The Beagador – Beagle Lab Mix Breed Information

If you’re on the hunt for an excellent family dog, look no further than the Beagador. A cross between the intelligent Labrador and playful Beagle, a Beagador just might be the perfect addition to your home.

Of course, there are pros and cons to investing in a Beagle Lab mix, and it’s important that you do plenty of research on any dog you are considering calling your own.

That’s why it’s great you’ve found yourself here because tarticle is all about the Beagle Lab Mix!

Join us now as we learn about his origin, temperamental traits, health issues, exercise needs and more, all in an effort to help you decide if this would be the right dog for you.

Let’s get started!


But First, Here Is A Brief Overview Of The Beagle Lab Mix

1 a beagador laying down
The Beagador is a cheerful and adorable mix between a Lab and a Beagle. 

Group: Crossbreed

Parent Breeds: The Beagle and the Labrador Retriever

Common Names: Beagador

Height: 18 to 22 Inches

Weight: 25 to 40 Pounds

Temperament: Intelligent, Friendly, Playful, Outgoing, Gentle

Best Suited For: Active Families, Active Singles, Active Couples

Lifespan: 12 to 15 Years

Health Issues: Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus, Glaucoma, Epilepsy, Central Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Patellar Luxation, Hypothyroidism, Distichiasis, Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca, and Cherry Eye


The Beagle Lab mix is a cross between two of the United State’s most popular family dog breeds. Energetic, outgoing and playful, this is a hybrid dog that is best suited for active families with children and individuals who enjoy being outdoors often.

The Beagador is not a purebred dog, and as such he is not recognized by most major breed clubs. However, he is quickly rising in popularity throughout the world and becoming one of the more popular crossbreed dogs in the US.

With that being said, it’s important to note that there are some controversies that come with crossbreed dogs, and it’s a good idea to have a basic understanding of what you’re getting into before investing in a Beagador.

But we will cover that further down. For now, let’s talk about how the Beagle Lab Mix came to be in the first place.

Where Did The Beagle Lab Mix Come From?

2 a beagador with beagles
The Beagle Lab Mix is a newer crossbreed dog, which means his story is still being written.

As we mentioned briefly above, the Beagador is not a purebred dog and is instead considered a crossbreed. Also known as a hybrid, mixed breed or designer dog, a crossbreed dog is different from both purebreds and mutts.

This is a dog that is the specifically “designed” offspring of two different purebred parents. There are pros and cons to owning a crossbreed dog like the Beagle Lab Mix, and not everyone is on board with the breeding and selling of these types of canines.

What You Should Know About Crossbreed Dogs Like The Beagle Lab Mix

Crossbreeding is an age-old practice that has been around for centuries. In fact, crossbreeding dogs is exactly how we’ve wound up with the purebred dogs we are familiar with today.

Purebred dogs are such because they are generally predictable. They have been bred and perfected for centuries to ensure their appearance, temperament and sometimes even health. It takes generations for a crossbreed dog to become predictable enough to be considered a purebred dog, which is where the trouble comes in.

In the early stages of crossbreeding, dogs like the Beagle Lab mix are considered unpredictable in a number of traits, but especially when it comes to their appearance, temperament and health.

For this reason, it is considered controversial to breed and sell early generation crossbreed dogs, especially for top dollar.

But this hasn’t stopped many breeders from doing just that, and this means that many hybrid dogs like Beagadors are being bred and sold rapidly for just as much as their purebred counterparts despite their unpredictability.

While we do understand the concern surrounding this, there are some pros to raising a crossbreed dog. For instance, crossbreed dogs are less likely to inherit certain genetic health issues from a particular purebred parent.

This is thanks to what is known as hybrid vigor. Hybrid vigor is the idea that hybrid dogs like the Beagle Lab mix have a wider gene pool than purebreds, meaning they may be healthier.

However, this also means that, because they have two different purebred parents, they might have more health issues to contend with.

It’s also important to note here that there is still very little we know about the origin of the original Beagador dog.

To get a better understanding of this dog, we’ll take a closer look at his purebred parents breeds, beginning with the Labrador Retriever.

The Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever is a large breed dog available in three colors including yellow, chocolate and black. Labs are currently considered America’s most popular purebred, sitting at number one out of 197 on the American Kennel Club’s list of America’s Most Popular Dog Breeds.

Labs are bred water retrieving dogs hailing from Newfoundland, Canada. Their webbed paws, thick “otter tail”, and weather resistant coat made them the ideal dog for fishermen in their early years.

Today, Labrador Retrievers make excellent family dogs. They do well with children and other pets and are highly intelligent, eager to please, and quick to learn.

The Beagle

About half the size of the Labrador Retriever, the Beagle is a world-renowned foot hound known for his famous howling bark and excellent knack for tracking scent.

The origin of the Beagle is somewhat of a mystery, though we do know this is an ancient dog hailing from Europe. He was likely bred down by breeders looking for a dog that didn’t require a horse to keep up with him while he was tracking.

Beagles were bred to run alongside their masters and help lead them to their prey. Of course, it wasn’t long before Beagles were soon beloved for an entirely different reason. These dogs are undeniably adorable both in temperament and appearance.

They do well with children, strangers and other dogs and become bonded with their whole family.

And speaking of family, let’s find out if the Beagle Lab Mix does well in a family setting.

Is The Beagador A Good Family Dog?

3 a beagle lab mix looking up at the camera
Beagadors may be the perfect family dog for active families and playful youngsters.

Based on what we have learned about the Beagle and the Lab, it will likely come as no surprise to find out that the Beagle Lab Mix makes an excellent family dog. These are sweet-natured, gentle dogs that get along great with children and other pets.

They are pretty energetic, however, and are not ideally suited for more laid back, relaxed dog owners. Beagador dogs can behave quite puppy-like for the first few years of their lives, and if they are anything like their Beagle parent, a Beagle Lab mix could be rather excitable.

This is one of the traits that helps them to get along so well with children. We also like that they are so family oriented. This is a hybrid dog that bonds with everyone in the family, so he’s a great addition to larger families looking for an all around canine companion to join the home.

It’s a good idea not to invest in a Beagle Lab mix without a decent sized yard, however. Beagador dogs are active and athletic, and they need plenty of daily exercise along with free play time in a securely fenced area.

And while Beagador dogs are naturally great with children, it’s still very important to be sure they are properly raised, trained and socialized. It’s also important to make sure you monitor very young children around your Beagador, and try and work with age-appropriate children on how to recognize basic canine body language.

This will not only help reduce potential issues with your Beagle Lab mix down the road, but it can help build a stronger bond between you, your children and the family dog.

How Do You Groom A Beagle Lab Mix?

4 a tan and brown beagle lab mix
The Beagle Lab Mix is a shedding dog that sheds most heavily during shedding season.

Both the Labrador and the Beagle have short, smooth, dense double coats that shed year-round. For this reason, it’s safe to say the Beagle Lab mix’s coat is going to be similar.

Though he does shed all year, the Beagle Lab Mix will likely shed heaviest during shedding season which is in spring and fall, at which time he may need more consistent brushing and upkeep.

Otherwise, a Beagle Lab Mix should do fine when brushed once or twice a week with a quality deshedding brush, like the one listed below by Furminator.

Furminator Deshedding Brush

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When looking for a quality deshedding tool, or any grooming tool for that matter, it’s best to look for a tool that helps not only remove loose hair but also promote skin and coat health in your dog.

The Furminator brush is a self-cleaning dog grooming brush that is designed to get into your dog’s undercoat and remove loose hair, debris, dirt and buildup that can lead to doggy odor and skin irritation.

The curved teeth of the brush also ensure that the grooming process is pleasant for your Beagle Lab Mix.

Along with the above brush we also recommend investing in an undercoat rake and slicker comb.

You might even consider investing in a canine nail grinder or doggy nail clippers. This is because the Beagle Lab mix is going to need his nails trimmed or ground down at least once every few weeks to reduce the chances of them breaking or splitting during play or exercise.

The Beagador will also need occasional bathing, though not as often as you might think. Remember, this is a dog with a weather resistant coat, which means he is pretty easy to keep clean.

On average, most Beagle Lab mix dogs do well with a bath once every six weeks. Try not to bathe him any more than this or it could cause damage to his skin and coat.

When you bathe your Beagle Lab mix, be sure to use a dog shampoo specified for canine use.

Like all dogs, Beagdors should have their teeth brushed every day with a quality toothpaste specified for dogs and a dog-safe toothbrush.

If you find it difficult to brush your dog’s teeth every day, you also have the option of dental chews, sprays, or oral wipes.

Dog Dental Wipes

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Some dogs can be funny about having their teeth brushed, but it’s still important to try and implement a routine to ensure their mouth and gums stay healthy. If you can’t brush each day, it’s a good idea to invest in some dog dental wipes, like those listed above.

These dental wipes can be wrapped around your finger and you can hand-brush your dog’s teeth this way. These wipes help to remove plaque and tartar buildup while also reducing bad breath.

The wipes are pre-soaked and are made with all natural, dog safe ingredients.

Beagle Lab mix dogs have long ears that can collect debris as they play, and this can lead to ear infections.

That’s why, along with tooth brushing, you should also be sure and check your Beagle Lab mix dog’s ears and keep them clean of debris, moisture or waxy build-up.

What Are The Beagle Lab Mix Dog’s Average Exercise Needs?

5 a beagle and yellow lab mix
This is an active hybrid that needs plenty of exercise both mentally and physically each and every day. 

As we touched on briefly above, the Beagle Lab mix is an energetic, athletic dog that will need plenty of exercise each and every day. This exercise should include both physical exercise and plenty of mental stimulation to help reduce potential boredom that could lead to behavioral issues.

Typically, the Beagle Lab mix does best with about an hour or so of exercise every day. This can be broken up into half hour increments, for example you can walk your Beagador once in the morning and once at night.

Beagodors will also need designated free play outside in a securely fenced yard or dog run. They are excellent candidates for dog parks as well, as they are highly social.

However, the Beagle Lab mix does come from two dogs bred for hunting purposes, which means your Beagador could have a high prey drive. When you’re walking or playing with your Beagle Lab mix outside of a fenced in area, it’s important to ensure he’s wearing a properly fitted leash and harness.

PetSafe 3 In One Dog Harness

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We often recommend the PetSafe 3 in 1 dog harness for athletic, energetic dogs like the Beagle Lab Mix because this harness can function as a non-pull dog harness, seat belt attachment for travel, or running harness for exercise.

When clipped in the front, the PetSafe harness reduces pulling by gently redirecting your dog back to you. This also prevents adding pressure to his neck or chest, which not only alleviates your dog’s natural urge to pull but makes walking much safer for him.

Along with physical exercise, it’s just as important to make sure you are keeping your Beagle Lab Mix mentally stimulated.

This is an intelligent dog that comes from two work-oriented parent breeds, and if left to his own devices for too long, the Beagador can become bored and even destructive.

In order to reduce the potential for destructive behaviors and other behavioral issues, we recommend keeping up with routine training throughout your dog’s lifetime.

The Beagador is a clever dog who will enjoy learning new tricks from you. When you are gone during the day, it’s a good idea to invest in a puzzle toy or a KONG chew that will help keep your Beagle Lab Mix busy and engaged.

The KONG Wobbler

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The KONG Wobbler is a newer take on the traditional KONG toy. It’s made with durable rubber material that allows your Beagle Lab mix to chew to his heart’s delight without destroying it.

This specific toy also dispenses treats, which gives you the option of filling it with treats along with KONG filler like dog safe peanut butter, or you can do one or the other.

How To Socialize And Train The Beagle Lab Mix

6 a beagle lab mix puppy laying down
The Beagle Lab Mix should be trained and socialized at an early age.

Training and socialization are imperative for any dog, even if that dog is a naturally friendly and child-loving canine.

The Beagle Lab Mix should be trained and socialized early, ideally beginning in puppyhood. Training should be done using positive reinforcement methods that utilize treats and praise, as opposed to punishments.

Avoid scolding or yelling at your Beagle Lab Mix during training, as this could hinder his ability to learn and even harm the bond between the two of you. Instead, use lots of teats, praise and patience during training sessions.

The Beagle Lab Mix can be somewhat stubborn from time to time, but he should generally be eager to please and quick to learn if you keep training sessions short, game-like and fun.

Along with training, it’s also important to begin socializing your Beagle Lab mix as early as possible. Properly socializing your Beagador can help reduce a number of behavioral issues including anxiety, depression, and even fear-based aggression.

In order to properly socialize a Beagle Lab mix, we recommend beginning early and getting him used to being handled by children and strangers. Introduce him to new experiences gently and with positive encouragement.

Do not force your Beagle Lab Mix to do something he is clearly fearful of, as this can lead to worsened problems down the road.

It’s never too early to work on training and socialization for your Beagle Lab mix, and both training and socialization should be ongoing throughout his lifetime.

This will help ensure your dog is not only happy and healthy, but also mentally sound and well-rounded as he grows up.

The Beagle Lab Mix Lifespan and Common Health Issues

7 a beagle lab mix with his tongue out
Like all dogs, the Beagle Lab Mix can suffer from genetic health issues.

Although the Beagador is a hybrid and therefore has the benefits of hybrid vigor, he can still be prone to suffering from any of the same genetic health issues as his purebred parent breeds.

This can be compounded if you don’t get your Beagle Lab Mix from a reputable source or through a breeder who has not practiced responsible breeding with their dogs.

The good news is that most Beagle Lab mix dogs are healthy and long-lived. They have a lifespan of between 12 and 15 years and can be prone to suffering from the following health issues:

The Most Common Health Issues For A Beagador:

  • Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus
  • Glaucoma
  • Epilepsy
  • Central Progressive Retinal Atrophy
  • Patellar Luxation
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Distichiasis
  • Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca
  • And Cherry Eye

How To Reduce Potential Health Issues In Your Beagle Lab Mix

The Beagle Lab Mix can be prone to a few health issues that can be compounded by a poor diet. For this reason, it’s very important to make sure you feed your Beagador a high quality dog food specified for his age, weight and activity level.

Steer clear of dog foods that contain additives, byproducts, fillers, corn, soy, wheat, or gluten. Instead, look for dog foods made with real animal protein and that contain vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and healthy carbs.

Outward Hound Fun Feeder

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Along with ensuring your Beagle Lab mix is on a quality dog food specified for his age, weight and activity level, we also suggest investing in a slow feeder. Sometimes known as a puzzle feeder or fun feeder, slow feeders are specifically designed to help reduce chances of Bloat in high-risk dogs.

Bloat, also known as gastric Dilatation-Volvulus or GDV, is a condition that is caused when too much gas or air fills the intestines. A dog eating or drinking too quickly or immediately after exercise is one of the leading causes of Bloat. A slow feeder like the one above helps reduce chances of bloat by forcing your dog to slow down when he eats.

Slow feeders reduce the amount of air that is swallowed during mealtime, which can also help support digestion and healthy eating habits. For your dog, eating out of a slow feeder is often challenging which can help make mealtime more fun.

You can further ensure your Beagdor stays healthy by sticking to a proper grooming and exercise routine. Keep up with yearly vet visits and wellness checks, and consider investing in pet health insurance.

Is The Beagle Lab Mix The Right Dog For Me?

8 a beagle lab mix in the grass
The Beagle Lab Mix makes a great dog for the right owner, but he’s not the right dog for everyone.

You may adore the Beagle Lab mix, but that doesn’t mean he’s the perfect dog for your lifestyle.

Remember, this is a dog that requires plenty of routine exercise each and every day in order to stay happy and healthy. He can also be prone to a few health issues you should be aware of that will require him to maintain a quality diet.

The Beagle Lab Mix will enjoy having a decent sized backyard to run and play in. He may also be a bit vocal, so this may not be the best apartment dog.

His size could range from medium to large, and he is a shedding dog, which means he may not be best for allergy sufferers.

On the flip side, Beagador dogs are great dogs for first time dog owners so long as these owners are active and committed. They also do well with children and are great candidates for households with other pets.

This is a happy and friendly family dog that loves everyone he meets and knows no strangers! Who wouldn’t fall in love?

Tips On Finding A Healthy Beagle Lab Mix From A Breeder or Shelter

9 a beagle lab mix puppy with yellow flowers
The Beagle Lab Mix puppy is becoming more and more popular, which means you need to be extra careful when looking for a puppy or rescue dog.

If you’ve fallen head over heels for the Beagador dog, we want to help ensure you find the best puppy or rescue possible.
On average, Beagle Lab Mix puppies can cost between $600 to $1,000 when going through a quality breeder. Keep in mind that not all breeders understand the importance of quality breeding practices, and it’s important not to cut corners in order to save money when looking for a Beagador puppy.

Beware of breeders offering Beagle Lab Mix puppies for much more or much less than their average cost, especially if they are not able to provide you with paperwork or proof of health screening.

Remember, most reputable breeders will be able to provide health certificates that prove their Beagador dogs have been screened and cleared of serious health problems.

Finding a Beagador through a rescue could prove challenging, as these dogs are quickly rising in popularity. Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible and we certainly recommend that you rescue whenever you can.

If you go through a shelter to obtain your Beagle Lab mix, expect to pay between $250 and $500.

Just as you would for a breeder, we recommend that you do plenty of research before choosing a shelter, and be sure and ask plenty of questions before adopting.

Also, don’t be surprised if you need to be put on a waiting list for a Beagador, as finding a particular dog at many shelters can be hit or miss.

Last, enjoy the process. Bringing home a new dog is exciting, and it’s a time to be cherished. Take your time, do your research, and let us know when you find the dog of your dreams.

Best of luck and thanks for reading!

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