How Long Will a Puppy Cry At Night – Sleeping Tips For Puppies

So, you got a new cute puppy, and all the while it was with you, it was completely fine. But as soon as you put it to bed at night, you hear your cute fido crying a few hours later. You are not the first owner to experience it and obviously won’t be the last.

Your puppy spent the last few months with its mother or with a litter of puppies, and a change in environment affects everyone. And most probably, it’s because of that. But, it passes soon, and if the crying doesn’t stop, the reasons could be different.

Crying is the only way your dog can express sadness and loneliness. Apart from loneliness and the plight of the new home, your dog could be hungry. Most new owners are not aware of the dietary needs of their puppies, and they feed them too early before bed. And in the middle of the night, your puppy gets hungry and starts crying.

We know it is very frustrating to get up every night to console your puppy when it starts crying. And, you are probably here to find out how to stop it from crying. But, before moving on to the solution, you need to understand why your puppy is crying at night.

In this guide, we will discuss a few reasons why your dog is crying at night, how long it can last, and a few tips to get you and your puppy a good night’s sleep.

1 puppy sitting on a couch
A dog can only express loneliness and sadness by crying. It’s not just loneliness and the plight of your new home that your dog could be suffering from.


Why Is My Puppy Crying at Night?

Puppies are sensitive animals. They notice almost everything around them. A new puppy in a new household – away from its mother can make this change a scary experience. Puppies, however small, can notice the change in their environment. And their best way to express this emotion is to cry their heart out.

While puppies miss their mother’s care, your comfort and presence can make a huge difference. And you will notice that they will fall asleep easily after being held for a bit. Love, care, and affection is sometimes required to help your puppy sleep.

There could be several other reasons for this whining as well. As a new owner, you might not have yet established a potty routine, and it could be crying for a potty break. By taking out time before bed, you and your pup can get a goodnight’s sleep. But, if it’s not possible, you can always start feeding your puppy a bit early.

Other common reasons why your dog might be crying are hunger, anxiety, itching, or pain. It is very common for a puppy to get up in the middle of the night due to hunger. Without a proper feeding and potty routine, the problem could last and instill negative behavior in your puppy.

2 puppy sitting on the carpet
Even though puppies miss their mother’s care, your presence and comfort can make a difference.

How Long Will A Puppy Cry The First Night?

The first night can always be tough on puppies. Away from their mothers, siblings, and comfort (they are used to), the night can be long and frightful for the newcomers. Most puppies will cry all night, and you might, too (out of frustration). It makes sense to pick them up, comfort them, make them feel loved – and it’s fine the first one or two nights, but making a habit out of it isn’t the correct way to proceed.

How long a puppy will cry at night can vary from breed to breed. Some puppies might not cry at all. It also depends on the environment you adopt them from. There have been cases where a puppy started crying but stopped and went to sleep within the hour. And the following day, they don’t cry at all.

If it’s a pain or itching, the duration can vary. Although it’s normal for puppies to cry their first one to two nights, constant whining throughout the week can indicate something serious. And it’s best to seek professional help immediately.

How Do I Stop My Puppy From Crying at Night?

Every dog owner like yourself has a personal life of their own. You must get up daily for work, meet deadlines, bills, etc. And all of this is only possible when you get a good night’s sleep. A new puppy whining and crying at night can frustrate you and your family. It can truly be a nightmare to adopt a puppy whining all the time – all night long.

Understanding the reason and coming up with the solution is the right way. The fact that many owners get aggressive and bash their new puppies. It is the wrong approach, as many puppies face behavior issues later in their lives. The best alternative is to understand your pup’s feelings and provide a comforting environment for its growth.

It is normal for a puppy to cry on their first night at your place, which can last some time. Here are a few ways to make the transitioning experience to a new home easy for you and your pup.

Crate Training

A crate is supposed to be a haven for your puppy. It is not a punishment cell where you can put your puppy in for bad behavior. Many owners use it negatively to punish their puppy, which is where everything goes wrong.

Not every puppy is suitable for crates, and not every breed likes to sit in them. Most often, the training your puppy receives can be the culprit, as puppies need to love and feel safe in their crate.

When training your dog for a crate, use positive reinforcement to make the process easier. Dogs love treats and listen well to their owners when they understand they are getting something in return.

Sometimes, keeping a small puppy in the crate for too long can be emotionally tough on new owners. Limiting all the activities related to your puppies, like sleeping and eating, can help your pup bond with the crate. And that is only fruitful when there are no other distractions nearby like kids. Otherwise, your puppy will likely try to break free of the cage.

When a puppy feels safe and happy in a crate, your sleepless nights will finally be over.

Use Comfort, Not Attention

No matter how much your heart longs to chat with your crying puppy – don’t. Puppies can easily get attached to you, and as they are attention-seekers, they will use every tactic they can to get into your lap.

For them, crying can become a great excuse to be with you throughout the night. We know it’s heartbreaking not to be able to hold your pup while it’s crying. And in the initial one or two days, it’s fine, but it can develop into a habit.

Instead, you should keep your puppy in the crate beside your bed. It will help calm them down as your presence alone should be enough. It will be challenging for a few nights, but soon they will get used to it and stop crying. You can slowly move them out of the room and to their designated place.


When it comes to wearing a puppy down, exercise works wonders. A well-exercised and well-rested dog is a happy dog. There is no doubt that exercise is a fundamental part of your pup’s training and upbringing. But, apart from that, it can also help your puppy fall asleep easily.

Growing-up puppies need a platform to express themselves and release that build-up energy throughout the day. And exercise can help them with that. Moreover, dog owners should engage in dog behavior classes and socialize their puppy with friendly neighborhood pups. A healthy interaction releases stress and anxiety, resulting in better health and sound sleep.

3 maltese puppy sitting in the grass
Socialize your puppy with friendly neighborhood dogs by taking dog behavior classes.

Keep Distractions To a Minimum

When it comes to having fun, no other pet does it better than dogs. They have a knack for doing it their way. A growing puppy is more curious and energetic and can get distracted easily. And, to help them fall asleep early, you need to limit these distractions at bedtime.

What you can do is keep the toys out of your pup’s sight while it’s trying to sleep. Ensure you have met their toilet needs and have not fed them in the last hour before bed. Many experts recommend not keeping a bowl of water next to your pup, as they can fall into it or wet themselves with it – making it difficult for them to sleep.

When I Leave The Room, Puppy Cries in Crate

Dogs are social animals who depend on you for their daily needs. They consider you as a part of their pack. A small puppy, unaware of its surroundings, easily gets attached to you. And, when you leave them in their crate, they might start crying.

It is normal for a puppy to be emotional with you at this stage. They are not mentally mature and think you are not coming back as soon as you leave. They depend on you for their every need like water and food etc. So, it’s natural for them to start crying as soon as they see you leaving the room.

Is It Okay to Let My Puppy Sleep in My Bed?

Crates are the best place for a growing puppy to sleep in. No matter how much your heart longs to cuddle the growing fido in your bed – it’s a bad habit. Crates are supposed to be a haven for your growing puppy. They should get adjusted to it earlier in their lives. If they get a taste of that openness and your comfort all night long, they will do anything in their power to get your focus towards them.

You can let your puppy sleep in your bed when it’s a full-grown dog. A growing puppy needs potty training and a healthy relationship with its crate. Once you feel that it won’t soil your bed and there is no friction between your pup and the crate, you can let it in your bed.

4 dog puppy sleeping
You can let it in as soon as your puppy does not soil your bed or there is no friction between it and the crate.

Daytime Puppy Crying: How to Stop It?

There are many reasons for a puppy to cry during the day. Most of them coincide with what we discussed earlier regarding puppies crying at night. But, some need to be addressed.

Puppies are just like children. They easily get hurt, scared, and feel lonely. During the night, one of the biggest reasons they start crying is either because of fear or loneliness. But, during the day, as you are mostly around them, the reason could be hunger, or they just need your affection.

Adjusting your dog’s needs and understanding the cause can help you sort the matter. If your puppy is crying because of hunger, you need to set a proper routine for its diet. Many owners are busy in their personal lives, and they forget to feed their puppy. Or the routine could be messed up, and they are not getting food at regular intervals.

Most puppies are adjusted to their mother’s comfort and warmth. And, like children, if you strip them away from their mothers, they start crying and miss them. The same goes for puppies. A crying puppy needs your affection and care. But, you have to keep a few boundaries.

Many puppies start ignoring crates if you pick them up too much. They will start crying every time they miss you. It develops bad habits and can harm your pup’s crate training.

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