Best Dog Food For Bulldogs 

Bulldogs are a popular breed in the United States, and it’s easy to see why. Their unique, stocky build, their cute, flat faces, and their totally chill personalities just scream “low maintenance dog”.

However, Bulldogs really aren’t as low maintenance as they appear.  In fact, while it is true that they are less active than many other dog breeds, Bulldogs tend to suffer from a number of health issues including allergies, brachycephalic airway syndrome, skin issues, and food sensitivities.

This is why a Bulldog’s diet is so important, and it’s also why Bulldog owners should make sure to do plenty of research and take time to learn about their Bulldog’s unique dietary needs before purchasing the best dog food for bulldogs.

Are you a Bulldog owner on the hunt for the best dog food for Bulldogs? Then you’ve come to the right place. Join us as we go over the basics of Bulldog nutrition and learn what makes your Bulldog unique. Then we’ll take a look at some of the best dog food for Bulldogs available.

Let’s begin!


Do Bulldogs Have Special Nutritional Requirements?

Pic 1 a brown bulldog in grass
Due to their unique makeup and high risk of health issues, some Bulldogs may have unique nutritional needs. 

Yes, Bulldogs do have very specific dietary needs that differ from other dog breeds due to their long list of health issues and sensitivities.

Due to their genetic makeup and years of improper breeding practices, Bulldogs tend to suffer from food sensitivities and allergies more often than many other breeds. And since they are usually less active than other dog breeds, Bulldogs tend to be at a higher risk of obesity, as we mentioned above. This means Bulldog owners should keep track of their dog’s calorie intake and look for foods that are lower in carbohydrates and higher in protein.

Not only that, but a Bulldog’s unique, flattened face means he may have a more difficult time eating traditional dry kibble.

For this reason, we recommend Bulldogs eat smaller kibble or kibbles that are specially shaped to help them eat. Bulldogs also do well on wet dog food and can also thrive on raw diets, but we will learn more about that below.

Bulldogs are also prone to suffering from digestive issues like gas, vomiting and diarrhea.

Because Bulldogs suffer from so many health issues, it is best to feed them a high quality food that is grain free, has limited ingredients, and is hypoallergenic (if you can find it).

But what are the ingredients you should stay away from with a sensitive dog? Most dogs who suffer from food sensitivities and allergies are allergic to one or more of the following ingredients in their food:

  • Chicken
  • Beef
  • Dairy
  • Wheat
  • Potatoes
  • Fish
  • And Rabbit

While Bulldogs can be more sensitive to the above ingredients in their food, they still have the same basic nutritional needs as all other dogs. Let’s take a look at the basic nutritional needs of all dogs and see where your Bulldog fits in considering his unique dietary needs.

What Are The Basic Nutritional Needs For All Dogs?

Pic 2 different dog breeds in front of a dog house
All dogs have the same basic nutritional needs, regardless of their breed. 

While it is true that Bulldogs have a unique makeup that makes them susceptible to certain food sensitivities, they still have all the same basic nutritional needs as their other canine counterparts.

That said, it’s important to understand what all dogs need in order to thrive. For starters, dogs need diets that are specified for their age, weight and activity level. This means puppies need puppy food, senior dogs need senior food, and small breeds and large breeds need size-specific foods.

Along with size and weight specifications, all dogs need a balanced diet rich in six common nutrients:

  • Protein
  • Water
  • Carbohydrates
  • Fatty acids
  • Vitamins
  • And Minerals

Furthermore, all dogs should eat a high quality dog food that is rich in the above nutrients and that is made with real meat protein, free of by-products, fillers and additives, and that helps support their body depending on where they are in their life.

But what about the different types of dog food available? Would your Bulldog do best on wet food, dry food, or raw dog food?

Let’s find out.

Wet Food, Dry Food, Or Raw Food – Which Is The Best Dog Food For Bulldogs?

Pic 3 a white and black bulldog sleeping
Some Bulldogs do better on a wet or raw food diet while others do great on dry food.  

Bulldogs, like most dogs, love to eat, but some can be picky eaters. For Bulldogs who have trouble with hard kibble or suffer from weight management issues, wet food may be a great choice.

Caned food is some of the best dog food for Bulldogs as it’s s rich in protein and usually lower in calories. Plus, it’s higher water content helps to fill your Bulldog up quicker, which means he may feel like consuming less food all at once. However, the feeling of being full can go away quicker than if he filled up on kibble, leaving your Bulldog hungrier faster as the water dissipates in his tummy.

That said, wet food is usually more palatable for Bulldogs and easier for them to digest.

Still, dry dog food is always a good and popular option for Bulldogs. We recommend getting smaller kibble sizes or kibbles that are shaped for your Bulldog’s unique mouth and jaw. If you do opt to go for a dry kibble diet for your Bulldog, choose dog foods that are high quality and made with real meat.

We recommend grain free options and limited ingredient diets for Bulldogs, as these will be more likely to reduce chances of your Bulldog suffering from food related allergies. Stay away from cheap dog food brands or foods that are highly processed or rich in fillers.

If this is a concern of yours, you may opt to put your Bulldog on a raw food diet. You can make raw food at home, or you can also buy dehydrated or freeze dried dog food at your local pet shop or online.

Dehydrated dog foods and freeze dried foods are the most expensive food options for Bulldogs, but they are also often made with the highest quality ingredients and are an excellent way to help manage your Bulldog’s weight.

On the flip side, it’s a little too easy for dog owners to accidently lapse in their dog’s nutrition and to miss certain, essential nutrients when going with a raw food diet, so we like to use raw dog food as mixers, toppers and treats when our dogs need extra nutrition.

So, what’s the best dog food for Bulldogs? That’s up to you! Picking the best dog food for Bulldogs is a personal choice between you and your veterinarian. Still, we can offer our expert tips on picking the best dog food for Bulldogs, and we’ve even listed a few of our favorites below.

Let’s take a look.

Tips On Picking The Best Dog Food For Your Unique Bulldog

Pic 4 a brown and white bulldog puppy
Your Bulldog will need food based on his age, weight, activity level, and overall health.  

Since Bulldogs are more prone to suffering from food sensitivities and allergies than many other dog breeds, it’s important you go for high quality brands you trust. Stay away from dog foods that have lots of additives and fillers.

With Bulldogs who suffer from severe skin allergies, food sensitivities, or gas and digestive issues, we like grain free options.  We think the best dog foods for Bulldogs are foods that are higher in protein and lower in calories to help manage your Bulldog’s weight and keep them healthy and fit.

Would you like to take a look at some of the best dog food for Bulldogs we could find? Then keep reading because they are listed below.

Nulo Grain Free Dog Food

We want to start off with Nula Adult Grain Free dog food as one of the best dog food for Bulldogs options because it is grain free, which should help reduce your Bulldog’s chances of developing allergies.

It is also made with all natural ingredients and is rich in real meat proteins as well as all the nutrients and vitamins your Bulldog needs. Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids help to protect your Bulldog’s sensitive coat and the low carbohydrates means it will help keep your pooch at a healthy weight.

We also like that the kibbles are specifically designed to help your Bulldog eat and chew. The recipes come in turkey, salmon, or lamb so you have a good variation as well.

AvoDerm Natural Weight Control Dog Food

Since Bulldogs are known for being, ahem, somewhat lazy, they can be prone to weight gain if owners aren’t careful. They are also prone to suffering from allergies, as we mentioned above, which is why we like AvoDerm dry kibble.

This is the best dog food for bulldogs as it helps control your Bulldog’s weight naturally while also helping to promote a healthy skin and coat, reduce the chances of food allergies with all natural ingredients, and ensuring it’s rich in protein and all the vitamins and minerals a Bulldog needs to thrive.

If you’re worried your Bulldog might not like this food, don’t fret. You can always order the trial size to try it out.

Royal Canin Bulldog Dry Kibble

Royal Canin provides Bulldog owners with a breed-specific food that really caters to your Bulldog’s specific nutritional needs.

In fact, this is one of the best dog food Bulldogs as it is rich in all the nutrients a purebred Bulldog specifically needs. It is actually designed to help support the health of stocky bodies and is rich in vitamins and minerals that help support a  healthy immune system, a healthy skin and coat, and keep your Bulldog’s wrinkles from becoming dry or itchy.

EPA and DHA help keep your Bulldog’s bones and joints healthy while the kibble is especially designed for flat-faced dogs like Bulldogs who may otherwise have trouble picking up and chewing regular kibble.

Best of all, Bulldogs are notorious for having stinky gas and digestive issues, and this is the best dog food for Bulldogs who need help with digestive health.

Earthborn Holistic Coastal Catch Grain Free Dog Food

If you are looking for the best dog food for Bulldogs but want a holistic option, we’ve got you covered.

We love the quality and holistic nature of Earthborn dog foods, but especially like this grain free option that supports healthy skin and coat.

Bulldogs need lots of extra TLC when it comes to their skin and coat health, so this is the best dog food for bulldogs because it is free of any additives that could cause allergies or reactions. It is also full of antioxidants to help support a healthy immune system and is made with quality, natural ingredients perfect for the Bulldog in your life.

CANIDAE Weight Management LID Dog Food

CANIDAE is one of the best dog food for Bulldogs because it uses such great ingredients overall. We especially love this dry food option CANIDAE provides as one of the best dog food for Bulldogs because it is made with a weight management formula specifically tailored to unique bully breeds.

A unique blend of nutrients and nine simple ingredients help to maintain your Bulldog’s weight while also promoting a healthy skin and coat.

Plus, this is a grain free dog food and is also a limited ingredient diet, which helps reduce food sensitivities, skin allergies, and digestive issues like gas. It comes in a wide variety of recipes so your picky Bulldog will have no problem finding the flavor he loves.

Wellness Core Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food

We also think Wellness Core is some of the best dog food for Bulldogs. We chose their grain free whitefish, herring and salmon recipe because it is so rich in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and thus helps reduce skin allergies and encourage a healthy skin and coat.

We also think this is one of the best dog food for Bulldogs because it is high in protein and completely grain free. It is free of any additives like corn, soy, wheat, by-products, artificial colors, preservatives, and any other icky things your dog doesn’t need in his diet, leaving only a clean, healthy dry dog food your Bulldog will love.

Evenger’s Grain Free Canned Dog Food

For Bulldogs with allergies and serious sensitivities, we like this wet dog food by Evenger’s. We chose the rabbit recipe as it is completely grain free and specially designed for pets with sensitivities.

This is one of the best dog food for Bulldogs as it is a wet food, which helps dogs with a big appetitive fill up quicker due to the higher concentration of water, without actually filling your dog up with calories. It is a great weight management dog food while also being an excellent choice for Bulldogs who may otherwise have difficulty eating traditionally shaped kibbles.

Blue Buffalo Basics LID Wet Dog Food

You already know think limited ingredient diets are some of the best dog food for Bulldogs with allergies and sensitivities, which is why we love Blue Buffalo Basics wet dog food. We chose the grain free, limited ingredient diet canned food for Bulldogs specifically because it is easy on your sensitive dog’s belly while still being full of all the nutrients a Bulldog needs to stay happy and healthy.

It is rich in protein while staying free of poultry and other allergy-inducing ingredients. It is also free of any additives, corn, soy, wheat, or artificial flavors or colors. The wet food also helps manage a healthy weight while keeping your Bulldog feeling full between meals.

Wellness Complete Health Dry Dog Food

We also love Wellness Complete Health food as one of the best dog food for Bulldogs due to its special weight management formula and smaller kibble size. This is one of the best dog food for bulldogs because it is specifically made for smaller to toy sized breeds and is formulated with white fish and sweet potato. It is free of ingredients that can cause allergies and is specifically made to support a healthy skin and coat and to improve digestive health, which we love for those poor gassy Bulldogs of ours.

The Honest Kitchen Dehydrated Grain Free Dog Food

Sometimes, even when you think you’ve found the best dog food for Bulldogs in a dry, grain free dog food, you are left disappointed or you may still experience your Bulldog suffering from allergies and skin conditions.

If you are looking for a raw diet option for your Bulldog, take a look at this dehydrated, grain free dog food by The Honest Kitchen. Dehydrated dog food is some of the best dog food for bulldogs because it’s completely grain free, rich in protein, and free of any additives, impuriets, or by-products.

We also love dehydrated dog food for Bulldogs because it is so palatable and easy for them to eat and digest.  However, dehydrated dog food can be pricey, which is why we also like that you can use dehydrated dog food as a mixer, meal topper, or treat to give your Bulldog an extra boost of nurtionton as needed.

Wellness Core Natural Six Ingredient Dry Dog Food

For the Bulldog with super serious food sensitivities, we like limited ingredient diets that only include the basics. That’s why we like Wellness Core Six. It is one of the best dog food for Bulldogs who have allergies and sensitivities because it is completely grain free and includes six basic ingredients that Bulldogs need to thrive and nothing they don’t.

All ingredients are clean and you can get this dog food in lamb, duck, or salmon and trust that this is some of the best dog food for bulldogs to promote a healthy skin and coat while reducing the chance of skin allergies or food sensitivities and ensuring your Bulldog is healthy and happy.

Diamond Care Specialized Hypoallergenic Dog Food

Sometimes the best dog food for Bulldogs is hypoallergenic dog foods with limited ingredient diets like this dry kibble by Diamond Care.

This is a specialized dog food diet that helps promote weight management, healthy skin and coat, and a healthy digestive tract. We love that you can even customize this dog food and order it based on your Bulldog’s unique needs. Still, regardless of which food you order, it is going to help promote the basic health needs of a Bulldog by providing rich levels of protein, Omega fatty acids, and probiotics to help support healthy digestion.

Nutro Limited Ingredient Diet Dog Food

Another limited ingredient diet dog food we like for Bulldogs is from a brand called Nutro. We think this is one of the best dog food for Bulldogs because it comes in such a wide variety of recipe and kibble sizes. For your Bulldog, we recommend small bites as Bulldogs typically need a little extra help with kibble shapes in order to chew and digest them.

We also like the salmon and lentils recipe for Bulldogs as it is rich in protein and fatty acids to help protect your Bulldog’s muscle tone and promote a healthy skin and coat.

This is a limited ingredient, hypoallergenic dog food that is made with only the best ingredients your dog needs to thrive and is free of additives or allergy-inducing ingredients like poultry, grains, corn, soy, wheat and more.

Diamond Naturals Skin and Coat Health Dry Dog Food

So we know now that Bulldogs need extra help keeping their sensitive skin and coat, which is why we love Diamond Naturals skin and coat health formula. This dry food is one of the best dog food for Bulldogs as it specifically promotes skin and coat health of dogs with food sensitivities and allergies.

It is made with high quality, natural ingredients and is rich in protein from wild caught salmon, meaning it is also high in those good fatty acids needed to promote the health of your Bulldog’s fur.  Probiotics help keep your Bulldog’s digestive tract healthy while the grain-free recipe keeps your sensitive Bully feeling his best.

Natural Balance L.I.D Grain Free Dry Dog Food

Last but not least on our list of best dog food for Bulldogs is Natural Balance’s limited ingredient diet dog food for dogs with sensitivities and allergies.

This is the best dog food for bulldogs as it is completely grain free and made with high quality, natural ingredients to help promote your dog’s skin and coat health with rich, fatty acids. It is also rich in protein and comes in a variety of recipes. For Bulldogs, we recommend going with the poultry free recipes and sticking with sweet potato and fish, or sweet potato and venison.

Other Ways To Help Your Bulldog Thrive

Pic 5 a Bulldog with a stick playing
Like all dogs, Bulldogs require lots of time, care, and love to stay happy and healthy.

Bulldogs need a good, healthy diet to thrive, but they also need lots of time, attention, training and exercise. This laid back dog breed is ideal for relaxed owners, but that doesn’t mean a good walk won’t benefit them every single day.

You can help your Bulldog live his best life by ensuring he also maintains proper hygiene. Bulldogs are beloved for their wrinkled faces, but those wrinkles can get itchy and infected if not properly cleaned and cared for.

And since Bulldogs have such skin issues, bathing them with hypoallergenic shampoo every now and then can help ease allergies and help them to feel better.

Of course, it’s always wise to keep up with routine vet visits as well, especially when you have a dog prone to health issues. And, as we always say, love is one of the best things you can offer your Bulldog, so make sure and give him lots of it each and every day!

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