15 Irresistibly Cute Dog Hair Accessories 

The first thing I did when I got my new puppy, (aside from literally crying out of excitement), is go on a puppy bow-buying binge. Don’t judge. No one was throwing me a puppy shower so I really had no choice, did I?

My dog is a Maltipoo, and as such she is prone to growing really long, silky hair. Her bangs grow faster than the rest of her body hair, so of course I was going to take advantage of this and put cute little bows and clips on her little head so I could see her beautiful brown eyes.

So, without doing any research or talking to any experts, I went ahead and hit up stores like BabiesRUs and Target. I had no idea there were specific types of hair accessories I could buy for dogs or even that dog bows and human bows were any different.

You see, quality dog hair accessories are made to stay in your dog’s uniquely textured hair. Not only that, but they are made to be comfortable and safe for your dog.

So I lived and I learned and I wasted lots of money, but now I know exactly which types of dog hair accessories are best for our four legged fur kids, and I want to help you avoid making the same mistakes I did.

Today, we are going to talk about dog hair accessories, why they are actually necessary for some dogs, and where you can find the cutest (and most functional) ones.

Let’s get started!


Do Dogs Need Dog Hair Accessories Or Are They Just Cute?

Pic 1 a black and white dog with a red bow
Some dog bows are just for looks, but others are actually functional 

Luckily for all of us who love making our dogs look extra cute and fancy, the answer to the above question is yes – dog hair accessories actually are necessary for some dogs.

Of course, not all dogs need to have bows, clips, or rubber bands in their fur or hair and not all dogs will tolerate such fussing either.

However, certain long-haired dog breeds like Maltese dogs, Poodles, Yorkies, and more need to wear dog hair accessories to help keep their face and eyes healthy and mat-free.

In fact, if you’ve ever attended a dog show or if you know much about dog grooming, you know that dog hair accessories are an essential part of the canine kingdom and have been for some time now.

Show dogs especially can be found with cute little dog hair accessories on their heads, and there is even a fancy dog hairdo called a top knot (yes, i’m aware this is a human thing too), which is designed to keep your dog’s long bangs out of her eyes to avoid eye infection and an excess of tear stains. This is an especially popular hairdo for Shih Tzu dogs.

That said, some dogs don’t really need hair accessories, but wear them anyway because we humans think they look insanely cute with them. If your dog is cool with letting you put things in his or her fur and they are down with looking adorable, then do your thing.

On the flip side, our number one priority should always be our dog’s emotional and physical health, so if your dog isn’t okay with wearing dog hair accessories or becomes stressed wearing them, I would recommend avoiding them if they don’t really need to wear them.

But if you do plan on getting some dog hair accessories for your pooch, can you just go into your daughter’s bow drawer and pull out her old clips and ribbons?

Sometimes, but not always. Let’s talk about why dog hair accessories are made specifically for dogs and why that matters.

Can Dogs Use Human Hair Accessories?

Pic 2 a black dog with a red bow
Dogs can wear human hair accessories, but it’s important to make sure they are comfortable and won’t damage your dog’s coat.  

While some human hair accessories will work fine on dogs, many won’t. In fact, when I was on my hunt for bows and clips, I bought infant bows and they just slipped right out of my dog’s hair.

What I soon learned is that dog hair is fine, silky, and soft. Not only that, but dogs do a lot more moving, running, and head-shaking than a newborn does. Most dog hair accessories are made to stay in place and keep your dog’s hair out of her eyes.

This means that while they all look pretty cute, they are often attached to special rubber bands that help grip the hair without damaging it or causing your dog pain by pulling the hair from the root.

Some dog hair accessories are not rubber bands and are instead clips. Even these clips work to stay in place better than most human hair clips.

That said, you can find certain human hair clips, rubber bands and bows that work well for your dog’s hair. It all depends on the brand and design.

Of course, you can make your own dog hair accessories. In fact, I know a number of crafty dog owners who go to craft stores and make their own dog bows!

Unfortunately, I’m not that artistic. Besides, I love to shop. If you’re like me, then you’re going to lose it over the below list of adorable dog hair accessories I’ve put together for you.

But before we begin, let’s talk more about your dog’s overall comfort when it comes to wearing dog bows and clips.

Which Types Of Hair Accessories Are Most Comfortable For Dogs?

Pic 3 two grey dogs in the snow with bows
Most hair accessories available for dogs are made to be comfortable. 

We love our dogs, so we obviously want them to be comfortable with their hair accessories. Finding comfortable dog hair accessories will not only help to reduce damage to your dog’s hair, but it will also help your dog grow accustomed to wearing them without much fuss or fight.

For the most comfortable and safe hair accessories for dogs, we suggest looking for bows or clips that are lightweight and made with safe, non-toxic materials.

If your dog does happen to shake her bow or clip off, you’ll want to rest easy knowing that even if she chews or tries to play with it, it won’t make her sick.

Furthermore, the lighter weight the bows and clips are, the less your dog will feel them in her hair and the less she will feel the impulse to shake or try and remove them. Dogs are like us and they don’t like being uncomfortable. Your best bet in making sure your pooch is cool with wearing dog hair accessories is by making sure she can’t really feel them in her hair, period.

Last, make sure when you do purchase hair accessories for Fido that they are easy to put in and easy to take out. The last thing you want is to end up cutting a hair accessorie free or ripping your dog’s hair out of her head trying to remove a knotted bow. That’s never fun.

Alright then, now that that’s settled, let’s get to the really fun stuff. Shopping! Below are fifteen of my favorite adorable dog hair accessories for long haired dogs.

Qumy 10 Piece Dog Hair Clips

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This adorable set of dog hair accessories is available in packets of ten and they come in all shapes and designs. From bows, to bunny clips, to glittery hearts, your dog is sure to look absolutely precious in these adorable hair accessories.

Best of all, these dog hair accessories come in four different color options for you to choose from so your style will be totally personalized.

The clips are durable, comfortable, and made of plastic and cloth.

Yagopet 10 Piece Dog Hair Bows

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Here is another pack of 10 dog hair accessories by Yagopet. These adorable flower bows will help keep your dog’s hair out of her eyes and will keep her looking freshly groomed as long as you need.

The flowers are made of nylon cotton and are handmade for a unique, one-of-a-kind feel. They connect with rubber bands so they will always stay in place and will be comfortable in your pet’s hair.

KRexpress Rhinestone Dog Hair Bow

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For those of you looking for some extra dazzling dog hair accessories, look no further than these adorable lace hair bows for dogs by KRexpress. They are available in three color options and are hand-made with lace, rhinestones, and satin rosebuds.

These dog hair accessories clip in, so they may not be ideal for those looking to keep their dog’s hair out of their faces for long periods or for dogs who tend to shake often to try and get their hair accessories loose.

Still, if your dog is good at wearing hair clips, we highly recommend these.

The Thoughtful Brand 50 Piece Dog Hair Bows

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If a packet of two or ten dog hair accessories just isn’t enough, don’t worry. The Thoughtful Brand is here to offer you a 50 piece selection of adorable little hair bows for your fur kid.

You can mix and match or just put in one bow at a time to keep your dog’s hair out of her eyes. These dog hair accessories are specially designed for dogs as well, using special grooming bands to help keep the bows in place and keep your dog’s bangs from bugging her sensitive eyes.

And, as if 50 adorable dog hair accessories weren’t enough, this company also includes a bonus grooming comb!

TaoBaby Small Dog Bows

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Looking for some unique dog hair accessories? Check out these super cute dog bows by TaoBaby. These little dog bows sort of look like tiny lufas, but they’re super cute and colorful and come in a pack of 24, so you’ll have so much to choose from!

They stay in place with small rubber bands and help to keep your pup’s hair out of her face and eyes. The material is actually made of gauze, which is super unique and comfortable for your dog as well.

YagoPet Dog Top Knot Hair bows

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YagoPet is back with some super cute and mix-n-match hair bows for your dog’s top knot style.

Each of these unique dog hair accessories is handmade and each bow is attached to a rubber band to help keep it snug in your dog’s soft fur.  The bows and ribbons are made of satin and include rhinestones, pearls, and satin rosebuds.

And, as a gift from the seller, they are even throwing in a cute little dog tag! How awesome is that?

Chenkou Craft Dog Hair Accessories

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This set of dog hair accessories by Chenkou comes in a 50 piece package with 25 matching bows. Each bow can be mixed or matched and each is made of quality materials that should be long lasting and durable.

The bows are connected to alligator clips, so you may need to put a rubberband in your dog’s hair first in order to keep these bows in.

That said, they are all bright, adorable, and super cute.

Comsmart 60 Piece Dog Hair Bows

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When it comes to dog hair accessories, companies are super generous and really dish out the bows. These dog hair accessories offered by Comsmart, come in a package of 60 and are versatile, colorful, and functional.

Ech bow is connected to a rubber band so they will stay safe and snug in your dog’s hair. And while the bows do come as a pack of 60, we should note that there are actually 30 designed as each bow comes as a pair.

Pet Show Mixed styles Top Knot Dog Bows

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Here are more dog hair accessories by Pet Show, who are offering a pack of 20 mix and match hair bows your dog is sure to look absolutely adorable in. The grooming rubber bands help keep the bows in place and each one is unique.

Some bows have animal print while others include rhinestones or glitter. Some bows are also larger while others are much smaller. These are the perfect dog hair accessories to invest in for all kinds of occasions.

YAKA 40 Piece Small Dog Hair Bows

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These adorable dog hair accessories by YAKA are perfect for your dog’s top knot hair style. They are made in a super cute flower design with a sweet pearl centerpiece. The bows come in a packet of 40 with 20 pairs to mix and match as you see fit.

These are smaller dog hair bows so they are perfect for small dogs like Yorkshire Terriers or Maltese dogs.

They even come in different style varieties so you can get all flowers, or some flowers and bows, or even different colors.

Rimobul Dog Hair Accessories

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Rimobul dog hair accessories are specially made for smaller dogs like Yorkies and offer super cute bows in a pack of 50. Each bow is different so you can mix and match or just switch them out.

They are all attached to small rubber bands which should stay nice and snug in your dog’s fur and help keep that hair out of your pup’s eyes.

Cutest of all, the centerpieces of these dog hair accessories are all different as well. Some come with sewn on flowers while others sport rhinestones or pearls. Seriously, you guys. Your dog will look so cute in these bows.

XIMA 35 Piece Dog Ribbon Hair Bows

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Okay, so these dog ribbons take us back to the good old days. They are super cute and simple with a natural, ribbon-like tie design and come in a variety of solid colors to play with or mix and match.

These dog hair accessories are not attached to rubber bands though, and are instead alligator clips, so those of you who have dogs who really want to shake the bows out of their hair may not like this design.

That said, we have totally fallen in love with this simple, old fashioned hair bow for dogs and love the versatility. These are 2.5 inch ribbons, so they may be big for very small dogs.

Pet Show Flower Dog Hair Bows

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These adorable flower hair bows for dogs are complete with rubber bands to help keep your dog’s hair up and out of her face.The little satin rosebuds are small and subtle, but add just enough sweetness to give your dog a little style.

This product comes in assortments of different colors and are available in packs of 20 all the way up to 300.

YOY Dog Hair Bands

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These rubber bands by YOY are for those of you who really want to keep things simple. They come in a box of 600 bands and offer a variety of colors and styles.

The elastic bands are perfect for keeping your male and female dogs’ hair out of their eyes and are durable, so you can use them more than once if you are gentle with them.

Rimboul Mini Dog Hair Clips

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We also love these adorable, bone shaped dog hair accessories by Rimboul. They are simply made and stay put in your dog’s hair and offer a versatile way to keep your dog’s hair out of his or her eyes.

These clips work great for different types of long-haired dogs but they are small, only measuring one inch, so they are best for smaller breeds.

Tips On Keeping Your Long-Haired Dog Looking His Best

Pic 4 a yorkie with her hair in a rubberband
Keeping your long-haired dog’s hair out of her eyes will help keep her comfortable 

As we mentioned, the dogs who are going to need dog hair accessories most are dogs like Yorkies, Maltese, Poodles, Coton de Tulear dogs, and other long haired breeds and mixes.

That’s because dogs like the above listed breeds tend to grow longer hair, and many can suffer from eye infections or have an increased rate of tear stains or eye discharge due to their hair falling in their face and eyes throughout the day.

Other dogs may feel vulnerable or anxious with hair in their eyes because they can’t see properly.

If you choose to keep your dog’s hair long, it’s best to not only invest in some good hair accessories but to also practice proper grooming habits.

Make sure you brush your dog regularly using grooming combs and other tools to help reduce matting. Keeping your dog’s coat clean is another step you can take to ensure your pooch is healthy and happy.

Some longer haired dogs need more frequent bathing than shorter haired dogs or double coated dogs like Huskies or German Shepherds.

If you aren’t sure about how often you should bathe or groom your specific dog breed, talk with your veterinarian or a trusted groomer.

And remember, not all dogs need or will even tolerate wearing a bow or clip in their hair. Try and introduce your dog to wearing dog hair accessories gently. Use treats and praise to help make the process more fun for everyone.

And of course, have fun and enjoy your bow shopping!
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