The Blue Lacy – Your Ultimate Breed Information Guide 

Sleek, clever, and eager to please, the Blue Lacy is an all American dog breed through and through. While he has yet to be recognized by any major breed clubs in the United States, this Texas dog has still managed to make a name for himself in the hearts of many breed fanciers and enthusiasts.

But what is it about this beautiful, versatile working dog that has so many dog lovers turning their heads? And would the Blue Lacy dog be the right dog for you and your family?

Keep reading to find out.


What Is A Blue Lacy?

Pic 1 a blue lacy looking at a lake
The Blue Lacy dog is a versatile working dog. 

Also known as the Lacy Dog, the Blue Lacy, or the Blue Lacy Dog, the Blue Lacy is an all around working dog breed created and perfected in Texas during the 19th century. (More on that below).

His creators gave special attention to the Blue Lacy’s breeding and focused on perfecting traits that included an all around trainability, work ethic, and family friendly personality. Today, the Blue Lacy makes a fabulous family dog and is still employed as a working dog by many hunters, trappers, and ranchers throughout the United States. In fact, the Blue Lacy is currently the most commonly used trapping dog amongst trappers to date.

He is so popular, in fact, that he was named Texas’s state dog in 2001. However, considering the Blue Lacy has yet to find his ranks on the American Kennel Club and other major breed club standings, he is not eligible for show.

This is a shame, considering the Blue Lacy Dog is renowned for his trainability, athleticism, and eagerness to please. In fact, enthusiasts have claimed this breed has such a deep seeded instinct as a herding dog that he can be put on the ranch without any training and simply know what to do.

Gentle by nature but focused and fearless, the Blue Lacy is excellent with driving any type of livestock. He manages skittish sheep and poultry while handling more dangerous animals like wild boar with ease.

In the home, the Blue Lacy makes an excellent companion. He has a natural patience for children and gets along well with other pets so long as he is properly trained and socialized. But before we talk about that, let’s go over how the Blue Lacy came to be.

Where Does The Blue Lacy Come From?

Pic 2 a blue lacy puppy
The Blue Lacy originated in Texas during the 19th century.

The Blue Lacy Dog is named less for the color of his coat and more for the family who created him. The Lacy family, moving from Kentucky to Texas in the 19th century, found they lacked an all around working dog who was compatible with family life as well as being an instinctually excellent herding dog.

Historians believe that the Blue Lacy is a combination of English Shepherds and Greyhounds, though we don’t know for certain. There has even been speculation that the Blue Lacy has a bit of Coyote in its DNA, though other documentation connects the Blue Lacy with Collies, wolves and sighthounds.

Originally bred as a working dog on the ranch and a boar hunting dog, the Blue Lacy has been described as a veristilbe herding and hunting breed who has the work ethic and stamina of five cowboys at once.

However, as years passed and technology became more widely used throughout the United States, the demand of the hard working Blue Lacy began to dwindle and the breed nearly became extinct. Luckily, breed enthusiasts were able to withhold the integrity of the breed and maintain its standard.

Today, the Blue Lacy dog is still widely employed throughout Texas and many other states as a trapping and ranching dog. That said, he is also rising in the ranks throughout the United States and Canada as a popular companion dog for families and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

The Blue Lacy Temperament And Personality Traits Like?

Pic 3 a profile view of a blue lacy dog
Blue Lacy dogs are great family dogs and get along well with children. 

In spite of his fierce work ethic, the Blue Lacy is known to be patient and gentle with children and other household pets, especially when properly trained and socialized. This breed is not typically an aggressive dog, though he can have some guardian instincts with other dogs.

The Blue Lacy is extremely loyal to his family and home, though he is still relatively friendly with outsiders once he gets to know them. Though not the most affectionate dog breed in the world, the Blue Lacy is still a love bug when he wants to be and will appreciate cuddles from time to time. However, he will also appreciate lots of adventure, outdoors time, and high-energy games.

This is a breed who is full of energy and loves to play, and will make an excellent companion to active families who spend lots of time outdoors. That said, the Blue Lacy also has a very high prey drive, and may not be the best dog for homes with smaller pets like cats, which he may try to herd around.

It’s also important to keep your Blue Lacy on a leash when out and about, as he could have an instinctual drive to chase after squirrels, rabbits, or other wild animals he comes across.

Remember, the Blue Lacy is an intelligent breed as well and, bred for working purposes, will need plenty of training, exercise and mental stimulation throughout his life to stay happy and healthy.

Let’s learn more.

What Are The Exercise and Training Requirements For A Blue Lacy?

Pic 4 a blue lacy running in a field
The Blue Lacy is a high energy dog who needs lots of exercise and mental stimulation. 

Because he is a working dog bred for lots of outdoor chores, it comes as no surprise the Blue Lacy Dog is an active, playful pup with lots of energy and stamina. He is also clever, as most herding breeds are, and will need both his mind and body put to work each and every day in order to ensure he is happy and healthy.

This is a breed who needs consistent exercise every day as well as play time in a backyard. A good hour walk in the morning and another, shorter walk in the evening should suffice when paired with some outdoor playtime in between.

Because of his high energy level, the Blue Lacy is a great companion for joggers and hikers. He enjoys being outdoors and having a job to do, and will love doing anything alongside his favorite people.

Along with daily walks and playtime, the Blue Lacy will also need plenty of mental stimulation. This can include lots of training that teaches challenging new tricks and cues. You can even provide your Blue Lacy with jobs to do around the home. Many people find that the Blue Lacy makes a very helpful companion when it comes to sorting the laundry, loading the dishwasher, and even bringing in the groceries.

Like most dogs, the Blue Lacy responds best to positive reinforcement methods including treats and praise. He is a sensitive dog who will shut down when scolded, so refrain from punishments as often as possible.

While the Blue Lacy dog is a very intelligent and trainable dog, he can also be prone to destructive behaviors due to boredom, including chewing, barking, and potty accidents.

When you are away, make sure you leave your Blue Lacy dog with plenty of things to keep him busy. This could include KONG toys stuffed with all his favorite treats and advanced puzzle toys. Another option is to crate train your Blue Lacy. Doing so properly can help reduce anxiety and help your dog rest properly while you are away.

Along with making sure your Blue Lacy dog is properly trained and exercised, it’s also imperative that he is properly socialized at an early age. Properly socializing your Blue Lacy should include introducing him to as many people, places, pets, sights, and sounds as possible to get him comfortable with his surroundings.

Socializing a dog not only helps reduce anxiety and build confidence, but it can also decrease behavioral problems in the future like fear based aggression and anxiety.

If you plan to raise children with a Blue Lacy dog, make sure you supervise very young kiddos around the Blue Lacy and teach older kids how to respectfully interact with their dog to ensure everyone is getting along well.

What Does A Blue Lacy Look Like?

Pic 5 a brown Blue lacy in snow
Not all Blue Lacy dogs are blue. 

As his name suggests, many Blue Lacy dogs are famous for their stunning bluish coat. However, not all Blue Lacy dogs are blue. Furthermore, their coat isn’t the only attribute they are known for.

Remember, this is an athletic, well-built breed with human-like eyes and a sense of purpose. Let’s take a look at what the average Blue Lacy Dog might look like below.

Blue Lacy Height: 18 to 21 Inches

Blue Lacy Weight: 25 to 50 Lbs

Blue Lacy Coat Color: Blue, silver, charcoal, grey, light silver, red, rust, cream, and tri-color including brown, white and tan.

Coat Type: Short, dense, low shedding

Hypoallergenic Coat: No

Overview of the Blue Lacy:

The Blue Lacy looks similar to a Labrador upon first glance, but after closer inspection it’s clear this is no such dog. With his amber or blue colored eyes, thinner muzzle, and longer ears, the Blue Lacy is a beautiful dog with hints of something wild beneath the surface.

He has long legs, an alert and athletic build, and comes in a number of coat color combinations that can make it difficult for the novice to determine what exactly this dog is.

How Do You Groom A Blue Lacy?

Pic 6 a blue lacy in grass
Blue Lacy dogs need hardly any grooming or upkeep. 

As an all around working dog breed, one of his best attributes is that the Blue Lacy is relatively easy to upkeep. He requires very little grooming, as his sleek coat hardly sheds, though this dog is not considered hypoallergenic.

He does shed most during shedding season, which is in spring and fall. During this time, the Blue Lacy dog may need more frequent brushing, however he typically does well with a once over using a slicker comb every few weeks or so.

The Blue Lacy does not require bathing often unless he gets particularly dirty, with most bath schedules coming about once every six to eight weeks. When you do bathe your Blue Lacy, be sure to use a dog safe shampoo and conditioner to ensure you do not strip his coat of the natural oils that help his skin and coat to stay healthy.

Like all dogs, the Blue Lacy will need his ears checked and cleaned regularly to keep them free of waxy buildup and moisture that could lead to ear infections. He should also have his nails trimmed or ground down on occasion to keep them from cracking or splitting. Last, his teeth should be brushed daily to keep them free of tartar buildup and gum disease.

What Is the Average Lifespan Of A Blue Lacy Dog Breed And Do They Have Any Serious Health Issues?

Pic 7 a close up of a blue lacy face
Blue Lacy’s are generally healthy, though some can suffer from skin and coat issues. 

All dogs can be prone to suffering from serious genetic health issues, and while the Blue Lacy Dog is no exception to this rule, he is a relatively healthy breed overall.

That said, there has been a correlation found with the blue colored Blue Lacy Dog and skin and coat health, with these dogs having a higher instance of hair loss and other health issues.

With a lifespan of around 12 to 16 years, the Blue Lacy dog is most prone to suffering from:

  • Skin and Coat Allergies
  • Alopecia
  • Color Dilution Alopecia
  • Aesthesia Sensitivity
  • Demodex Mange (AKA Demodicosis)
  • And Bone and Joint Issues (Though Rarely)

The good news is that, due to responsible and careful breeding practices for generations, the Blue Lacy has a relatively high gene pool and is therefore a generally long-lived and robust dog. You can help further reduce your chances of winding up with a sick Blue Lacy by ensuring you get your dog from a reputable source.

Experts also recommend keeping up on routine vet visits and ensuring your Blue Lacy is properly groomed and exercised. Diet is also very important for your Blue Lacy’s overall health.

As a high energy, large breed dog, the Blue Lacy will do best on a high quality dog food that is specified for his age, weight and activity level.

The ideal dog food will be rich in protein and free of any additives, by-products, fillers, dyes and preservatives. Because he can be prone to skin and coat issues and sensitivities, the Blue Lacy may be a good candidate for limited ingredient diets that assist in overall coat and skin health.

We will list some of our favorite limited ingredient diet dog foods for the Blue Lacy further down, but for now let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of owning a Blue Lacy dog.

What Are Some Pros And Cons Of Owning A Blue Lacy?

Pic 8 a blue lacy on a couch
Blue Lacy dogs are very high energy. 

While we think the Blue Lacy is great, we also understand that he’s not the best dog for everyone. Before you decide if the Blue Lacy is right for you, let’s go over a list of pros and cons that come with owning a Blue Lacy breed that any potential owner should consider.

Pros To Owning A Blue Lacy :

  • They are highly intelligent and trainable
  • Blue Lacy Dogs do well with children and families
  • They are energetic and make wonderful hiking companions
  • They love to play
  • These dogs are great companions for outdoor enthusiasts
  • They require very little grooming maintenance
  • Blue Lacy Dogs are inexpensive and easy to find
  • They are relatively healthy and long-lived breeds

Cons To Owning A Blue Lacy :

  • Blue Lacy Dogs require consistent training throughout their lives
  • They are very high energy
  • They require lots of exercise each and every day
  • They require plenty of mental stimulation
  • Blue Lacy dogs can be prone to destructive behavior if they get bored
  • Some Blue Lacy dogs can be territorial with other dogs in the home 
  • Blue coated Blue Lacy dogs are more prone to health issues
  • They have a high prey drive and strong herding instinct, which can be problematic for some owners

What Is The Ideal Home Type For A Blue Lacy?

Pic 9 a black and white picture of a blue lacy
Blue Lacy dogs will thrive with active owners who enjoy spending time outdoors.

Like most working dog breeds, the Blue Lacy will do best with experienced owners who understand his unique needs and intelligence. This is a dog who is going to need consistent training throughout his life and will thrive with a family who enjoys harnessing all his energy and creative thinking into something positive.

The Blue Lacy is also not an ideal apartment dog. He needs plenty of space to play and run and will do best in homes with large, secure yards where he can get his energy out with owners who are able and willing to walk him at least twice a day.

Choosing A Blue Lacy Puppy Or Rescue – Tips On Finding The Healthiest Blue Lacy Possible

Pic 10 blue lacy puppies
You can help ensure your chances of raising a healthy Blue Lacy dog by getting your Blue Lacy from a reputable source.

It is true that Blue Lacy dogs as a breed are relatively healthy, but that doesn’t mean you should skimp on sources when it comes to finding the Blue Lacy dog of your dreams. When looking for a Blue Lacy puppy, it’s best to go through reputable breeders who have a history with the breed and who are able to provide you with health certificates clearing their puppies of any serious health concerns.

On average, most reputable breeders charge around $800 to $1000 for a Blue Lacy puppy. While this can be a steep price for many of us, it’s still best not to try and cut corners by going through backyard breeders or online sellers toting puppies at a discounted price.

You may accidentally be supporting puppy mills or even wind up with a sick puppy, which can cost you more money in the long run anway.

Another option you have is adopting a Blue Lacy. There are plenty of breed specific rescues throughout the US and many in Texas, and these shelters should be able to help connect you with a fabulous Blue Lacy Dog.

There are plenty of benefits of going through a rescue or shelter to adopt a dog. For instance, adopting a dog is generally a fraction of the cost of going through a breeder. You may also be able to adopt a Blue Lacy dog who has outgrown his rambunctious puppyhood stage, which can be trying with this already high-energy breed.

Many shelters will even offer a free initial vet exam to ensure their dogs are cleared of any serious health issues, and oftentimes dogs will have even undergone behavioral testing before being placed for adoption.

Whichever route you choose to take when getting your Blue Lacy dog, just make sure it is through a source you trust.

The Top 5 Products Every Blue Lacy Owner Needs

Pic 11 a blue Lacy sniffing the air
The Blue Lacy will love having puzzle toys to play with.

The Blue Lacy is a unique dog with a number of unique needs, and we want to help you and your pup start off on the right paw. Have you decided to bring a Blue Lacy into your home? If so, you’re in luck.

Take a look below at our five favorite products for Blue Lacy dogs and their owners.

New World Folding Dog Crate

No products found.

The Blue Lacy is an excellent candidate for crate training, as this will not only help curb his enthusiastic energy throughout the day but also help reduce anxiety and stress. The above dog crate by New World is a wonderful crate for the Blue Lacy dog.

It includes a double door or single door depending on your needs, and comes in several different sizes. The metal crate is foldable for easy storage and has a removable bottom for easy cleaning.

PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness

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The PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness is one of our favorite no pull dog harnesses for large breed dogs. This harness is safe, comfortable, and helps alleviate pulling during walks without putting pressure on your dog’s sensitive throat.

The above harness is a front clip harness that redirects the Blue Lacy back to you when he pulls, reducing the instinct to pull by removing the pressure put on his chest or back. The sides of the harness are also padded, for extra comfort.

Nina Ottosson Interactive Puzzle Toy

No products found.

Remember, the Blue Lacy dog is famous for his intelligence, and that clever mind will need lots of stimulation in order to keep your dog happy and healthy. We recommend investing in an advanced puzzle toy like the Outward Hound toy listed above.

This interactive dog toy uses treats and challenges to help encourage your dog to use his brain and get to the food. You can order it in different levels depending on your unique Blue Lacy Dog, and fill it with different treats and goodies to keep him interested.

Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Dog Food

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Because the Blue Lacy breed can be prone to skin and coat issues, we recommend a high quality dog food that is rich in protein and also helps support a healthy skin and coat.

The above dog food is a limited ingredient diet that includes rich proteins like lamb and healthy carbs like brown rice. It also contains essential amino acids and fibers for strong muscles and healthy digestion.

Wellness Core Simple Canned Dog Food

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Another dog food we like for the Blue Lacy is by Wellness Core Simple. As its name suggests, this is a simple combination of limited ingredients including lamb and oatmeal, and is designed to help support a healthy digestion as well as a healthy skin and coat.

It is specially designed for dogs who have food sensitivities and allergies like the Blue Lacy, and is made with all natural ingredients that are free of by products, fillers, and artificial flavors. Best of all, it is also high in protein to keep your active and athletic Blue Lacy feeling his best.

So, what do you think about the Blue Lacy Dog? Did you realize this beautiful purebred was not yet recognized by any major breed clubs in the United States?

Tell us what you found most interesting about the BLue Lacy dog in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading!

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