How Much Is A Pug? Breaking Down The Average Pug Price 

Are you smitten over the squish-faced Pug Dog? You’re not alone. Pugs are some of the most popular family dogs in the United States, according to the American Kennel Club.

Unfortunately, that means the Pug price is a little steep. But why are Pugs some of the costlier purebreds in the canine kingdom, and is there any way you can cut down on prices when it comes to obtaining and raising a Pug?

Well, if you’re interested in a Pug, keep reading because we’re about to break down the Pug price in its entirety. But before we begin, let’s first introduce you to the star of the show – the Pug dog himself.


The Pug Dog – A Quick Breed Overview

1 a black pug
Pugs are extremely popular dogs, thanks in part to their unique look.

Height: 10 to 13 Inches

Weight: 14 and 18 Pounds

Coat Type: Short, Smooth, Shedding

Hypoallergenic: No

Coat Colors: Fawn and Black

Temperament: Affectionate, Playful, Curious, Social, Stubborn, Funny

Ideal For: Families, First Time Dog Owners, People With A Flexible Schedule

Lifespan: 12 to 15 Years

Health Issues: Pug Dog Encephalitis (PDE), Hip Dysplasia, Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome, Fold Dermatitis, Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease, Arachnoid Cysts, Portosystemic Shunts, Granulomatous Meningoencephalitis, Patellar Luxation, Hemivertebra, Obesity, Entropion and Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca (KCS)

Median Pug Price: Around $1,200.00

Some Clubs That Recognize The Pug Dog:

  • The American Kennel Club (AKC)
  • The United Kennel Club (UKC)
  • The Pug Dog Club of American
  • The Puget Sound Pug Dog Club
  • The Continental Kennel Club

Pug Overview:

The Pug has long been one of the world’s most coveted purebreds. Compact, adorable, and loaded with personality, it’s easy to see why we’re so spellbound by this darling dog.

Unfortunately, Pugs are not the cheapest of dogs to buy or raise. Hailing from China and with roots dating as far back as the Han Dynasty, the Pug is a “flat-faced” breed known for his unique look and long list of health problems.

Still, that hasn’t stopped breeders and dog enthusiasts alike from investing in this breed. And in spite of what we know about Pug health complications and how they correlate to the Pug price overall, we continue to demand them from our local breeders.

This is perhaps because, as bred companion dogs, Pugs make excellent additions to homes with children and other pets. Pugs are also small enough to make wonderful travel buddies while still being robust enough to withstand the less-than-gentle play from rowdy youngsters.

But if you’re considering buying a Pug, you’re probably wondering why the Pug price is so high.

Unfortunately, much of the cost has to do with supply and demand, not to mention complicated breeding issues. Keep reading to learn more.

The Complications Behind Breeding Pugs – Why Does It Cost So Much?

2 four Pug Puppies
There is a lot more that goes into breeding healthy Pugs than you might think.

When you think about the Pug price as a consumer, you’re probably thinking about how much it costs you to buy a Pug puppy or to obtain a Pug through a rescue. And if you’ve done a bit of research, you already know that breeders are going to charge a pretty penny for this little dog.

But why is the Pug price so high?

Well, there are two reasons. One, Pugs are popular. Dogs that are popular tend to be costlier simply due to supply and demand.

The second reason the Pug price is so high is because breeding Pugs is a complicated (and even controversial) practice.

Pugs belong to a number of flat-faced breed types known as brachycephalic dogs. Some other breeds on the list include the Pekenegense, the Apple-Head Chihuahua, the English Bulldog, the French Bulldog, and so on.

Brachycephalic dogs are dogs who have been bred purposefully over generations to ensure their faces are as flat as possible. While this look is desirable amongst many dog enthusiasts, it is also detrimental to the dog.

Dogs like the Pug tend to suffer chronically from health issues like breathing difficulties, heat intolerance, digestive issues, exercise induced collapse, and more. All of these health issues are attributed to the Pug’s skull shape, which doesn’t allow him to adequately breathe and thus results in a variety of the above issues listed.

Sadly, brachycephalic breeds also have higher risks of complications during the birthing process. Pugs are especially at higher risk, as they naturally have a larger head and a more narrow pelvis.

A Pug dam, (a pregnant female Pug), will have a more difficult time birthing her litter for this very reason; her pelvis is narrow and her puppies heads are large. This often results in birth complications, leading many Pug dames to undergo C-sections in an effort to save the litter.

Not only is this dangerous and often traumatic for the mother and puppies, C-sections are also costly for the breeder.

And this is where Pug price and the cost of breeding Pugs goes hand in hand. In order to get a better understanding of why Pug price is so high when going through reputable sources, let’s go over the numbers and what it takes to breed puppies in general.

On Average, Breeding A Healthy Litter Can Cost Breeders Between $1,609 to $8,245.

Of course, these costs can and do vary depending on the breeder and the type of dog they are breeding.

Plus, there is a lot that goes into breeding a healthy Pug litter that takes place long before your Pug puppy is even born. Some of the costs that go into breeding and eventually into your Pug price include the following:

Basic Yearly Expenses Of Of Breeding

  • Proper Breeding Licenses – $125 to $600
  • Dam’s Care (Including Dog Food and Supplies) – $30 to $200

Basic Breeding-Related Expenses

  • Health Clearance And Testing – $300 to $700
  • Stud Fee – $100 to $1,500
  • Prenatal Care During Pregnancy – $150 to $600
  • Ultrasounds and X-Rays – $40 to $100

Whelping Costs And Puppy Care

  • Whelping Box/Kit – $80 to $850
  • Initial Puppy Vaccinations/Parasite Prevention – $165 to $700
  • Puppy Food And Supplies – $40 to $200

Miscellaneous Costs Of Breeding

  • C-Section costs – $350 to $1,500
  • Medical Care For Sick Puppies – $150 to $1,500
  • Euthanasia For Puppies with Severe Complications – $50
  • Registering A Pug Litter With The American Kennel Club (AKC) – $29 to $45

The Total Average Cost Of Breeding A Pug: Between $1,609 to $8,245

But how did we come up with the above numbers?

Breeders break the costs down in a category of three. Prices from low to high can vary, with the lowest cost of breeding being around $1,609, the median cost of breeding being about $3,002, and the highest cost of breeding falling around $8,245.

You can see the entire breakdown of what it costs to be a breeder according to The Breeding Business Handbook here.

With all that covered, it’s now time to talk about the cost of your Pug when obtaining a Pug puppy through a breeder.

What Is The Average Pug Price Through A Reputable Breeder?

3 a tan Pug puppy
Buying a Pug through a reputable breeder could cost you between $600 and $1,500.

The average Pug price when going through a breeder is around $600 to $1,500.

However, some breeders sell Pugs for much more, with prices ranging from $1,900 to $6,000.

This price varies and is dependent on the breeder you go through and your Pug puppy’s pedigree. Pugs who come from show quality parents are going to be more than Pug puppies bred specifically for companionship.

Female Pugs also tend to cost more, as do Pugs with certain coat colors. According to some breeders, black Pugs can cost up to $500 more than fawn colored Pugs. Of course, not every breeder will sell Pugs for more or less based solely on color or gender.

And this is where the importance of understanding what a reputable breeder is.

What Is A Reputable Breeder?

Not all breeders are reputable, and you are more likely to encounter less-than-quality breeders when looking for a dog as popular as the Pug. Sadly, when puppies become popular, this often leads to opportunistic scammers looking to breed and sell these puppies as quickly as possible in order to make some quick cash.

These irresponsible breeding practices often lead to detrimental health issues for puppies down the road. This in turn costs the unwitting buyer of that puppy much more money (and heartache) in the long run.

But what is a reputable breeder and how can you tell for sure? Reputable breeders are going to be breeders who are licensed and have a history with breeding the specific breed you’re interested in.

For Pugs, which are purebred dogs, reputable breeders should also be able to provide you with paperwork proving your puppy’s pedigree. Paperwork should also be provided that proves your puppy has been health screened and cleared of any serious medical issues.

All of this correlates into the Pug price up front, but it is worth it in the long run.

“Breeders” To Avoid

Determining which breeder is quality and which breeder is not can be difficult, especially if this is your first time looking into Pugs and the average Pug price. While the average cost of a Pug when going through a breeder can vary quite a bit, it’s important to educate yourself on the median price of a Pug in your region.

On average, breeders will charge around $1,200 for a Pug puppy. Generally, these Pug puppies are sold as companion dogs, and that price is a direct correlation with responsible breeding practices.

Beware of prices that are too good to be true when looking at Pug price, but equally watch out for puppy prices that are outlandish.

Unless you’re looking for a show quality Pug that comes from award-winning breeding stock, you shouldn’t be paying several thousand dollars for a Pug puppy.

What Is The Average Pug Price When Going Through A Rescue?

4 a happy pug with his tongue out
Going through a rescue to adopt a Pug is cheaper than buying through a breeder.

Buying a Pug through a breeder can be pricey, even if you’re looking at a Pug puppy through a breeder selling on the lower end. Luckily, you always have the option of rescuing a Pug.

While there are a number of benefits of rescuing a dog that go far beyond cost, cost is certainly one of the selling factors.

On average, rescuing a Pug costs between $350 to $500.

And while Pugs are popular, there are plenty of shelters and rescues throughout the United States that specialize in the breed.

This site contains a list of at least 60 quality Pug rescues in the United States. Some have adoption fees beginning at around $75 for a Pug, though the average Pug price when looking into adoption is around $300.

There are other ways you can save on Pug price when going through a rescue outside of the initial cost.

If you purchase an adult Pug, there is a good chance that Pug will have already been spayed or neutered. Some adult Pugs in shelters are also already microchipped, and many have had basic training or have undergone some routine behavioral testing.

All of this can save you money on your Pug price in the long run, whether it comes to training costs, first year vet expenses, vaccinations, and even supplies.

Of course, the initial down payment for your Pug isn’t the end of your Pug price woes. It’s only just the beginning.

Raising A Pug – Understanding The Average Lifetime Pug Price

5 two Pugs in leaves
Pugs have a lifespan of between 12 and 15 years. That’s a 12 to 15 year financial commitment when it comes to Pug price.

Before you choose to invest in a dog, remember that you are committing to this dog and all of his needs for the rest of his life.

When it comes to the lifetime Pug price, you should know that Pugs have an average lifespan of around 12 to 15 years. This means that you’ll be responsible for the yearly costs of not only raising your Pug, but also ensuring he is healthy and happy.

Luckily, Pugs are smaller dogs, which means they can actually cost less than average when it comes to their overall lifetime price.

Still, the first year of Pug ownership is going to be the most expensive, according to experts, with most people spending about $3,625 on Pugs initially.

After that first year, the average cost of raising a Pug will run you about $90 a month or 1,080 a year.

But what is all this money being spent on? Well, quite a bit actually.

Pug Dog Food And Treats – $250 to $700 A Year

Pugs come with a long list of health issues, which we’ll cover in more detail further down. These health issues can affect you in more ways than one when it comes to Pug price, which is why ensuring your Pug is on a quality diet is so important.

Higher quality dog food is going to be more expensive than lower quality dog food, but not by much. Wet and raw dog food is the most costly when it comes to Pug price and feeding, while dry dog food is the least expensive.

But you don’t have to cut corners to save money on Pug price. There are some cheaper dog food brands out there that are still made of quality ingredients and that won’t break the bank.

Basic Canine Supplies For A Pug: $500 a Year

Your Pug’s First Year Medical Expenses – $500 to $600

Remember when we talked about the cost of a Pug being highest in that first year of Pug parenthood? This is likely due to Pug parents having to get all their ducks in a row. This not only includes buying initial dog supplies, which we listed above, but also that first year of medical expenses.

The most common medical procedures your Pug will need to undergo after you first bring him home include:

  • Your Pug’s Puppy or Dog Wellness Exam
  • Updating or Completing Any Vaccinations
  • Microchipping
  • Neutering/Spaying Costs

Pug Grooming Costs – $50 to $330 A Year

Pugs have short, smooth coats that shed heavily, especially during shedding season in spring and fall. Fawn Pugs have double coats, which can shed even more heavily and require even more maintenance.

Many owners opt to bring their Pugs to a professional groomer for their routine upkeep. Professional groomers will take care of bathing, nail trimming, ear cleaning, wrinkle-care, and anal-gland expression.

The good news is that Pugs don’t typically need to see a professional groomer for fancy hair cuts, which can save you when it comes to Pug price.

On average, a professional groomer can charge between $30 to $90 for a visit, with most Pug’s needing to visit at least 6 times a year.

If you choose to do your Pug’s grooming at home to save on costs, you’ll need to invest in some quality tools.

The most common grooming tools you’ll need for a Pug include:

  • Wrinkle Paste/Wrinkle Wipes
  • Deshedding Tools
  • A Nail Grinder Or Nail Clippers
  • A Canine Tooth Brushing Kit For Small Dogs
  • Sensitive Skin Dog Shampoo/Conditioner
  • A Canine Ear Cleaning Kit For Small Dogs

Average Yearly Medical Expenses For A Pug- $50 to $300 A Year

Like all dogs, Pugs will need routine care and checkups as they age. Routine vet visits and wellness exams are especially important for dogs like Pugs, who can be prone to a number of serious health issues.

Some of the most common medical expenses you should include in your lifetime Pug price include:

  • Annual Wellness Exams (For Pugs Under Seven Years Old)
  • Bi-Yearly Wellness Exams (For Pugs Over Seven Years Old)
  • Vaccination Upkeep
  • Parasite Prevention Upkeep
  • Routine Dental Upkeep

Preparing For Miscellaneous Pug Costs – What Many Owners Don’t Consider

6 a pug peeking around a couch
Unfortunately, Pugs can be prone to some serious and costly health issues.

Pugs can cost their owners a good chunk of change in unforeseen expenses when it comes to medical issues, especially if you obtain your Pug through an irresponsible source or choose to forgo routine vet exams.

For this reason, it’s a good idea to know the most common health issues a Pug dog is prone to. You should also have a basic understanding of some of the costs associated with these issues in case your Pug is ever diagnosed with one.

The Most Common Pug Medical Issues:

  • Pug Dog Encephalitis (PDE)
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome
  • Fold Dermatitis
  • Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease
  • Arachnoid Cysts
  • Portosystemic Shunts
  • Granulomatous Meningoencephalitis
  • Patellar Luxation
  • Hemivertebra
  • Obesity
  • Entropion
  • And Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca (KCS)

The Average Cost of Some Of The Above Pug Health Issues Are As Follows:

  • Fold Dermatitis – $300 to $2,500
  • Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease – $1,000 to $3,000
  • Portosystemic Shunts – $2,000 to $,6000
  • Arachnoid Cysts – $4,500 to $10,000
  • Granulomatous Meningoencephalitis – $1,500 to $4,000
  • Portosystemic Shunts – $2,000 to $6,000

While all these health issues and the costs associated with them can seem daunting, we should note here that Pugs are not the only dog breeds with significant health issues. In fact, all dogs, regardless of their breed or mix, can be susceptible to genetic health problems.

For this reason, it’s a good idea to consider investing in pet insurance regardless of the breed of dog you own.

On average, pet insurance can cost between $120 and $1,200 a year, or $10 to $120 a month.

You might also consider putting some money away into a savings account to help with overall Pug price, especially when you consider that medical costs aren’t the only unexpected expenses you may encounter.

Other expenses you should consider when considering Pug price include:

  • Pet Rent
  • Property Damage
  • Travel Expenses
  • Pet Sitters
  • Dog Walkers
  • Dog Trainers
  • Dog Daycare
  • Puppy Obedience School
  • Vitamins, Supplements, and Specialty Supplies

Ways To Save Money When Raising A Pug

Yes, Pugs can be expensive, but there are a few ways you can go about cutting costs when it comes to Pug price.

  • Go Through Reputable Sources When Obtaining Your Pug

Whether you go through a breeder or a rescue, be sure to take your time and do your research. Quality breeders work hard to ensure their Pug puppies are healthy before sending them off to their forever homes, and this is often reflected in price.

Quality rescues or shelters work just as hard, often ensuring their Pugs undergo medical exams, behavioral testing and more. So don’t skimp off the top when trying to cut costs.

  • Consider Having Your Pug Health Screened

Most reputable breeders will have had their puppies health screened early on, but that doesn’t mean your Pug won’t develop issues as he ages. Speak with your veterinarian during wellness exams and ask questions about tests and health screenings recommended for Pug dogs as they age.

Spending a little money on preventative care could save you a lot of money in the long run when it comes to the costs of raising your dog overall.

  • Keep Up With Routine Vet Visits and Preventative Care

This goes hand-in-hand with our above tip. Prevention is key to ensuring your Pug is not only happy and healthy, but that your wallet isn’t prematurely drained.

  • Have Your Pug Spayed Or Neutered

Spaying or neutering your pet is considered by some to be a controversial topic. However, most experts agree that the practice is safe, healthy, and highly beneficial to your dog.

Not only can spaying and neutering reduce potential health issues in your Pug as he ages, it can also reduce behavioral problems like destructive behaviors and marking, which can also cost you more money.

Other Pro-Tips On Keeping Your Pug Happy While Saving On pug Price:

  • Invest In Quality Dog Food and Supplies
  • Stick To A Routine Grooming Schedule
  • Ensure Your Pug Is Kept Mentally Stimulated And Exercised To Reduce Destructive Behaviors

So, Is The Overall Pug Price Worth It?

7 a pug on a pink blanket
Pugs make fabulous family companions. However, it’s important to know what you can afford when it comes to owning a Pug.

According to the American Kennel Club, smaller dogs like the Pug can cost their owners around $15,051 over their lifetime. When it comes to Pug price specifically, however, this cost is likely going to be a bit more.

Pugs can easily be considered special needs dogs as they can come with a variety of health concerns and risks not common in many other breeds.

That said, the Pug price still falls below average, especially when you consider that the average cost of raising a dog in the United States is estimated to be around $17,650 and $93,520.

Besides, owning a dog isn’t all about the money. Pugs – and all dogs, for that matter – give so much more to their owners than they take.

So, is the Pug price worth it? We’d say so!

Pug Price 1 Pug Price 2