The Best Dog Water Bottle

Like so many dog lovers all over the planet, I’ve always loved bringing my dogs with me to explore the outdoors. Whether we’re doing grueling mountain hikes or long river-floating trips, it’s always been fun to have a dog’s companionship. But something I have always worried about is this: how do I most effectively bring water along for my dog? With my childhood German shepherds, Bella and Clancy, I often brought an extra water bottle for them and cupped my hands to form a bowl. Water leaked out no matter how hard I squeezed my hands together, but usually the dogs got a good drink before it all slid between my palms.

Miss Eira hasn’t figured out how to drink from my hands. She just stares at the water and watches it drip down to nothing. When you’re out hiking, the last thing you want to do is waste water! But I don’t blame Eira for looking askance at my “water bowl.” Recently, I bought her a collapsible travel dish that works well for both food and water. If you bring a water bottle for yourself and your dog and pour water into the collapsible bowl, you’re set.

But I wanted my life (and Eira’s) to be even easier. And less wasteful. Because even with the collapsible bowl, Eira doesn’t always drink all the water I pour in, and it’s hard to guess just how much she’ll drink at a given time. When we’re camping, this is fine. I can leave the water out for several hours and eventually, she gets down to the bottom of the bowl. But on a hike or a road trip, I have to toss water out or risk it spilling everywhere.

The Best Dog Water Bottle 1Even on summer hikes that feature snow (hello, Alaska!) you need to bring water for your dog! Here, Eira enjoys a mountain climb (aka tug session) with her grandma. 

That’s when I decided to look into the best dog water bottle. And I found the perfect one for Eira and me. Read on to find out which one it is!


ATLIN Dog Water Bottle

While this isn’t the bottle I chose for Eira, it’s an excellent travel bottle nonetheless. The bottle itself is made of stainless steel, while the bowl portion is silicone. What’s neat about this bottle is that the silicone is flush with the stainless steel bottle until you flip it out to use. Instead of being a bowl shape, the silicone is elongated, nicely fitting your dog’s tongue. The entire bottle is also dishwasher safe, which is a huge plus, and it comes in three sizes, the largest of which is 20 ounces. Perfect for a long hike! And the stainless steel helps keep the water cold and fresh.

The downside to this bottle is that you have to pour unused water back into the bottle somewhat manually: you have to kind of coax it back down the spout and then plug the spout with your hand. It’s not that big of a deal, but for me — someone who wants it to be easy to save leftover water — it wasn’t much different than trying to pour water from a travel bowl back into the water bottle.

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FAOUGESS Dog Water Bottle

If you’ve got a smaller dog, or you often take your dog on shorter walks or hikes that don’t require huge amounts of water, this small, compact water bottle is perfect for you. It uses coconut shell activated carbon to purify the water before it reaches the watering trough portion of the bottle, so you know your dog is getting the cleanest, safest water possible.

The downsides to this bottle are that you have to hand-wash it, and that it can be hard to open. But if you use it correctly, it’s leakproof, compact, and features a mechanism that sucks unused water back into the bottle. The reason I didn’t purchase this one for Eira is that it only holds 11 ounces, which isn’t quite enough for us.

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Iesotc Pet Water Bottle for Dogs

The Best Dog Water Bottle 2
We love the Iesotc Pet Water Bottle! The silicone lid features a straw to suck water up when you squeeze the bottle. It’s genius!

Out of all the travel water bottles I searched on Amazon, one stood out above the rest: the Iesotc Pet Water Bottle for Dogs. It’s not made of stainless steel, but of thick plastic, which works fine for me — plus it’s got an 18-ounce capacity. The silicone water bowl sits just atop the water bottle and folds down over it when not in use. Best of all? This water bottle sucks the water back in once you’re done! There’s a little knob in the center of the bowl. If you turn it to ‘open’, water both squeezes into the bowl and, if you stop squeezing, suctions back into the bottle. If you turn it to ‘lock’, the bowl does not suck water back in. When your dog’s done drinking, simply turn the knob and the water will swoosh back into the bottle, saved for later use. Take a look at the video below for an example.

So far, I absolutely love this water bottle. It’s incredibly easy to use, it’s worth its (inexpensive) price, and it’s durable. Eira loves it, too.

The Best Dog Water Bottle 3

Eira drinks out of her Iesotc Pet Water Bottle. I love that the top folds down after she’s done drinking; it saves space AND water. Double win. 

You can choose from two colors, and the bottle disassembles for easy hand-washing. There’s also a strap on the bottle, so you can attach it to your dog’s harness or leash or to your own backpack while out on a hike. I’m going to bring this bottle in the car with me in the wintertime so that I can give Eira water easily while she hangs out in the car on our various errands. It’s the perfect size!

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Anpetbest Dog Water Bottle

If you want a classic water bottle design where the bottle folds out completely and pours into a large trough, this is the travel water bottle for you. The bottle and silicone trough fold together when not in use, and then to use it you open the set up and let the bottled water flow into the trough. While small, the bottle is lightweight and features a lanyard for easy carrying. It’s meant to be disassembled for handwashing. It’s not easy to put unused water back into bottle, but it is possible to do so.

Also, this water bottle features an adorable bone and claw design that will bring a smile to your face every time you look at it.

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PupFlask Portable Dog Water Bottle

If your dog is huge (or just loves to drink lots and lots of water) this bottle from PupFlask will meet your needs the best out of all the water bottles I’ve found. Why? Because its largest size has a capacity of 40 ounces! Designed a lot like the ATLIN Dog Water Bottle, the PupFlask is made from stainless steel with a leaf-shaped flask that folds out.

Choose from four bright colors with this water bottle — and best of all, enjoy excellent customer service from the company, plus a lifetime guarantee on the product. For your big pup that guzzles water faster than you can squeeze or pour it out, this water bottle is the answer!

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Vivaglory Travel Bottle With Carrier

The Vivaglory travel bottle is, like the others on this list, leakproof. It also holds a decently large amount of water — 25 ounces. It’s a flask-style water bottle like the PupFlask and the ATLIN bottle. But the real plus with this bottle is that it comes with a neoprene sleeve carrier to help keep your pup’s H2O nice and cold — and to make it much easier for you to transport the bottle on your backpack, leash, or dog backpack. Or you can just sling the bottle around your shoulder, because the carrier comes with a long shoulder strap. How cool is that?

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It’s never been easier to find an easy way to efficiently transport water for your dog. No matter how big or small your dog is, or how long you’ll be away from home, the selection of dog water bottles above has the answer to your needs. I’m extremely happy with my waste-less water bottle — and glad my days of cupping my hands together are over!

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