Pomeranian Price – How To Budget For A Pomeranian  

The Pomeranian is one of the world’s most popular toy breeds, so it’s no surprise you might assume these dogs cost more than most. However, the true Pomeranian price may surprise you.

Of course, before you choose to invest in a Pomeranian, it’s wise to have a good idea of the Pomeranian price, not only when it comes to the cost of purchasing your Pomeranian from a breeder initially, but also the cost of raising a Pomeranian from puppyhood.

Are you wondering how much a Pomeranian might cost you? Then you’ve come to the right place.

But before we get started talking about the Pomeranian price, let’s take a moment to learn a bit about the adorable and people-oriented Pomeranian.


Meet The Pomeranian!

1 a pomeranian with a pink leash
Pomeranians are the smallest of the Spitz-type dogs.

The Pomeranian is a small breed dog in the Spitz family. This tiny dog is incredibly famous for its teddy-bear like appearance and affectionate personality. But while he is an affectionate, friendly, and active little dog, the Pomeranian is not the right dog for every owner.

Let’s take a moment now to look at a brief breed overview of the Pomeranian.

Pomeranian Height: 8 to 11 Inches

Pomeranian Weight: 3 to 7 Pounds

Pomeranian Coat Type: Double Coated, Shedding

Pomeranian Coat Colors: Red, Blue, Grey, Grey Shaded, Cream, Brindle, Black, White, Tan, Brown, and Orange

Pomeranian Temperament: Outgoing, Playful, Friendly, Active, Intelligent

Pomeranian Lifespan: 12 to 16 Years

Pomeranian Health Issues: Tracheal Collapse, Coat Loss, Cushing’s Disease, Pharyngeal Gag Reflux, Patella Luxation, Heart Disease, Idiopathic Epilepsy, and Dental Disease

Pomeranian Price Range: $150 to $1,500

Average Pomeranian Price Through A Breeder: $500 to $1,500

Average Pomeranian Price Through A Rescue: $150 to $500

Clubs That Recognize The Pomeranian

The American Kennel Club (AKC)

The United Kennel Club (UKC)

The American Pomeranian Club

The Pomeranian Breed Overview

Pomeranians are the smallest of the Spitz-type breeds, with close relation to larger dogs like the German Spitz and the American Eskimo.

The Pomeranian’s ancestors were once sled-pulling dogs, guard dogs, and herding dogs, and it wasn’t until about the 19th century when Pomeranians were bred to their smaller size. Their thick coats and friendly temperaments made them ideal little lap dogs for active owners.

However, Pomeranians are also known to be temperamental from time to time. They can be snippy with small children and will not tolerate being handled too roughly by youngsters or other pets. It is very important to have your Pomeranian properly raised, trained, and socialized to ensure everyone is getting along well.

We should also note here that Pomeranian dogs are incredibly small, often weighing no more than seven pounds. For this reason, they can be prone to easy injury and should be walking using the proper walking equipment so as to avoid injury to their sensitive trachea.

Why is this important? Because the overall health and happiness of your Pomeranian are going to correlate closely with your general Pomeranian price. And this is where the importance of responsible breeding practices comes into play.

Keep reading to learn more.

Pomeranian Price And The Importance Of Responsible Breeding Practices

2 a Pomeranian puppy
If you want to save on the overall Pomeranian price, get your Pomeranian from a reputable source.

The average Pomeranian price when going through a breeder is going to fall around $500 to $1,500. While this isn’t the highest price when it comes to the cost of purebred dogs, it’s also not the lowest.

This means that some buyers could be tempted to cut corners and go through less reputable sources. However, it may be worth spending that extra money upfront for a healthy puppy.

Remember, a sick dog could cost you much more in the long run both financially and emotionally.

Responsible breeding practices can help ensure your Pomeranian lives a longer, healthier life. This, in turn, means you will spend less when it comes to the overall Pomeranian price.

But what does the term “responsible breeding” really mean, and how does responsible breeding affect your overall Pomeranian price?

Let’s break it down.

Breeding A Pomeranian

A healthy Pomeranian puppy begins even before conception. Luckily, Pomeranian dogs are considered relatively healthy dogs, though the breed is known to struggle with some genetic ailments and health issues.

Responsible breeders will take care to ensure they are breeding healthy dogs in an effort to produce the healthiest litter possible. Of course, it does take time, money, and effort to breed and raise a healthy litter of Pomeranian puppies, and all of this will eventually correlate with how much a specific breeder will sell their Pomeranian puppies for when it comes time to do so.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the common costs associated with breeding not only Pomeranian puppies but any litter of healthy pups.

The Costs Associated With Responsible Breeding:

  • Caring For/Raising A healthy Pomeranian dam: $1,900 – $2,000 Per Year
  • Finding and Procuring a healthy Pomeranian Sire for breeding: $1,000 – $2,000
  • Veterinary Visits and Prenatal Care Upon Conception: $90 – $200 Per Visit
  • Whelping Supplies For Pomeranian Puppies Upon Birth: $500 to $1,000
  • Raising A Litter of Pomeranian Puppies until seven to eight weeks: $250 to $550

For the average breeder, the average cost of breeding and raising a litter of Pomeranian puppies is between $3,740 and $5,750 for a single litter.

What Is The Pomeranian Price When Buying A Puppy Through A Breeder?

3 a white Pomeranian puppy on its back
The average cost of a Pomeranian puppy through a breeder is between $500 and $1,500.

It can be costly for breeders looking to breed Pomeranian puppies responsibly, and this price can trickle down into the overall initial Pomeranian price when you go to buy your puppy.

However, and as we mentioned briefly above, it’s very important not to cut corners when looking for a Pomeranian puppy through a breeder.

The Importance Of Choosing A Responsible Breeder When Picking Your Pomeranian Puppy

Pomeranian puppies are quite popular, and this can be a double-edged sword for the eager consumer looking for a puppy quickly. While it is possible and often easy to find Pomeranian puppies available, this breed’s popularity may also entice less reputable or responsible breeders to begin breeding these dogs in an effort to sell them for a quick buck.

This could mean that these breeders are not always taking the precautions that other breeders will take to ensure their puppies have the healthiest chance.

For this reason, we suggest you avoid backyard breeders, online sellers, or breeders offering to sell you a Pomeranian puppy at a Pomeranian price that is much more or much less than the average cost.

Remember, when looking for a Pomeranian puppy through a breeder, most breeders should charge around $500 to $1,500.

This price could vary slightly due to your puppy’s parent breeds. Show quality Pomeranian puppies will often cost more than puppies bred specifically for companionship. A show-quality Pomeranian puppy can cost owners up to $10,000.

Luckily, most people are simply looking for companion dogs when looking for a Pomeranian puppy.

When you are considering breeders, don’t be shy about asking questions. Some breeders will be able to allow you to meet your puppy’s parent dogs. This can help to give you an idea of what your specific Pomeranian puppy will grow up to look like and potentially how big he or she will be.

Another benefit of going through a reputable breeder is that they should be able to provide you with paperwork proving their puppies have been screened and cleared of any serious health issues.

For breeders who have been in the industry for a long period of time, you will often be able to find reviews or even reach out to past clients for references.

Of course, the quality of breeder and the quality of your puppy’s parent breeds are not the only factors that could contribute to a shifting cost when it comes to purchasing your Pomeranian.

Other factors that could affect your Pomeranian price include:

  • Your Pomeranian’s Coat Color
    • Coat color can play a role in how much a breeder chooses to sell a Pomeranian for. Pomeranians with coat colors that are considered rare will often sell for more than coat colors that are more common. Some of the more expensive Pomeranian coat colors are lavender, wolf sable, blue, solid black, and solid white.
  • Your Pomeranians Gender
    • Female Pomeranian puppies tend to cost more than their male counterparts. This is especially true if you are purchasing show-quality Pomeranian puppies.
  • The Time Of Year
    • The time of year you are looking to purchase a Pomeranian puppy could have an impact on your Pomeranian price. In many places, fall and winter are slower times for breeders. However, this can shift depending on your region.
  • Your Location
    • The location you live in can also have an impact on the initial Pomeranian price. This is especially true if you purchase a Pomeranian out of state and need to travel to retrieve the puppy or if you have to have the puppy sent to you.
  • The Demand For This Particular Breed
    • Breeds can trend in popularity, and this can be impacted by pop culture, celebrities, movies, or television. If Pomeranians are especially popular during the particular time you’re looking to buy a puppy from a breeder, you might expect to spend a bit more.
  • And Last, Your Pomeranian’s Size
    • Right now, smaller toy dogs are very popular. This means that smaller Pomeranian dogs, sometimes advertised as “teacup Pomeranians” are sold for more than their standard-sized counterparts. With that noted, it’s important to keep in mind that there is really no such thing as a teacup Pomeranian.

Teacup Pomeranians and Pomeranian Price – What You Should Know.

Pomeranians are already quite small, often weighing no more than seven pounds. While this weight can vary depending on the breeder and specific genetics, many Pomeranians specifically bred to be even smaller than their already tiny size could be more prone to suffering from health issues.

For this reason, we advise against specifically seeking out teacup Pomeranian puppies, as most reputable breeders will steer clear of breeding their puppies down to be smaller simply to make more money.

Of course, going through a breeder is not the only way you can obtain a Pomeranian. And if you’re looking to save on your Pomeranian price off the top, you always have the option of going through a rescue or shelter to obtain your Pomeranian dog.

Keep reading to learn more.

The Pomeranian Price When Going Through A Rescue Or Shelter

4 a black and white Pomeranian
The average Pomeranian price when going through a rescue is between $150 to $500.

While it is important to go through a reputable source when looking for a Pomeranian puppy through a breeder, you can still find a healthy Pomeranian through a rescue or shelter.

In fact, there are plenty of benefits of going through a shelter or rescue for the dog of your dream outside of saving money on your Pomeranian price.

The average Pomeranian price when going through a shelter is between $150 to $500.

The fees associated with rescuing a dog from a shelter are due to the costs incurred by the shelter to care for the dog.

These costs include the price of food, training, care, health checks, and sometimes even microchipping spaying, and neutering.

Many shelters or rescues will also be able to provide you with a free health check before you take your dog home to ensure he has no underlying health issues.

Like going through a breeder to get your Pomeranian, the average Pomeranian price of adopting a Pomeranian can vary based on the shelter you go through and your region.

With all of that being said, remember that the initial cost of your Pomeranian is only a small drop in the bucket when compared to the life-long cost you will incur when raising a Pomeranian.

With that noted, let’s take a look at the overall Pomeranian price.

The Overall Pomeranian Price – What Is The Cost Of Raising A Pomeranian Dog?

5 a Pomeranian on a couch
Raising a Pomeranian is about the average cost of raising other small breed dogs.

If you’re looking for a relatively inexpensive dog to raise, you could be in luck when it comes to the Pomeranian. Like most small breed dogs, Pomeranians are often less expensive to provide for. They have smaller appetites, are not as hard on toys or products like leashes, harnesses, and collars, and they are often healthier for longer.

With that being said, this average Pomeranian price could equal out when compared with the average price of other, larger breed dogs when you consider that smaller breed dogs have longer lifespans than larger breeds. We should also note that the average cost of raising your Pomeranian is going to depend on your lifestyle and your Pomeranian’s overall health.

Still, there is an average cost you can consider when considering the Pomeranian price. In fact, according to the American Kennel Club, the average overall price of raising a dog of any size is around $23,410. For small breed dogs, however, this price is often less.

The cost of raising your dog in the first year is generally going to be the most expensive, with the first year of prepping and then buying your Pomeranian costing an average of around $2,674.

After that first year, the average Pomeranian price drops to around $1,535 annually.

But what will you be spending on your Pomernain that will make that first year of Pomeranian ownership so costly?

Most dogs need the following items:

If you don’t already have a dog in the home and need to purchase the above items all at once, you should prepare to spend around $500 on supplies for your Pomeranian. This can contribute to that first year of Pomeranian ownership.

After that year, the price of these supplies will vary depending on how often you need to replace supplies or how hard your dog is on certain items like toys, bedding, collars, and harnesses.

Along with common supplies for your Pomeranian, you will also likely need to spend an initial amount of money on medical care.

The average cost for initial vet exams for a Pomeranian is around $500 and $600.

This Pomeranian price for medical care can include but may not be limited to the below exams, checkups, and procedures:

  • A Pomeranian Puppy Initial Wellness Exam
  • A Pomeranian Rescue Wellness Exam (For Adult Dogs)
  • Microchipping
  • Spaying or Nurturing
  • Parasite Prevention
  • And Vaccinations

After these initial costs, the annual medical costs incurred for a Pomeranian dog typically range from between $100 to $500.

It will be important to keep up with routine health care for your Pomeranian, and you should consider these routine visits an investment in your dog’s health. Not only can routine veterinary care help to ensure your Pomeranian is healthy and happy, but it can also help reduce the chances of you having to spend much more in the long run if stay on top of your dog’s health.

If you are concerned with the costs of medical care for your Pomeranian and how that medical care will affect your overall Pomeranian price, you always have the option of investing in pet health insurance.

Pet health insurance can cost between $10 per month and over $100 a month, though the average cost is generally around $30 to $50.

When considering the health of your pomeranian and the average Pomeranian price overall, we also recommend you consider the below preventative measures you may want to take when it comes to your dog’s veterinarian visits.

These measures include:


  • Annual Parasite Prevention Treatments Customized To Your Location
  • Vaccinations and Booster Shots Customized To Your Dog Based On Location
  • Annual Veterinarian Visits for Pomeranian Dogs Up To The Agen Of Ten
  • Bi-Annual Veternairan VIsits For Pomeranian Dogs After The Age Of Ten
  • Routine Dental Care Checkups and Potential Dental Cleanings

While that first year of Pomeranian ownership is more costly than most, the price reduces after that initial year and generally falls to be around $500 to $1,000 annually for medical care.

Along with considering the medical expenses of a Pomeranian when considering the Pomeranian price. We also recommend considering the overall cost of feeding your dog and grooming your dog,

How Much Does It Cost To Feed A Pomeranian Each Year?

Your Pomeranian’s diet plays a major role in your Pomeranian dog’s overall health. This, in turn, can contribute to your overall Pomeranian price in the long run.

On average, feeding a small breed dog like the Pomeranian costs owners around $250 to $700 per year.

You can help combat particular health issues in your Pomeranian by ensuring you keep your Pomeranian properly exercised, mentally stimulated, and on a healthy diet throughout his lifetime.

Pomeranians are small breed dogs, and as such, they should be on a dog food specified for their age, weight, and activity level.

While high-quality dog foods may be more costly, investing in a higher quality dog food initially can help reduce the chances of your dog suffering from specific health issues down the road.

Choose a dog food that contains real animal proteins, carbohydrates, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and a good source of water.

You also have the option of wet dog food, dry dog food, raw dog food, or home-cooked dog food for your Pomeranian. Some different types of dog food will cost more than others, and the type of dog food that is right for your Pomeranian will often depend on his overall health and dietary needs.

How Much Does It Cost To Have Your Pomeranian Professionally Groomed?

Pomeranians have thick, double coats that shed heavily year-round. Their coats are relatively self-cleaning, but these dogs do need consistent brushing with proper tools to help keep their coats from becoming matted or tangled.

Many owners opt to trim their Pomeranian dog’s coat short to help reduce knots, but others prefer to go to a professional groomer on a routine basis.

If you are opting to have your Pomeranian professionally groomed, you should certainly include this in your overall Pomeranian price.

Keep in mind that most professional groomers charge between $90 to $100 per visit, with experts suggesting that the Pomeranian be seen by the groomer at least six times a year.

This could equate to between $540 to $600 a year. If you plan on grooming your Pomeranian dog yourself, this price could be less. With that being said, you will still need to invest in a few products.

The products you will need to invest in when it comes to at-home grooming for a Pomeranian dog include:

Outside of grooming, diet, vaccinations, and the initial cost of your Pomeranian, there are other, less obvious fees associated with the Pomeranian price you should consider.

Let’s talk now about the potential unseen costs of raising a Pomeranian that you should be prepared for.

The Unseen Costs Of Raising A Pomeranian And Miscellaneous Expenses

6 an upclose picture of a pomeranian
Health issues should be considered when it comes to the overall cost of raising a Pomeranian.

While the Pomeranian is not the most expensive dog to buy or raise, he can come with some unseen costs owners should be aware of.

Pomeranian Health Issues You Should Consider When Considering The Pomeranian Price Includes:

  • Tracheal Collapse
  • Coat Loss
  • Cushing’s Disease
  • Pharyngeal Gag RefluxPatella Luxation
  • Heart Disease
  • Idiopathic Epilepsy
  • And Dental Disease

It can be difficult to predict which health issues your dog may be most susceptible to. If you like, you can invest in a canine DNA kit to help give you a look at what your Pomeranian may be predisposed to.

We also recommend investing in pet health insurance for your Pomeranian. Pet health insurance can cost owners between $10 and $100 a month, or $120 to $1,200 a year.

Other Costs You Might Incur When Raising A Pomeranian Dog:

Dogs require routine care, time, and attention, and it’s important to consider more than just the fees associated with not only purchasing your dog upfront but also the fees of your dog’s basic needs.

Remember, like all dogs, the Pomeranian price is going to include the use of common canine items or needs such as:

  • Pet Rent (For Those in Rentals) – $10 to $50 Per Month
  • Dog Training Costs – $30 to $120 Per Class
  • Dog Walker Fees – $10 – $50 Per Walk
  • Dog Daycare Fees – $240 to $550 Per Month
  • Travel Fees – $50 to $500 Per Trip

Is The Pomeranian Price Worth It? Let’s Find Out!

7 a brindle pomeranian in the snow

Pomeranians are certainly worth it! Though they are not the right dog for everyone.

Buying and raising a Pomeranian is, on average, going to be about the same price overall as buying and raising any other dog breed or mix.

For this reason, basing your decision to raise a Pomeranian based solely on the Pomeranian price is not necessary.

If you are on the fence about buying a Pomeranian, it’s more important to consider this dog’s temperament and basic care needs and how they will fit in with your lifestyle and family.

Remember, the Pomeranian is an active, friendly little dog that does well in households with older, more respectful children. He is a shedding dog that may not be best suited for those who suffer from allergies, and he can be prone to a number of unique health issues potential owners should be aware of.

So, now that you know more about the overall Pomeranian price and what it may take to obtain and raise one of these dynamic dogs, what do you think about purchasing one?

Would you invest in a Pomeranian puppy or rescue dog? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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