Mini English Bulldog Breed Information – 12 Facts We Bet You Didn’t Know

The Mini English Bulldog is often confused for a toy version of the standard English Bulldog, and for good reason.

This little flat-faced cutie certainly looks the part, but there is so much more to the mini English Bulldog than meets the eye. From health issues to breeding discrepancies, there is a lot to learn about this breed before deciding to invest in it.

But before we begin, let’s take a look at the Mini English Bulldog compared to the Standard English Bulldog.


The English Bulldog Vs The Mini English Bulldog

Pic 1 a mini english bulldog outside
The Mini English Bulldog Is more than just a smaller version of the standard English bulldog. In fact, he’s two dogs in one!

The standard English Bulldog is a large bully breed standing up to 16 inches tall and weighing over 40 pounds. He is famous for his squished face, folds of skin, and low-key temperament.

But while the Standard English Bulldog is a purebred, the Mini English Bulldog isn’t a purebred at all. This helps ensure his smaller size and weight. Though smaller than the average English Bulldog, the Mini Bulldog is still a hefty boy for what is considered a toy.

Take a look at the Mini Bulldog’s breed standard below:

Height: 10 – 14 Inches

Weight: 25 – 40 Pounds

Coat: Short, shedding

Coat Color: Fawn, white, brindle, piebald, red

Life Span: 10 – 12 Years

Temperament: Calm, affectionate, intelligent, low-key

Energy Level: Low

Exercise Needs: Low

Common Health Conditions: Eye issues, epilepsy, nerve degeneration, PDE, hemi-vertebrae, patellar luxation, Legg-Perthes Disease, reverse sneezing, allergies, skin issues, hip dysplasia, yeast infection, Bloat, and brachycephalic airway syndrome.

1. The Mini English Bulldog Is Considered A Crossbreed

Pic 2 a standard english bulldog on a leash  Pic 3 a pug
The Standard English Bulldog  
The Pug

The English Bulldog is a mix of the standard English Bulldog and the Pug.

Also known as the Toy Bulldog or Miniature Bulldog, the Mini English Bulldog is a cross between a Pug and a purebred English Bulldog.

This means he is not accepted by most major breed clubs or associations and he will not be eligible for show.

Furthermore, while the mini English Bulldog is somewhat smaller than the standard English Bulldog, he’s not that much different in weight and height. He is still a big boy with bowed legs, folds in his face and a wide range of health issues.

His parent breeds, the Pug and the English Bulldog, are also prone to serious health issues that can be passed down to their offspring.

And this is what has led to some controversy surrounding the Mini English Bulldog’s existence.

2. Breeding Of Mini English Bulldogs Is Quite Controversial

Pic 4 a mini english bulldog outside
Breeding dogs with serious health issues is a controversial topic.

Designer dogs are nothing new, and while crossbreeding on it’s own does have some controversy surrounding it, the action is hyped up when breeders attempt to cross two dogs with a number of serious health issues.

Surprisingly, the Mini English Bulldog is the result of breeders actually attempting to create a healthier English Bulldog back in the 80’s.

Unfortunately, their success has been up for debate.

Here’s the thing. Flat faced dogs like the Pug and the Bulldog are already at risk of some serious health issues due to the structure of their skulls. (We’ll talk more about this below). Breeding these purebred dogs has become a topic of debate in recent years, as continuing to breed dogs with known health issues has raised issues of morality.

That said, not everyone agrees and thus the Mini English Bulldog continues to rise in popularity.

3. The Mini English Bulldog Has Some Serious Health Issues That Can Be Devastating and Even Costly

Pic 5 a brown mini english bulldog chewing a toy
Even with the best care, sometimes a Mini English Bulldog can develop health issues.

While the intention behind creating the mini English Bulldog was to create a healthier version of the standard English Bulldog, health issues remain.

That said, the Mini English Bulldog can have a good lifespan. If properly cared for, these dogs have been known to live between 9 and 13 years.

However, during that time their quality of life can be in question, especially if their health issues are not seen to.

On average, some of the most common health issues a Mini English Bulldog may face include:

  • Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome
  • Reverse Sneezing
  • Allergies
  • Skin Issues
  • PDE
  • Epilepsy
  • Legg Perthes
  • Nerve Degeneration
  • Hemi-Vertebrae
  • Yeast Infections
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Obesity
  • Pug Dog Encephalitis (PDE)
  • And Bloat

What You Should Know About Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome

Many flat-faced dog breeds of today are the result of years of breeding and refining that resulted in their misshapen skulls. While this flattened face is often seen as desirable and cute by dog-lovers, it also leads to serious health issues in the dogs in question.

The flattened skull of the dog leads to Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome, or Brachycephalic respiratory syndrome. This syndrome makes breathing difficult for dogs and leads to excessive snoring, intolerance to heat, digestive issues, sensitivity to anesthesia, and sometimes sudden death.

It’s very important to monitor flat-faced breeds who suffer from this ailment, especially during mealtime, when they are on certain medications, and when they are outside during warmer weather.

What You Should Know About Bloat

Also known as Gastric Dilation Volvulus or GDV, Bloat is a serious medical condition that is most commonly seen in large, deep-chested dogs like German Shepherds or Great Danes. However, the smaller mini English Bulldog has also been known to suffer from this ailment.

Bloat occurs when gas fills the intestines and causes the stomach and other organs to flip. When this happens, blood flow is lost to the bottom portion of the dog, resulting in shock. If not treated immediately, Bloat can be life threatening.

While it can come on suddenly, it is often caused when a dog eats something he shouldn’t, eats too quickly, or eats or drinks immediately after exercise or play.

You can help reduce the chances of Bloat in your Mini English Bulldog by ensuring he is kept on a scheduled mealtime, limiting how much he eats in one setting, and ensuring he is eating a proper diet.

It also helps to know the symptoms of Bloat. Most commonly, symptoms include unproductive vomiting, panting, pacing, drooling, obvious pain, extended or bloated abdomen and collapse.

4. Mini English Bulldogs Are Great Family Dogs

Pic 6 a mini english bulldog with a child
These guys are happy-go-lucky and friendly, making them wonderful family dogs.

In Spite of their many health complications, Mini English Bulldogs make wonderful additions to homes with children and other pets. This is perhaps one of the reasons they are some of the United State’s most sought after canines.

Their size also makes them easier to travel with, though they are no less lazy. While they are gentle and affectionate with children, they are not as playful as some other breeds. They tire quickly and would rather watch the family from a cozy bed on the floor than to interact with a toy.

Still, they are snugglers and enjoy affection. They are fond of young children and are not known to be aggressive or rough.

That said, it’s always important to ensure you properly train and sociale dogs, especially if you plan on raising them with children. We also suggest working with youngsters in the home on how to properly and respectfully interact with the family dog, and monitor very young children around your mini English Bulldog to ensure everyone is getting along safely.

5. These Dogs Are Lazy, Which Is Fabulous For Low-Key Dog Owners

Pic 7 a mini English Bulldog sleeping
Mini English Bulldogs love to sleep almost as much as they love to eat!

If you’re looking for a running or hiking companion, look elsewhere. The Mini English Bulldog is one of the lazier dogs in the canine kingdom, with very little energy to do much more than eat and sleep.

And boy does he sleep! On average, a mini English Bulldog sleeps around 12 hours a day. When they aren’t sleeping, they’re lounging, and when they aren’t lounging they’re probably trying to eat.

Of course, that’s not to say that your mini English Bulldog doesn’t require exercise. While it may take some coaxing, it’s still important to get your dog out for routine exercise each and every day.

However, though exercise is important, it’s just as important to make sure you’re giving your Mini English Bulldog the right amount of exercise and the right type of exercise to boot. Over-exercising your Mini English Bulldog can lead to health complications, so keep things light.

It’s also imperative that you do not let your Mini English Bulldog go swimming without a life vest and without you right there beside him. These dogs cannot swim and are prone to drowning.

To be safe, avoid swimming altogether. Instead, stick with a nice stroll around the neighborhood or at least 30 minutes of active playtime in the backyard.

When you are walking your Mini English Bulldog, be sure to use the right equipment. Refrain from walking him on choke chains or prong collars, as he is already at serious risk for breathing difficulties.

Instead, use a harness designed to not only reduce pulling, but to alleviate pressure on your Mini English Bulldog’s sensitive neck and trachea.

PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness

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The PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness is one of our favorites when it comes to reducing pulling in dogs and safe walking. This harness is designed for stronger dogs, and while you may not deal with a mini English Bulldog getting too far ahead of you on walks, you’ll like that this harness won’t make it difficult for him to breathe if he does.

You can order this harness in different sizes and colors, but make sure to do your measurements. The harness is designed to fit snugly, with the chest strap fitting below the chest and just above the arms.

6. The Mini English Bulldog May Not Bark But He Does Snore

Pic 8 a mini english bulldog with his tongue out
You won’t get much sleep if you snooze alongside a mini English Bulldog.

One of the best traits about the Mini English Bulldog is that he doesn’t bark. He can bark, he just prefers not to. This is excellent news for anyone living in smaller spaces or with thin walls and close neighbors.

However, don’t get too excited.

What the mini English Bulldog lacks in barking power he makes up for in snoring power.

And considering how much the Mini English Bulldog loves to sleep, you can rest assured you’ll be in for lots of snoring day and night.

Sadly, this is due to his breathing difficulties we mentioned above when talking about health. As such, snoring is a common trait amongst many flat-faced breeds like the mini English Bulldog.

7. Mini English Bulldogs Are Adaptable To Apartment Living

Pic 9 a mini english bulldog on a couch
Because they sleep so often and are so quiet, mini English Bulldogs are great apartment companions.

Because they are (mostly) quiet and overly calm, the Mini English Bulldog makes a great dog for those who live in apartments. In fact, his adaptable and easy-going nature makes him great for any type of home living.

He also enjoys travel, so long as he gets to ride in a cozy dog car seat or crate. However, he can be prone to destructive behaviors if left to his own devices for too long, so it’s important to provide your Mini English Bulldog with things to do and toys to chew while you’re away.

8. Grooming Is Low Maintenance, Though These Dogs Do Shed

Pic 10 a mini bulldog in water
Unless they get particularly dirty, grooming a Mini English Bulldog is easy.

While the Mini English Bulldog is a shedding breed, he sheds only mildly year-round. However, shedding can increase during the shedding season which is in spring and fall. During this time, you may need to increase brushing to alleviate loose hair on furniture and clothing.

For the most part your Mini English Bulldog needs only occasional brushing. He does not need to be bathed often unless he gets particularly dirty, and he will need his nails trimmed regularly to keep them from cracking or splitting. He will also need his ears cleaned often to keep ear infections from occurring.

And because Mini English Bulldogs have folds in their skin, they can be prone to infections and skin issues. When grooming your Mini English Bulldog, make sure to pay special attention to these folds.

In fact, you can even invest in fold wipes and ointments to help ensure these folded areas stay healthy and free of painful wounds or infections.

We’ve listed some of our favorite products for dogs like the Mini English Bulldog below for you to consider.

Wrinkle Wipes

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Wrinkle Wipes are specifically made for Bulldogs and will be ideal to have on hand for your Mini English Bulldog. The wipes are made with safe ingredients that are meant to soothe and clean between your Mini English Bulldog’s skin folds, including coconut oil and aloe vera.

The wipes work to gently clean the skin beneath the folds and help promote healthy skin and coat while reducing doggy odor and skin issues including infections.

Wrinkle Paste

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We also recommend investing in Wrinkle Paste, like the paste listed above by the Squishface Store. This paste is designed not only to soothe and clean between the folds in your dog’s skin, but to also clean up tear stains and remove debris.

Best of all, this paste helps soothe itchy skin, which Mini English Bulldogs can be prone to, especially if they suffer from allergies.

9. The Right Diet Is Super Important For A Mini English Bulldog

Pic 11 a mini english bulldog in grass
Mini English Bulldogs can be prone to obesity, which can lead to other health issues, making diet that much more important.

Because they are prone to obesity and other food related health problems, it’s a good idea to keep your Mini English Bulldog on a feeding schedule. While some dogs can do well with food in their bowl all day and just graze occasionally, most Mini English Bulldogs won’t know when to stop eating.

Refrain from leaving their food in their bowl all day and feed them as appropriate during breakfast and dinner.

Puppies, however, will need to be fed at least three or four times a day to assist in proper growth and development. If you’re not sure how much or how often to feed your Mini English Bulldog through his life stages, it’s best to speak with a trusted veterinarian who can help guide you on the unique needs of your specific dog.

A quality diet for a Mini English Bulldog could include dry dog food, wet dog food or even raw dog food. Either way, this dog food should be full of real animal protein, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, carbohydrates, and a good source of water.

Like many flatter faced breeds, the Mini English Bulldog can struggle to eat kibble. The smooth, round kibbles are often difficult for them to get into their mouths through a bowl. Luckily, there are kibbles designed for these types of dogs that are shaped and help dogs to eat and chew.

You might also consider investing in meal toppers or combining different dog foods like kibble and raw dog food or kibble and wet dog food.

This is because raw or wet dog food is easier for Mini English Bulldogs to digest while hard kibbles help to keep their teeth and gums healthy. So a mix of both might be good for them.

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula and Healthy Weight

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To better manage your Mini English Bulldog’s weight, we recommend a dog food designed to keep dogs in shape.

Blue Buffalo is a brand we trust and we especially like their healthy weight formulas to keep dogs like the Mini English Bulldog healthy and happy. This dog food is made with real animal protein that dogs need to thrive and is free of any additives, fillers, corn, soy or wheat.

Blue Buffalo Wet Dog Food

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Many Mini English Bulldogs struggle with digestive issues and food allergies. A wet dog food option can help alleviate some of these issues, so we are also listing Blue Buffalo’s Wet Dog Food above.

This dog food is a grain-free wet food that can be used as a meal-mixer or topper to encourage your dog to eat and can help promote healthy digestion. It can also help increase skin and coat health.

10. The Mini English Bulldog’s Parents Have A Very Different Histories

Pic 12 a sleeping english bulldog puppy
Mini English Bulldogs are the descendants of both royalty and working dogs so it’s no wonder they love to lay around now and be pampered.

The Mini English Bulldog is the descendant of royalty on his Pug side. In fact, his Pug lineage traces all the way back to the Han Dynasty, where Pugs were valued for their flattened faces and friendly nature.

The English Bulldog, on the other hand, wasn’t so lucky. This breed was designed for the sport of bullfighting, which led to the breed having a controversial reputation.

However, the fierceness of old English Bulldogs has been bred out and today’s English Bulldog is gentle and sweet.

Combine the Pug and the English Bulldog and what do you get? A gentle, lazy, loving family dog that may not be the most functional but is certainly one of the most loveable.

11. Mini English Bulldogs Do Not Do Well Left Alone For Long Periods Of Time

Pic 13 a sad mini english bulldog
If left alone for too long, Mini English Bulldogs can become depressed.

While these dogs are relaxed and laid back, they are best suited for owners who are able to be around often.

There are a few reasons you shouldn’t leave one of these dogs alone for too long. First, their health requires that they be routinely monitored.

The second reason is because Mini English Bulldogs are very attached to their families. Without the proper companionship, they can be prone to destructive behaviors.

If you do choose to invest in a Mini English Bulldog, it’s important to remember this, especially if you live in an apartment or rented space.

Behaviors like digging, chewing and bathroom accidents can occur due to separation anxiety, so try and refrain from leaving your Mini English Bulldog alone for more than a few hours. And especially avoid leaving your Mini English Bulldog alone if he has serious medical issues.

12. Like All Dogs, It’s Important to Train and Socialize Your Mini English Bulldog At An Early Age

Pic 14 an English Bulldog with a yellow ball
Proper training and socialization can help ensure your mini bulldog grows up happy and healthy.

While the Mini English Bulldog makes a friendly and affectionate family companion, he still requires routine socialization and training throughout his life.

The Mini English Bulldog is naturally gentle and easy going, so keep training light. These are intelligent dogs but they are not built for strenuous activity. However, they can be taught to do impressive tricks like skateboarding.

These dogs are also eager to please and highly treat motivated, so you shouldn’t need to use punishments or scolding to get them to listen. Instead, stick with praise and lots of tasty snacks, and you’ll have them bending over backwards for you.

When it comes to properly socializing your dog, begin doing so at an early age. This should include introducing your Mini English Bulldog to as many new experiences as possible to help him grow up happy and well-rounded.

Also get your Mini English Bulldog used to being physically handled, especially if you have young children in the home.

Tips On Finding A Healthy Mini English Bulldog

Pic 15 a mini english bulldog puppy
Try and ensure you get your mini English Bulldog puppy from a source you trust.

In spite of his health issues, the Mini English Bulldog does have the potential to make a wonderful companion dog for the owner who is prepared and equipped. If you’ve decided this dog is the right dog for you, we have some tips to help ensure you find the healthiest Mini English Bulldog possible.

First and foremost, make sure you go through a reputable source. It’s best to choose breeders you trust who are qualified and have a history with the breed or mix. The best breeders will also be able to provide you with health certificates proving their dogs have been health screened for any serious medical problems.

When going through a breeder, excerpt to pay between $1,000 and $4,500. Unfortunately, Mini English Bulldogs are some of the more expensive dogs sold by breeders, but it’s important not to cut corners and go through backyard breeders or unqualified online sellers.

Doing so could mean you might wind up with a sick puppy or a dog with behavioral issues in the future.

If you prefer to rescue, we suggest going through a shelter that specializes in Bully breeds and mixes. While it may take some extra time and patience to wait for the dog of your dreams to arrive at a shelter, it will be well worth it.

Adopting a dog is much less expensive than buying one from a breeder. Plus, many shelters provide free initial vet exams and behavioral testing to ensure their dogs are adoptable.

Best of all, you are opening up more room in the shelter for another dog in need.

However, remember that regardless of where you find your Mini English Bulldog, and even if you have your dog health screened early, he could be susceptible to serious health issues.

Consider pet insurance or creating an emergency fund and make sure you do plenty of research so that you are prepared for the undertaking of what many consider to be a special needs breed.

So, what do you think now that you know more about the Mini English Bulldog? Would you invest in this flat-faced cutie?

Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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