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If your dog loves water, most likely, you have been looking for great ways to cool them off. Whether taking them to a local river or body of water, or spraying them with a hose, many owners of dogs that love water look to make those hot days enjoyable.

Local pools often do not have dog water days, so finding a place for your dog to get in swimming or water play can be tough based on your location.

I am here to show you a few of the best dog pools on the market that your pup will highly enjoy!

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Why a Pool?

Water play for a dog can be mind-stimulating. Most dogs love to be entertained, and will enjoy cooling off, especially on hot Summer days.

Being able to put a smile on your dogs face brings great joy to our lives. A dog pool is a safe, satisfying way to do that. Sometimes you are unable to entertain your dog as much as you’d like, and by providing them a pool option, they can get their brain and body moving and stay active for a long time.

Other great benefits include:

  • Swimming for a dog is great exercise: While larger dogs may not be able to swim in most dog pools, small-medium sized will be able to get in a few laps. Exercise for dogs is crucial to maintaining a good weight, and burning off the energy they may have from the day
  • Pools can act as a bath: One of the toughest things for dog owners to accomplish is giving their dog a bath. With a pool, you can make it an outdoor activity, and it may make the process much easier!
  • Water can cool down Dogs on Hot Summer days: For owners that have the chance of having hot Summer days over 90 degrees, a pool can be a great source to cool your dog down. The chance for your dogs hair to be wet and body to be soaked for longer periods of time allows them to drip dry and stay cool for more than a quick moment or two.

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An Inflatable pool is just one type of dog pool option

Different Types of Pools

There are different options when it comes to types of pools to buy for your dog: Inflatable, Foldable and Rigid Pools being the most common. Let’s look at some features and differences between the three in hopes to help you pick out the best for your dog.

  • Inflatable: With an inflatable pool, this option is usually on the lighter size weight wise. The downsides- Most take a long time to blow up (with a machine or your lungs), and the material on many of the inflatable pools is much easier for a dog to mistakenly puncture.
  • Foldable: A more durable set of materials that allow the pool to simply fold in and fold out during setup and take down. The water fills up the pool, expanding the pool outwards. The material is made on a more rigid angle, which makes the pool stronger and less opportunity for your dog to puncture with their claws.
  • Rigid Pools: Made of strong plastic, these are pools that you may often buy for your kids as well. They are able to stand up to a lot more dog claws and possible damage coming their way. While this sounds great, the storage and weight of this option is quite difficult. With these options being heavier, rigid pools may not be a good option for smaller and older dogs.

Different Pool Materials

A few different materials the pools are typically made of may assist you with picking out the right pool for your dog:

  • Hard plastic: Typically a little bit stronger and lightweight, this material is often tougher for dogs to scratch and claw apart.
  • PVC Fabric: A non-toxic, waterproof material that is tear resistant and often may include an extra fibre layer for added protection.
  • Soft rubber plastic: This material is more rubbery like, and is a little smoother for your dog to jump/glide into the pool. While it is softer, it takes a long time to inflate, and may not be very resistant to claws and scratching.

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Dish soap, a rag and water is fine to clean the pool

Dog Pool Safety

While giving your dog a cool off method like a pool can be great, dog safety is still important. A few things you want to pay attention to include:

  • Height of the water: While dogs can be very good swimmers, the water getting to a level over their chins can start to be an issue of them going under water and risking drowning.
  • Multiple dogs in one pool: While two dogs can be a blast for entertainment, the overlap, pushing and shoving can lead to slips and injuries.
  • Keep the pool clean: Basic soap and rinsing will go a long way for keeping the pool clean. Bacteria and mold have the possibility of growing if the pool is not regularly maintenanced.
  • Having kids/dogs in a pool at the same time: While it might be cute, having small children and dogs in a pool at the same time may not be a great idea. Dogs may get energetic, thinking the kids want to play, and start jumping around the pool, risking themselves and the child of falling and getting hurt.
  • Don’t force it: Not every dog likes water. Forcing your dog into a pool can not only be traumatic, but dangerous. Dogs that are skittish may start jumping and scratching at the person forcing them, and may even bite.

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JasonWell Foldable Pool For Dogs

A top option that is a little more on the pricey side, this foldable pool comes in five different sizes. Made of extra strong PVC, this pool is sure to stay strong through tough dog nails and scratching. (Although the company does recommend to trim your dog’s nails)

The pool not only folds in for easy storage, there is no need to pump up. The pool unfolds, has two empty spouts, and once setup, is ready to simply fill with water.

Most of the reviews state that the “Large” size is perfect for medium-large dogs, with the “XXL” is good for two dogs. For smaller dogs, the “Medium” size seems to be the best fit.

Maintenance for the pool includes a basic soap along with a water wash down with a damp towel or rag.

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Crystal Blue Inflatable Pool

An option that is deeper for your dog to jump into and splash around, this inflatable plastic pool is sure to cool them off! Made of an inflatable plastic, this pool also comes with a repair patch.

I have personal experience with this pool, which I used it not only for my son, but my 4 year old Labrador as well. The pool lasted for a while, but after a few uses, a slow leak seemed to sink one of the pool sides in, rushing the water to one side of the pool.

While the size of the pool is very large, the process to blow up the pool takes quite some time, and the pool is not very resistant to scratching claws of dogs.

To clean, I recommend just a quick spray of soap, and use a hose to wash away, which will allow no bacteria to be present within the pool.

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Yaheetech Foldable Collapsible Swimming Pool

Non-toxic, waterproof, wear and tear resistant PVC composite fabric, this option provides an extra fibre wall for even more support. The strength of this pool and availability in two sizes makes this option a great pool for your dog to cool off in.

The pool folds up for easy storage, and fills up quickly when getting the pool ready for a swim. While the price is more than most basic options, the quality of the overall pool seems to be worth the price paid.

The pool is also versatile: It can be filled with sand as well, and can give your dog or kids hours of entertainment. Some consumers may even use it as a medicated bath for adults as well.

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Starplay Junior Lagoon Pool

This hard plastic pool may be best for smaller dogs, and is a much quicker option than inflatable, foldable pools on the market.

The pool is not very big, but the hard plastic usually allows less damage by claws. With the price ranging a touch on the higher side, this option still might last you longer than the inflatable style based on material.

A medium dog may be okay in this pool for a quick jump in, jump out, but large dogs will most definitely not be able to use this pool. The option is not nearly as expensive as some of the other options, and may be a good price point pool for your small to medium dog.

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Two dogs in a pool can be tough

Who’s The Winner?

While all of these options can be great and specific for your dog, they all have their different positive and negative outcomes.

With looking at the quality, price, and overall ways to use the products, the Yaheetech Foldable Collapsible Swimming Pool seems to be the best bang for your buck.

If your goal is just to keep a pool for a year or two, the Crystal blue basic inflatable pool is very affordable and does the job.

What other dog pool options do you like? Please feel free to comment below!

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