How To Make a Muscular Pitbull – A Step-By-Step Guide

Pitbulls are muscular and aggressive dogs. They are among the most beautiful muscular dog breeds and often appear intimidating. Many dog owners keep them as guard dogs due to their excellent hunting and fighting prowess. They are wary of strangers and can easily break a bone in two using their strong jaws. To maintain this status, owners invest heavily in their muscles.

Maintaining a muscular Pitbull can be challenging for owners, especially dealing with it for the first time. Pitbulls have a layer of fat under their skin, giving them a bulky appearance. But, owners start adding more fat instead of building their pitties muscles.

Muscles add not only to a Pitbull’s beauty but also their physical capabilities. There are several ways to bulk up your Pitbull. It is not a game of physical exercise alone but requires a fixed diet and a good workout plan. A strong muscular Pitbull not only looks beautiful but also indicates its owner’s capabilities to keep it healthy.

While considering bulking up your Pitbull, it is also crucial to consider its overall mental and physical health. A pittie, no matter how strong and capable, without its mental health, is only dangerous to itself and everyone around it.

In this guide, we will dive deep into the best practices to help you make a capable muscular Pitbull.


A Muscular Pitbull: How To Make One?

To make your Pitbull muscular and strong, here are a few proven strategies that will make your dream as a dog owner come true. But, like everything in this world, greed hath a fall. So, keep it under the limits to avoid damaging your fido’s health and overdoing it.

Increasing Muscle Mass Through Feeding

Unlike most owners, who jump straight to physical training and exercise, we will take the high road and start with the diet. Diet is crucial in your path to bulk your Pitbull. No training or physical exercise will bear fruit unless a proper diet is used.

Your dog needs nutrients; without them, it will only grow lean and skinny. The food available in stores lacks the essential nutrients to build muscle mass. They are just supposed to keep your dog full and not allow it to get fat. To get bulked up fast – protein, fats, and carbs are crucial in your fido’s diet.

Let’s discuss in detail why these three essential nutrients are important for your fido’s muscle growth.

Protein Diet

Protein makes up about 40% of your dog’s daily diet. It is that important for your fido’s growth. Many food products available for dogs in stores are protein-rich. But, there is a catch. They are not healthy proteins but rather “by-products”. The by-product diet contains inferior protein ingredients that are not healthy for your dog. They provide no healthy nutrients but are just a means to make your dog’s stomach full.

Your Pitbull’s diet should contain an actual protein source and make up around 40% of its total diet. Aside from making strong muscles and physical abilities, protein is important in building a healthier immune system and strong bones.

Many experts recommend using the lean protein part as it is more nutritious and healthy for your fido. Ensure adding healthy protein sources like beef, boiled chicken, or fish to every meal.

However, before changing the diet suddenly, do recommend your vet as there is a chance your mutt might be allergic to a certain dietary ingredient.


Carbohydrates are one of the essential nutrients in your dog’s growth. They make up around 40% of your dog’s every meal and are important for promoting healthier body cell growth.

Almost every dog food product available in the market contains carbs in a high quantity. But, the main problem related to these products is that they are low in quality and more in quantity. Your Pitbull doesn’t need carbs in high quantities to sustain physical performance.

Experts recommend a diet with high-quality carbs that are not only nutritious but better for physical performance. Products available on the market are rich in carbs but low-quality and should be avoided in your pitties diet plan. Foods like corn, potato, and whole wheat contain healthy carbs that are much better.

Fat Content

Many owners make the biggest mistake of cutting all the fat content from their Pitbull’s diet. Fat helps your dog maintain its muscle mass and contributes to better digestion. A dog with better digestion will show great potential in maintaining its physical prowess.

Your dog’s diet should contain at least a 20% fat component. Though this is a small portion of the diet, but contributes significant calories and can lead to health issues if you overdo it. A healthy fat diet should contain raw eggs, fish, and poultry.

Now many owners try a 3 full-course meal throughout the day, but experts recommend a 6 small-course meal to encourage better results. On average, your fido’s diet should contain 40% protein, 40% carbs, and 20% fats to achieve the desirable results.

1 pitbull running in the ground

Bulking your Pitbull requires a healthy diet. Unless a proper diet is followed, no amount of training or physical exercise will yield results.

Dietary Supplements For Pitbulls

Apart from a well-rounded diet, your dog requires significant vitamins, omega fatty acids, and antioxidants to help gain weight and perform well in physical exercises. Pitbulls are high-energy dogs, and when you are focusing especially on bulking up – the intense exercise is only possible if it’s loaded with vitamins to keep it going.

Anti-oxidants and omega-fatty acids will help reduce muscle pain and swelling. They will help your Pitbull in the long run as they will help ease the intense training exercises and keep it active.

Exercise to Pave The Way

Now moving on to the main part of the process – exercise. The previous section discussed how diet is important for bulking a Pitbull. The main reason for emphasizing diet and putting it as a top priority was to make it easier for your Pitbull to endure the intense exercise it will receive. Without a high-quality diet, this section will all be for naught.

Pitbulls are energetic dogs and love running around. They actively participate in events and never miss a stroll around the park. You will often notice its aggression whenever it’s locked in for too long. A good exercise session is not only good for your Pitbull’s physical health but also its mental health.

Following are a few workout regimes that will help bulk your Pitbull and make it more muscular.

Long Walks & Runs

Pitbulls are energetic dogs and love taking strolls around the neighborhood. There is no better way to exert your Pitbull than walking or running. As dogs love playing and running around, it is the best place to start training your Pitbull.

You need to design a good running schedule for your dog. Start from the bottom and work your way up. Start with 5 minutes run daily and add more minutes per the requirement. Then, add a hill to your daily running schedule. Once you are comfortable running up a hill, you can add another, but the trick is to keep going and working.

Going all out from day one will only demotivate you and your dog. Good things take time, so you need patience while working hard with your dog.


Another great way to get your dog moving is swimming. Dogs aren’t inherent swimmers, and experts recommend starting working on their swimming when they are 6 months old. Getting a puppy into the tub can be challenging, but early training sessions are highly encouraged.

Swimming can do wonders for your dog in strengthening its muscles as it involves almost every body muscle. It not only helps increase body endurance but also strengthens the core.

Like the rest of the training exercises, make sure not to overdo it. Swimming is a fun, but rigorous exercise, and dogs often get easily discouraged. Keep your training sessions fun and stress-free, and you will start seeing positive results.

Jaw Muscles

Pitbulls are known for their incredibly strong jaws. And when bulking, your focus should also be on your fido’s jaw muscles.

Bully Sticks is an excellent way to get started. Made from 100% high-quality beef – ideal for medium to strong chewers and packed with vitamins and minerals. It is an excellent tool to help build your mutt’s jaw over time and is also a great stress-reliever. It takes a lot of time to chew this stick, even for the aggressive chewers making it an excellent reward after a rigorous training session.

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Cardio Workout

As you have started a basic exercise routine, your pup’s stamina and agility are increasing daily. Now it’s time for a more intense routine to drastically increase the results. Most owners tend to focus on cardio from the very beginning. It can do more harm than good. Cardio training follows a good training regime. Once the muscles are pumped and your dog is in good touch with the training exercise, go for cardio training.

Cardio includes rigorous and intense exercise that lasts 10 to 20 minutes, like a fast run around the park or a massive sprint up the hill. Avoid going for an hourly walk or run, as it can deplete your muscles. Cardio is meant to be short and intense, so keep it under a few minutes to get the best results.

The most important aspect of cardio is not to overdo it. It is harsh and can be harmful to the mutt’s health. Like everything, you need to be careful and not overdo it.

2 pitbull sitting in the ground
In cardio, you perform intense exercises that last 10 to 20 minutes, such as jogging around the park or sprinting up a hill.

Your Pitbull’s Weight: Factors to Consider

Making a muscular Pitbull is more than diet and exercise; other factors like health, genetics, and comorbidities are associated with your fido’s weight. Here are a few things you need to consider before bulking your mutt.

Breed & Genetics

Every dog breed is different, and their genetics in terms of weight varies greatly. For Pitbulls, this variation is highly dependent on their parents. That is one of the biggest reasons why no two Pitbulls have the same weight and size.

Heredity can work against your efforts when bulking up your mutt. If your Pitbull’s parents are obese, it will likely follow suit. Your Pitbull will be a bit lazy and avoid participating in the activities. It will avoid running and exerting itself and will often be found snacking. There is no doubt that you can overcome this, but it will not take some average grind to get results. You will have to work hard and high with your pup to get the desired effects.


Dogs and other pets like cats tend to get fat over time after sterilization. Their tendency to get fat grows twice after being sterilized. The main reason is the propensity to over-eat and slacking. Dr. Patty Khuly at Embrace links obesity with sterilization and expects to see the trend growing.

Stress & Anxiety

Most owners often neglect stress and anxiety as the proprietors in their failed attempts to bulk up their dog. A depressed dog, no matter the intense training, will grow lean and weak over time.

The main reasons for stress among dogs are harsh training, separation, being locked up all day, and neglect. Try understanding your dog’s emotional status and why they are depressed. You need to understand the possibilities before cheering up your dog. Provide emotional support and make sure they are eating properly.


Pitbulls are prone to many illnesses and hereditary disorders. Among the many is the most notorious hip dysplasia. Although its incidence is higher among older dogs, heredity also plays a big role. It seriously debilitates your fido, and the performance reduces drastically.

Other than hip dysplasia, many heart conditions are also associated with Pitbulls. Many young Pitbulls are being diagnosed with heart problems, and the trend is growing. Many of these conditions are linked directly to your mutt’s parents.

While your vet will recommend a few exercises, intense activities like cardio and running will be highly discouraged.

3 pitbull standing
If you are trying to bulk up your mutt, heredity can work against you. Your Pitbull will likely become obese if its parents are obese.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Muscle Building Equipment Necessary?

Apart from a swimming pool or a lake nearby, there is not much you need to have to get started. It is recommended to have a home gym set up, but it is not necessary. All you need is a few toys and a tug of war set to start bulking up your Pitbull.

For bulking dogs, cardio exercises, sprinting, long walks, and runs work fine. Extra equipment like a weighted harness can be added to the inventory, but only with your vet’s recommendation.

Is It Natural For Pitbulls To be Muscular?

Pitbulls are a muscular breed by nature. Their lean body mass is visible around their chest, legs, and back. They are energetic dogs, and a good training regime can help make them even more muscular.

4 pitbull running after the ball
An effective training regime can help make Pitbulls even more muscular.

Final Thoughts

The process of making a muscular Pitbull is not completely dependent on the diet your fido is receiving. While a nutrient-rich diet can do wonders for your Pitbull, a good training regime is equally important. Many owners focus on either training or the diet and don’t manage both equally. The trick is to be considerate towards your Pitbull and not to strain or overdo it.

Before deciding, get in touch with your vet and always consider their recommendation. A physically and mentally fit Pitbull can endure the training and produce good results.

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2 how to make a muscular pitbull