to add some spunk into their homes.

Combine these traits with a Beagle and you have a clever and energetic little dog that will enjoy family time, children, and playing with other pets.

The Beagi could have some herding instinct if he inherits the traits of his Corgi parent, as the Corgi is a bred herding dog. These traits could mean that your Beagie tries to herd smaller children and animals, and this can be overwhelming and annoying for some.

Luckily, these traits can be reduced using positive reinforcement training techniques, consistency, and patience.

Which Beagle Mix Is Right For You? Here’s How To Decide!

16 a beagle running
(Not all Beagle Mix dogs above will be right for every owner)

It can be difficult to choose which of the above Beagle mix dogs will fit best into your household, especially if you find more than one of these dogs pulling at your heartstrings.

The best way to decide if one of the above Beagle mix dogs is right for you and your family is to do a bit more research on each of the individual parent breeds, as well as to consider your lifestyle, family, and environment.

It’s also important to make sure you are the right owner for that unique dog’s individual needs. More active Beagle mix dogs will be best suited for active families with flexible schedules, while more family-oriented dogs may do best in homes with owners who can be around them more often.

Highly intelligent Beagle mix dogs will need owners who can cater to their mental stimulation needs to help reduce problematic behaviors, and so on.

It’s also important to make sure you go through reputable sources when looking to find a Beagle mix puppy or rescue dog.

If you opt to go through a breeder, be sure you choose a breeder with a history of breeding hybrid dogs. Responsible breeders should be able to provide you with paperwork providing their dogs have been screened and cleared of any serious health issues.

Furthermore, you may even be able to meet your puppy’s parent dogs to get a better idea of what your dog might grow up to look like.

Remember, if you want a Beagle mix dog with a particular coat type, it will be best to go through breeders who are offering later-generation crossbreed dogs. You also have the option of rescuing a Beagle mix that is over one year of age.

Adult dogs over the age of one year often have their appearance more set, which is ideal if you are looking for a dog that is hypoallergenic or of a certain size.

Last, be sure you implement routine training, socialization, exercise, and mental stimulation into your dog’s daily routine. Doing so will help reduce problematic behaviors and ensure your dog and family grow up together happy, healthy, and well-rounded.

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