15 Dachshund Colors You Didn’t Know About

Their long bodies, squat legs, and lively temperaments are all traits that make the Dachshund a family favorite across the United States.

This darling dog turns heads for more than his unique body type. In fact, Dachshund dogs come in a variety of coat colors and combinations, which only adds to the fun of these pint-sized pups!

So, what Dachshund colors should be on your radar? Keep reading to find out!


Introducing The Dachshund!

1 a dachshund in a box
Dachshunds are cute and funny little dogs known for their big personalities!

Small but mighty, the Dachshund is a German-bred dog designed specifically for the formidable task of fleshing badgers from their dens. Their long bodies, pointed muzzles, and paddle-like paws made them the ideal dog for such a job, as did their fearless personalities.

The Dachshund goes by many names, including the sausage dog, the wiener dog, and the badger dog. He also comes in two size varieties and three coat types, including wire-haired, long-haired, and smooth-haired.

Standard-size Dachshunds weigh between 16 and 32 pounds while miniature Dachshunds weigh under 11 pounds.

In spite of their small size, Dachshunds have huge personalities. They are incredibly devoted to their families and quite intelligent, though they can have somewhat of a stubborn streak. Dachshunds also have a reputation for their lively, playful, and curious temperaments.

Like all dogs, Dachshund dogs require plenty of daily exercise, training, and mental stimulation to stay happy and healthy. Potential owners should be aware too that these dogs can become quite destructive when bored, and natural diggers, they are prone to digging up gardens, yards, and even furniture if not kept properly entertained.

Luckily, Dachshunds are quite trainable, and they enjoy learning and obeying commands when training is kept short, fun, and gamelike.

And because Dachshunds come in three coat varieties, they can also make great additions to those who might struggle with allergies, especially in their wire-haired coat type.

But enough about coat type. Let’s talk about Dachshund colors!

When it comes to the coat colors of Dachshunds, there are many varieties and even several patterns.

However, all Dachshunds have only one “self color” which means they have one base color that may be patterned depending on their genetics.

The common patterns when it comes to Dachshund colors include dapple, double dapple, sable, brindle, and piebald.

Ready to learn more? Below are the 15 Dachshund colors you may not have realized existed.

1. Solid Black

2 a black Dachshund looking at water
The solid black Dachshund is the rarest of the Dachshund colors.

While there are many Dachshund colors that are recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) as standard Dachshund colors, solid black is not one of them.

Regardless, a solid black Dachshund is a coveted Dachshund indeed and is in fact one of the most rare Dachshund colors on our list. This is due to the recessive allele of the Agouti locus, which means that both parents must carry this gene in order to produce a solid black Dachshund puppy,

True black Dachshunds are black from nose to tail, with no other markings or pattering on their bodies. And though they are not recognized as a standard color variation by the AKC, they can still cost potential owners a pretty penny, with many black Dachshund puppies costing more than $4,000.

2. Black and Cream

3 a black and cream Dachshund
These adorable black and cream Dachshunds are a common dual color. (https://unsplash.com/photos/n-22HkhNbFA)

Not to be confused with black and tan Dachshunds, black and cream Dachshunds are a common color combination of Dachshunds that sports mostly black, with patches of a light cream color.

The black will cover the back, ears, and tail, and may even make a mask across the Dachshund’s eyes. Then patches of cream will cover the paws, chest, muzzle, and sometimes just above the eyes, giving the illusion of eyebrows.

3. Black and Tan

4 a black and tan dachshund
The tan in a black and tan Dachshund is a bit richer than the cream color of a black and cream Dachshund.

Black and tan Dachshund colors are one of the most common, and this color type is common in all coat types of Dachshund. It can have the same patterning as the black and cream Dachshund above, though the tan is richer and often even has a reddish hue.

Again, a black and tan Dachshund will be more than 50% black, with black covering his back, head, ears, and belly, and often at least halfway down his legs. The rich tan coloring will cover the muzzle, chest, neck, paws, and again just above the eyes.

4. Chocolate and Tan

5 a chocolate and tan dachshund
The adorable chocolate and tan combination is a popular and beautiful one.

The sweet combination of chocolate and tan is a beautiful color variation when it comes to Dachshund colors. This combination sports a rich chocolate brown that covers the dog from the majority and often covers his entire face, ears, back, legs, and tail.

Patches of tan will cover the muzzle and may appear just above the eyes like cute little eyebrows. The tan may also cover the Dachdund’s paws and chest.

5. Blue and Tan

6 a blue and tan dachshund
Blue is a rare color for Dachshunds, making blue and tan quite coveted.

Perhaps one of our favorite Dachshund colors is the blue and tan Dachshund. Often confused for gray and tan, you can identify a blue and tan Dachshund by the more silvery hue and undertone of the coat.

The blue will cover the majority of the Dachshund, with beautiful tan markings along the muzzle, above the eyes, on the paws, on the chest, and sometimes on the inner legs or tips of the tail.

Blue and tan Dachshund dogs are relatively rare, as the blue coat color comes from a recessive diluted color gene that both parents must carry in order for the puppy to have this coat.

6. Cream

7 a cream Dachshund
This color of Dachshund often makes the pup look like a miniature Golden Retriever.

The adorable cream-colored Dachshund sports the same beautiful coat type you might expect in a Golden Retriever, though black shading and markings are not uncommon on the ears, tail, or along the back of the Dachshund with this coat.

Another unique thing about cream Dachshunds is that there are different types of creams, including American Cream Dachshunds and English Cream Dachshunds.

American cream Dachshund colors boast a lighter red hue, while English Cream Dachshunds are paler. It should also be noted that English cream Dachshund colors are only available in miniature-sized Dachshunds.

7. Wild Boar

8 a wild boar dachshund
Every hair on the wild boar Dachshund coat has a different color, making this unique coloring.

The wild boar Dachshund color is a sight to see, though you may not have the opportunity to see it too often! These Dachshund colors are considered rare thanks to the recessive gene that causes this unique pattern.

The coloring combines a mixture that is primarily black, gray, and brown, leading to a Dachshund that looks almost exotic.

While the majority of wild boar Dachshunds are black, gray, and brown, there are instances where the base or self-color will be black, red, blue, or chocolate.

One of the most unique things about the wild boar Dachshund color is that each hair on the Dachshund is unique and has a unique color pattern on it.

8. Blue and Cream

9 a blue and cream Dachshund
This is a blue and cream dapple Dachshund puppy with tan markings.

The blue and cream Dachshund is very similar to the blue and tan Dachshund colors, though the cream is less rich. However, depending on the shade of the blue, a blue and cream Dachshund may be even more striking than a blue and tan due to the contract.

Because the blue base color is due to a recessive gene, blue and tan Dachshund colors are rarer than some, though the color is available in all coat types of the breed.

The blue will cover the majority of the body and can range in shade from lighter to darker, especially on the ears and chest. The tan will then cover the paws, chest, and eyebrows.

9. Red

10 a red dachshund running
Red Dachshunds may also have black shading on parts of their bodies.

Although the majority of Dachshund colors are dual colors, red is a color that is all its own when it comes to the Dachshund.

A true red Dachshund is going to be red from nose to tail, though the color can vary in shade from a light red color that is almost a yellowish shade all the way to a rich mahogany color. Red Dachshunds may also have some black shaking on the tips of their ears, along their backs, and even on their paws.

These beautiful dogs also always have black noses and dark eyes.

10. Isabella and Tan

11 an isabella and tan dachshund
The Isabella and tan Dachshund can have a liver nose and hazel eyes.

Sometimes known as tan or fawn, the Isabella Dachshund is commonly mistaken for blue thanks to the silvery undertone in the fur. However, this color is more of a tan or fawn silver and is one of the rare Dachshund colors on our list.

Isabella and chocolate or tan Dachshunds may have small markings of tan on their bodies, including on their muzzle, chest, or eyebrows, though a true Isabella Dachshund will be Isabella from nose to tail entirely. They may also have lighter-colored eyes and a liver-colored nose.

Because Isabella Dachshund’s colors are so rare, they can be quite costly. In fact, many Dachshund breeders are known to sell these colored dogs for over $3,500!

11. Chocolate and Cream

12 a chocolate and cream dachshund
This sweet color combination is enough to melt your heart!

The chocolate and cream Dachshund sounds like a mouth-watering dessert, and the color combination is just as sweet! This Dachshund has a rich chocolate base that covers most of his body from head to tail, including his ears, back, and tail. He may also have a mask of chocolate covering his eyes.

The cream color will cover his muzzle, above his eyes, his chest, and his paws. The eyes are usually brown or hazel, and the nails, nose, and tail are brown.

12. Wheaten

13 a wheaten dachshund puppy
Wheaten coats are most commonly seen in wirehaired Dachshunds.

Wheaten can be present in all Dachshund coat types, though it’s most commonly found in wire-haired Dachshunds. This color gives the Dachshund a cute, shaggy appearance that often gets them confused for terrier types.

Wheaten Dachshund dogs may range in shade from a light yellowish shade to a more red shade, though it is also combined with a cream undertone that gives it the wheaten look. The ears of a Wheaten Dachshund may be a shade darker than the rest of their body, and their noses are black while their eyes and nails are often brown.

13. Isabella and Cream

14 an Isabella and cream dachshund
This color variation combines cream and the lovely shade of Isabella.

The isabella cream Dachshund is another rare color combination when it comes to Dachshund colors. This color combination also often comes with patterns like piebald or merle.

The shading can range from a chocolate brown to a more tan or even almost white appearance, with the base color being the isabella or fawn shade.

14. Chocolate

15 a chocolate Dachshund
Chocolate Dachshunds are solid brown in color, though shading may vary.

Though the name may allude to a solid-colored chocolate Dachshund, an actual chocolate Dachshund can have varying shades of brown on his body.

These Dachshund colors can also vary from a very light and rich brown to a much darker, woodier brown from nose to tail. Chocolate Dachshunds also may have lighter shadings of brown on their chest, muzzle, eyebrows, and sometimes even on the tops of their heads.

Because the chocolate color is the result of a recessive gene that both parent dogs must carry in order to produce a chocolate puppy, the chocolate Dachshund is considered one of our rare color variations.

15. Solid Isabella (Also Known As Fawn)

16 an isabella Dachshund
The solid Isabella Dachshund has a stunning coat that is unlike any other.

The last of our Dachshund colors is the solid Isabella color, also sometimes known as fawn or tan. This solid Isabella color is considered quite rare, as we mentioned above. This is due to a diluted color gene that is recessive, and this gene causes the silvery shade of gray-tan that covers an Isabella Dachshund from nose to tail.

These Dachshund colors are not only vividly beautiful, but they also lead to a unique eye color that is sometimes hazel or amber in color. The nose of Isabella Dachshund is going to be liver or cream, while the nails are brown or cream in color.

A Review Of Dachshund Colors And Dachshund Coat Patterns

17 a dapple dachshund on a boat
Along with having base coat colors, Dachshunds come in five patterns.

With 15 Dachshund colors to choose from, you’re sure to find the color or combination you love in the breed. We also love that these little dogs come in two-coat varieties and five pattern types!

In fact, it’s the Dachshund patterns coupled with Dachshund colors that make them even more mesmerizing! Dachshund patterns you can look out for in any of the above color variations include


A dapple Dachshund has a unique coat pattern that offers what might appear to be a three-toned coat color. This coat will often include darker shades of the base color that appear as spots along your Dachshund’s back.


Brindle Dachshunds offer an exotic-looking coat that almost appears stripped. The color combinations can vary with this coat color, but commonly it will be seen with tan and black or chocolate and brown.


The Piebald Dachshund often combines white and another base color, with patterns of color that might appear to be spots but appear in much larger patches across your dog’s body.

Double Dapple

Double Dapple Dachshunds are quite rare, and only occur when two parent breeds carry the gene. Sadly, double-dapple dachshund dogs are much more prone to suffering health issues like deafness.

And Sable

Sable Dachshunds are very common and are characterized by the darkening of their coat color along their back, tail, paws, ears, and sometimes around their faces.

Dachshund Colors And Genetics – What You Should Know

18 two dachshunds in the sun
There are times when a Dachshund’s coat color can impact his health, so keep this in mind.

You certainly aren’t lacking when it comes to options and the Dachshund breed. With two size varieties, three coat types, and 15 Dachshund colors, your dream Dachshund is just a decision away!

With that said, there are a few things you should know when it comes to the genetics behind coat color. For the most part, Dachshund colors should not impact their temperament or health.

However, there are some exceptions to this rule.

It has long been known that white dogs are linked to a higher rate of congenital deafness, and this is due to the merle or piebald gene, which is a recessive diluted gene that impacts pigmentation as well as hearing in some dog breeds.

While Dachshund dogs are for the most part healthy and hardy breeds, they can be impacted by the merle or piebald gene and dogs with this gene can be prone to suffering from congenital deafness.

Luckily, most experts agree that living with a deaf dog is hardly different than living with a hearing dog, and there are only minor adjustments needed for owners when it comes to these dogs with this condition.

Of course, if you want to ensure you don’t wind up with a deaf Dachshund, one way to help reduce your chances is to forgo a dog with the merle or piebald gene altogether.

If that’s not possible or if you have your heart set on Dachshund colors that contain the merle or Piebald gene, then it will be especially important to go through breeders you trust who understand the importance of responsible breeding practices.

In fact, regardless of your dog’s coat color or type, it’s always important to go through reputable sources like qualified breeders or shelters when looking to obtain a new dog.

Not only will doing so help ensure your dog is as healthy as possible, but it can help save you money down the road.

So, now that you know all about the different Dachshund colors available, we want to know which colors were your favorite!

Share your opinions with us in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!

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