15 Most Beautiful Dog Breeds In the World

Dog parents, like most parents, are unabashedly biased. They are certain that their dog breeds are the most beautiful dog breeds to have ever dog breeded. But away from the bias and the fact that we already know beauty is only skin deep, there comes a time when we just want to appreciate the incredible creation that is a gorgeous dog.

And while we, as dog lovers ourselves, do acknowledge that all dogs are beautiful in their own way, we also accept that there are some dogs that are just more beautiful than others.

So, we did some research and came across some of the most beautiful dog breeds in the world, according to experts.

But before we dive into that list, which is in no particular order, by the way, let’s first talk about what categories these experts rated these canine beauties on.


What Makes The Most Beautiful Dog Breeds So Beautiful?

Pic 1 a white dog with blue eyes
Features like a lush coat and bright eyes can make a dog stand out.

There are hundreds of species of dogs and thousands of mixes, hybrids, and mutts in the world, and each of these dogs is as unique as a single grain of sand on the beach. So, trying to categorize canine beauty can be difficult, especially considering that beauty is, usually, in the eye of the beholder.

For today’s purpose, we have rated the most beautiful dog breeds based on a few categories that are easy to judge. These categories are listed below.

Coat Type and Texture

Coat type and texture certainly play a role when it comes to putting a dog in the most beautiful dog breeds in the world category. Lucious coats that look soft, clean, and lush seem to be the most eye catching, and often give the illusion that the dog is healthy, young and vibrant.

Eye Color

Dogs with a killer pair of eyes can definitely wind up on our list of most beautiful dog breeds, especially when those eyes are matched with a stellar, well-kept coat.

Unique Features 

Unique features, which can include unique eyes and coats, can also include interesting traits other dog breeds don’t possess. Size can fall under this category, as can ear shape, tail-length, coat pattern, and muzzle shape.

Expressive Faces

Whether your dog gives a mean smolder or the jolliest of grins, a great, expressive face is nothing to ignore and won’t be forgotten here on our list of the world’s most beautiful dog breeds.

Body Shape

Last but not least, we love a good body shape. This category falls in line with build, whether it is muscular, slim, athletic, compact, proportionate, and so on.

Alright, now that we’ve covered what makes the most beautiful dog breeds beautiful, let’s quickly go over why it’s not always the best idea to get a dog solely based on appearance.

Keep reading.

Why It’s Never A Good Idea To Get A Dog Based Solely On Appearance

Pic 2 two women on the couch with two dogs
It’s more important to pick a dog who will match your personality and lifestyle than it is to pick a dog based on his appearance. 

The romantic in us wants to believe in love at first sight, especially when it comes to the most beautiful dog breeds. And while it’s totally possible to build a successful relationship with a dog you’ve chosen based solely on their appearance, most experts agree that doing so is not always the best idea.

Each dog is born with it’s own unique set of personality traits that far surpass the way it looks on the outside, and the most beautiful dog on the planet may not be so beautiful to you after it destroys your home and yard.

Here’s the thing; not every dog is right for every person or lifestyle. Before you decide to invest in one of the most beautiful dog breeds in the world, it’s important to do plenty of research and ask yourself some questions. One of the most pressing questions should be to realistically ask yourself what type of personality your dream dog would have.

If you want a Husky because it’s one of the most beautiful dog breeds but also want a dog who is a relaxed couch potato, steer clear of the Husky breed.

If you want a Great Dane because they’re huge and majestic, but you also want a dog who is graceful and makes for a good jogging partner, do not get a Great Dane.

And the list goes on.

Sadly, the shelters are full of the most beautiful dog breeds who did not suit their owner’s lifestyles, and to no fault of their own.

So, for your sake and the dog’s sake, we implore you to do plenty of research before deciding which dog breed is right for you.

Now, without further ado, let’s get into the fun stuff. Keep reading to learn about the 15 most beautiful dog breeds in the world, according to experts!

1. The Siberian Husky

Pic 3 a Siberian Husky
The Siberian Husky is famous for his lush coat, gorgeous eyes, and energetic temperament. 

Origin: Siberia

Weight: 35 – 60 Pounds

Height: 20 – 23.5 Inches

Coat Color: Black, white, black & tan, Silver-grey, sable & white, black & white, grey, red & white, grey & white

Coat Texture: Dense, double-coated, shedding

Eye Color: Blue, green, brown, or one blue eye and one brown eye

Temperament: Athletic, energetic, family-oriented, playful, friendly

Siberian Husky Overview:

Bred as a versite working dog in the frigid region of Siberia, the Siberian Husky is one of the world’s most beautiful dog breeds for a reason. This stunning, arctic dog is known for his incredible eyes, thick coat, and abundance of energy.

Many novice dog owners fall in love with this dog at first glance only to find that they cannot match the Husky’s incredible energy and enthusiasm. If you’re in the market for a Husky dog, make sure you have a flexible schedule and plenty of time to devote to training, exercise and mental stimulation.

2. The Samoyed

Pic 4 a Samoyed in snow
Samoyed dogs are so famous for their grin that they are commonly known as “The Smiling Sammy”.

Origin: Siberia and Russia

Weight: 35 – 65 Pounds

Height: 19 – 23.5 Inches

Coat Color: White, cream, biscuit, or white & biscuit

Coat Texture: Dense, double-coated, shedding

Eye Color: Brown or black (sometimes blue eyes can occur but are not accepted in show)

Temperament: Sweet-natured, outgoing, adaptable, friendly, happy

Samoyed Overview:

The Samoyed is a jolly dog known for his gorgeous appearance and sweet temperament. One of the main reasons the Samoyed dog is on our list of most beautiful dog breeds is due to his glorious grin. In fact, the Samoyed dog is so famous for his smile that he is often referred to as “the Smiling Sammy”!

Originally bred for versatile work in the harsh climates of Siberia, these dogs worked as sled pullers, hunting dogs and watch dogs. They are known for building strong bonds with their humans and will do best in homes where they are a valued member of their families.

3. The Poodle

Pic 5 a white poodle
The Poodle’s famous haircut was originally designed to protect the dog from the harsh German waters. 

Origin: Germany and France

Weight: 6 – 70 Pounds

Height: 6 – 15 Inches

Coat Color: Black, apricot, tan, white, grey, cream, sable, black & white, blue, silver, brown, and red

Coat Texture: Thick, curly, hypoallergenic

Eye Color: Brown

Temperament: Intelligent, affectionate, friendly, athletic

Poodle Overview:

Commonly referred to as the French Poodle, the Poodle is a dog of German descent who was originally employed as a water retrieving dog. He eventually made his way to France where his fanciful haircut made him a fashion staple of noblewomen.

Today, the Poodle comes in three sizes including standard, miniature and toy. These dogs are considered not only some of the most beautiful dog breeds in the world, but also some of the most intelligent.

They get along well with children and other pets and can make for good apartment dogs so long as their exercise needs are met. With that said, they require a diligent, loving owner who has time and attention to devoet to them. They also require plenty of exercise and mental stimulation each and every day.

4. The Chow Chow

Pic 6 a Chow Chow
One of the Chow’s most unique features is his black tongue.

Origin: China

Weight: 45 – 70 Pounds

Height: 17 – 20 Inches

Coat Color: Black, fawn, blue, cream and red

Coat Texture: Thick, double-coated, shedding

Eye Color: Brown

Temperament: Clever, proud, serious

Chow Chow Overview:

Also known as the Chow, the Chow Chow is arguably one of the oldest dog breeds in the world. Believed to once be bred as noble companions from the Han Dynasty, the Chow Chow went on to serve as a sled dog, guard dog, and hunting dog.

This versatile working dog is a serious-minded breed who was once considered wild and even put on display as China’s Wild Dogs in the London Zoo. However, they became popular in the US during the late 1800’s, when fanciers fell in love with their unique personality and look.

Now considered one of the most beautiful dog breeds in the world, the Chow Chow is the ideal companion for experienced dog owners who are devoted and have time to train, socialize, and work with this independent and strong-willed canine.

5. The Pomeranian

Pic 7 a Pomeranian
Poms are renowned for their lush coats and haircuts that make them look like teddy bears. 

Origin: Germany, Poland

Weight: 3 – 7 Pounds

Height: 6 – 7 Inches

Coat Color: White, grey, grey-shaded, black, tan, orange, and brown

Coat Texture: Thick, double-coated, shedding

Eye Color: Brown

Temperament: Curious, spirited, adoring

Pomeranian Overview:

Poms are the smallest of the Spitz dogs bred down from larger Spitz breeds originating from the Arctic, so it’s no wonder they are considered some of the world’s most beautiful dog breeds. Bred primarily for companionship to nobles and queens, the Pomeranian makes a loyal, loving, and lively dog for families with older, more respectful children.

They can also get on well with other pets, though they are prone to serious injury if played with too roughly. Potty training can also be challenging for Pomeranians, as their small size makes it difficult to pinpoint accidents and correct them.

6. The Australian Shepherd

Pic 8 an australian shepherd
The Aussie has long been considered one of the most beautiful dog breeds for his unique features including eye color and coat pattern. 

Origin: California, United States

Weight: 40 – 65 Pounds

Height: 18 – 23 Inches

Coat Color: Merle, red merle, red tricolor, black, black tricolor, red, blue merle

Coat Texture: Double-coated, dense, weather-resistant, shedding

Eye Color: Green, blue, brown, or two eyes of different colors

Temperament: Focused, hard-working, energetic, independent, intelligent

Australian Shepherd Overview:

Though the Aussie does have roots in Australia, this is a breed who was perfected in California during the days of the Wild West. Known as a cowboy’s best friend, the Australian Shepherd is one of the most dependable working dogs in US history.

These pups are certainly one of the world’s most beautiful dog breeds, but they are also workaholics who are used to spending long days on the ranch or farm getting their paws dirty. Aussie’s are beloved for their incredible intelligence, but they have a knack for outwitting novice dog owners.

They are best suited for homes with large yards where they can run and play freely and for owners who have experience with working dogs. Training, time, attention, and exercise will go a long way with this breed, who, when properly socialized, can get on well with most anyone.

7. The German Shepherd

Pic 9 a german shepherd
Famous for working as a police and military dog, the German Shepherd is as beautiful and loyal as they come. 

Origin: Germany

Weight: 50 – 90 Pounds

Height: 22 – 26 Inches

Coat Color: Black, brown, sable, black & tan, black & silver, grey

Coat Texture: Double-coated, weather-resistant, shedding

Eye Color: Brown

Temperament: Intelligent, brave, loyal, hard-working, focused

German Shepherd Overview:

German Shepherds are certainly one of the world’s most beautiful dog breeds, but they are more than just looks. These intelligent canines are some of the top working dogs in the world, beloved for their incredible focus, devotion and diligence to their craft.

As such, this is a breed who needs a devoted owner or family who is familiar with working dogs and willing to put in the time and effort it takes to ensure these dogs are happy and healthy.

8. The Saluki

Pic 10 a Saluki
With her elegant, long neck and flowing fur, the Saluki looks like she’s about to hit the red carpet.

Origin: Egypt

Weight: 40 – 65 Pounds

Height: 23 – 28 Inches

Coat Color: White, cream, fawn, tan, red, gold

Coat Texture: Short, silky, smooth, shedding

Eye Color: Brown, hazel

Temperament: Proud, Independent, Sweet-Natured, Gentle

Saluki Overview:

An ancient dog with royal roots, the Saluki is an incredible example of breeding at its finest, going back at least 7000 years b.c. It is believed that the Saluki still resembles its ancient ancestors of that time, which is a rarity in today’s society of excess breeding and perfecting.

The Saluki is a sighthound bred for hunting, but was also a noble companion to pharaohs and kings. Today, the Saluki dog is considered one of the world’s most beautiful dog breeds thanks to his graceful physique, flowing ears, and pointed face.

Saluki dogs make excellent companions to laid-back families. They can be shy around strangers but do excellent with children and other pets. They need plenty of exercise each and every day to stay happy and healthy.

9. The Weimaraner

Pic 11 a weimaraner
The Weimaraner is certainly a head-turner with his silver coat and captivating eyes.

Origin: Europe

Weight: 55 – 90 Pounds

Height: 23 – 27 Inches

Coat Color: Grey, silver, mouse grey, silver-grey

Coat Texture: Smooth, short, shedding

Eye Color: Blue, amber, grey, blue-grey

Temperament: Friendly, courageous, loyal, obedient

Weimaraner Overview:

Also known as the Grey Ghost, it’s no secret that the Weimaraner is seen as one of the world’s most beautiful dog breeds. It’s silver coat, amber or bluish eyes, and infectious temperament make this dog a favorite amongst breed fanciers.

Considered puppy-like and playful, this fearless breed was originally bred for hunting predators like bears and mountain lions. Today, he makes a wonderful family companion who does best with experienced owners who are prepared to match this dog’s wit and eagerness to learn.

10. The Maltese

Pic 12 a maltese
The beautiful Maltese is a bred companion dog through and through.

Origin:  Italy

Weight: 7 Pounds or Less

Height: 7 – 9 Inches

Coat Color: White

Coat Texture: Silky, wavy, hypoallergenic

Eye Color: Brown

Temperament: Sweet, devoted, people-oriented, affectionate, playful

Maltese Overview:

The sweet Matlese is considered one of the most beautiful dog breeds in the world and for good reason. That long, silky white coat and those adoring eyes are enough to make even the most sour person swoon.

Maltese dogs are bred companion dogs, making excellent additions to homes for singles, seniors, and families with gentle, older children. These dogs become incredibly bonded to their people, however, and will not do well with owners who are busy or gone often.

11. The Shiba Inu

Pic 13 two Shiba Inu Dogs
Proud and dignified, the Shiba Inu is one of Japan’s most beloved dog breeds. 

Origin: Japan

Weight: 17 – 23 Pounds

Height: 13.5 – 16.5 Inches

Coat Color: Black & tan, red sesame, cream, black sesame, red, sesame

Coat Texture: Thick, dense, double-coated, shedding

Eye Color: Brown

Temperament: Energetic, focused, devoted

Shiba Inu Overview:

Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful dog breeds in the world, the Shiba Inu is an ancient breed used for hunting. This breed is incredibly intelligent and strong willed, making training somewhat of a challenge.

However, with the right owner, Shibas make excellent companions. They do best with experienced dog wonders who are able to work with them consistently, providing them with plenty of exercise, mental stimulation, and socialization from puppyhood.

12. The Papillon

Pic 14 a papillion
The Papillion gets his name because his ears look like butterfly wings. Papillon is actually French for ‘Butterfly’. 

Origin: France, Spain, Belgium

Weight: 7 – 10 Pounds

Height: 8 – 11 Inches

Coat Color: White, white & brown, fawn & white, sable, red & white, black & white

Coat Texture: Long, silky, shedding

Eye Color: Brown

Temperament: Intelligent, alert, friendly, active

Papillion Overview:

With his flowing coat and inquisitive eyes, the Papillion easily makes his way onto this list of most beautiful dog breeds. In fact, his name itself translates to ‘butterfly’, a homage to his butterfly wing-shaped ears.

This is a breed who makes an excellent companion to active seniors, singles, and families with older children. The Papillion is a friendly and inquisitive dog who gets along well with gentle children and other, smaller pets.

Bred primarily for companionship, the Papillion does best in homes with owners who are around often and can devote plenty of time to cuddling and play.

13. The Akita

Pic 15 an Akita
The Akita is a sturdy, double-coated dog breed who stuns everyone he sees with his large size and beautiful face. 

Origin: Japan

Weight: 70 – 130 Pounds

Height: 24 – 28 Inches

Coat Color: White, brindle, red fawn, sesame

Coat Texture: Thick, double-coated, weather-resistant, shedding

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Temperament: Courageous, Proud, Devoted

Akita Overview:

One look at an Akita and you already know this is one of the most beautiful dog breeds around. But this beauty is certainly not skin deep. Akita’s are described by the AKC as “profoundly loyal”, and this temperamental trait is exhibited in the famous story of Hachiko, an Akita who patiently waited for his dead owner at a train station for 9 years.

Akita dogs require lots of time and attention, and do best with experienced dog owners. They do not do well with other dogs, and can be especially aggressive towards dogs of the same sex. As such, these dogs require plenty of socialization, training, and exercise each and every day to stay happy and healthy.

14. The Doberman Pinscher

Pic 16 a doberman pinscher
They are sometimes known as ‘Devil Dogs’, but there is nothing devilish about the beautiful and sweet Doberman Pinscher. 

Origin: Germany

Weight: 60 – 100 Pounds

Height: 24 – 28 Inches

Coat Color: White, black, red, red & rust, brown, blue, blue & rust, fawn & rust

Coat Texture: Smooth, short, shedding

Eye Color: Dark brown

Temperament: Devoted, Intelligent, Trainable, Courageous

Doberman Pinscher Overview: 

Once referred to as Devil Dogs, the Doberman Pinscher is deceivingly imposing. While his intimidating looks have landed him here on our list of most beautiful dog breeds, the truth is that Doberman’s are relatively gentle, loving and trainable dogs.

They do well with active families and children and enjoy other canine companions. Doberman Pinchers are highly trainable and do best in homes with experienced dog owners who will take the time to train, exercise and socialize this clever and loving breed.

15. The Dalmatian

Pic 17 a Dalmatian
Dalmatians are some of the most identifiable dogs in the canine kingdom.

Origin: Unsure, but named for Dalmatia where the breed was perfected

Weight: 45 – 70 Pounds

Height: 19 – 24 Inches

Coat Color: Black & white, liver & white

Coat Texture: Short, smooth, shedding

Eye Color: Brown, blue

Temperament: Proud, Intelligent, Outgoing

Dalmatian Overview:

The true origin of the Dalmatian remains a mystery, but one thing is for sure – this breed is certainly one of the most beautiful dog breeds in the world. With its unique spots and incredible coloring, Dalmatians are some of the most distinguishable canines in the canine kingdom.

Versatile working dogs, the Dalmatioan of today makes a wonderful and beloved companion to experienced dog owners. When properly trained and socialized, Dals can do well in families with children and pets.

However, if not properly raised, these dogs can be prone to problematic behaviors including digging, barking, chewing, and even nipping and growling.

Tips On Choosing A Healthy Puppy Or Rescue Dog

Pic 18 a blue eyed aussie puppy
When choosing your puppy or rescue dog, make sure you go through a reputable source. 

Have you decided that one of the most beautiful dog breeds in the world above is right for you? If so, you’re probably itching to get that dog as soon as possible.

However, before you make your investment on your new furry best friend, we suggest you do some research. Just as you shouldn’t pick a dog based solely on his appearance, it’s also not wise to pick a breeder or shelter solely on price.

Make sure you go through reputable sources and avoid cutting corners to find a puppy for a bargain. Remember, buying a dog from backyard breeders or unqualified sellers could make you an unwitting accomplice in puppy mills. It could also lead to you winding up with a sick puppy, which can cost you even more money in the long run.

Instead, if you want a puppy, stick with a breeder who is certified and has a history with the breed. Reputable breeders will be able to provide you with health certificates proving their dogs have been screened and cleared of any serious health issues. You might also be able to get a glimpse of your puppy’s parents to have a better idea of what your dog will grow up to look like.

On the other hand, if you’d like to rescue, you’re in luck. Rescuing a dog is generally a fraction of the cost of going through a breeder. Plus, and as we mentioned in the beginning of this article, shelters are full of the most beautiful dog breeds in the world who were just not well suited for their ill-prepared owners.

And now it’s your turn! Which of the above most beautiful dog breeds in the world caught your attention and stole your heart? We would love to hear from you.

Leave us your thoughts about the most beautiful dog breeds above in the comment section below.

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