20 Best Christmas Gifts for Dogs 

Does your dog enjoy the holiday season as much as you do? I know for certain mine does. From a festive morning walk with all the family to tearing open his presents and licking his lips as we carve the turkey, the celebrations are just as much for our four-legged friends as they are for us.

If you’re anything like me, choosing the perfect gift for a loved one is all part of the fun and that includes your dog! I’ve already started my hunt for some wonderful doggie Christmas presents and I thought I’d share some of my inspiration with you. After all, there is a gift out there to suit every dog, big or small, bouncy or a bit of a sofa dog.

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There’s a toy out there for every dog 


Gifts for puppies

Snuggle heat pack

These are wonderful aids for younger pups. Providing comfort and soothing, the pulsing heartbeat and heat pack can help to relax anxious puppies, particularly during crate training. Featuring a disposable heat pack that lasts up to 24 hours and a battery powered pulsing heartbeat. This is a medicinal free puppy comforter, this plush toy is ideal for your dog to snuggle with and is also machine washable for easy cleaning.

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Plush interactive puzzle

To get your puppy started with puzzle toys this plush hide and seek toy is ideal. A wonderful boredom buster you can sit back and relax while your puppy enjoys solving this toy. Available in four sizes, will your pup be able to find and remove the squirrels with their squeakers hidden inside the plush tree trunk?

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Puppy chews

We all know that puppies need a tasty treat to help them with their training and these are just the ticket. Gentle on sensitive tummies, these treats come in two tasty flavours, lamb & salmon and chicken & carrot. Soft for little teeth, these treats are made from natural ingredients and are grain-free. They also don’t contain any meat by-products, corn, wheat, dairy or any artificial colors and flavors.

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Chews for puppies can help with teething

Teething stick

Teething is anything but fun… or is it? Pop this teething stick covered in streamers and flags for added interest in the freezer for an hour or two for a cool treat for your teething puppy, helping to ease any soreness. Once frozen the stick will turn crunchy to help satisfy your pups urge to chew.

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Puppy blanket

My dog still has his puppy blanket and I bet there are plenty of other dogs out there that have theirs too! For a simple comfort toy that will last a lifetime a plush blanket like this one is ideal for younger pups who love to snuggle. Available in four sizes making it ideal for any breed of dog. This comforting blanket features double sided velvet fabrics is also machine washable for easy cleaning.

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Foodie gifts

Food ball

Do you have a food-obsessed, high energy dog like me? If it’s a yes, you will want to get your hands on one of these dog food balls. I got one for my spaniel Alfie a few years ago now and it has transformed his meal times. Not only are they great fun but they are also ideal for any pups who like to scoff their food a little too quickly (I’m looking at all the Labradors!) Available in both large and small, simply fill the bottom chamber with your dogs biscuits and adjust the opening to regulate the difficulty for your pooch. The added anti-slip bottom makes the toy wobble providing extra interest.

Alfie enjoying his food ball 

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Antler chew

These elk antlers are not only 100% natural, they are also mess and odour free. Perfect! If you are after a dog chew that will keep your dog amused for hours then this is the one for you. Available in various sizes, these grade A elk antlers are also a source of calcium for your dog as well as phosphorus, glucosamine and chondroitin & other vitamins and minerals.

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Holiday stocking

Who said holiday stockings were just for humans? Everyone deserves a little treat at Christmas, especially our four-legged friends and with one of these reasonably priced rawhide holiday stockings, you really can’t go wrong but maybe don’t let your dog eat all their treats at once… Featuring a selection of healthy rawhide treats to help keep your dogs teeth clean & shiny, stockings come in three sizes with different sized treats making them suitable for all breeds of dog.

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Dog biscuit cookbook

Get this cookbook in advance and get baking ready for the Christmas day. Packed with over 100 recipes, your dog’s tail is going to be wagging all year if you promise to bake them these treats every week. Not only are all the recipes featured organic, they are also all free from wheat corn and soy for healthy treats. All easy to make with minimal preparation required, never again will you be tempted to dash to the store for more pre-made treats.

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Holiday bib

With a festive holiday bib like this, your dog is going to be the star of the show this Christmas. Ready for their extra special Christmas dinner, these are also perfect if you are planning on taking a festive family photograph. With two designs included, these doggy bibs are made from 100% cotton. Available in two sizes to suit a variety of dog breeds, it is recommended that you measure your dog’s neck before ordering.

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Top dog toy gifts


This is a bestseller on Amazon and I know why! The ultra ball isn’t just any old ball, it’s super durable, made from a tough rubber with a textured surface that bounces brilliantly and it floats too. My spaniel enjoys the odd game of fetch but he’s a terror for destroying toys and this is the only ball he has not shredded. Available as a pack of two, the balls come in a variety of sizes to suit all breeds. Lightweight, they are also ideal to pack for a day out or a holiday away with your No.1 pup.

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Indestructible, dogs love a Chuckit! ball 

Dog ball thrower

To accompany your indestructible dog ball how about one of these fab ball throwers? I can pretty much guarantee that I’ll meet a fellow dog walker with one of these fab gadgets on one of our walks for endless fetch fun. Designed for a hands-free pickup, these ball throwers measure 26cm and are lightweight making them ideal to keep in the car for trips to the park.

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Rope toys

I do love a good rope toy for dogs. They are great! Made from durable materials, they are almost indestructible and most importantly, lots of fun. Ideal if you’ve got a dog who loves a good tug of war in the garden or who is a bit of a chewer. Available in this multipack are 11 rope toys in various sizes and styles for added interest. Also included are two floss rope toys to help your dog clean their teeth at the same time.

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Zero stuffing toy

We all need a good cuddly toy now and again and these plush dog toys are extremely popular with many a dog owner. With zero stuffing for added durability and a squeaker for extra entertainment, they are a great toy if your dog loves to retrieve. A pack of three,  featuring a fox, racoon and squirrel, these toys are available in large and small making them suitable for all breeds of dog.

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Interactive tail toy

Make sure you get your phone out to record your dog with this toy. These interactive tails are brilliant. Wonderful for dogs with lots of energy they wiggle, vibrate and bark making them ideal for hours of endless fun. Battery powered, they are easy to use with a simple on off button. Proven to reduce boredom, the electronic ball is covered in a soft outer cover with replacement covers available.

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Gifts for mature dogs

Winter coat

Available in a variety of styles and colours these lovely dog coats are both waterproof and windproof, making them ideal for pooches who feel the cold. My parents whippet-cross Rupert is 14 and with his fur being a little thinner than it used to be, he loves his coat during the colder weather. Available in a wide range of sizes to suit many a dog breed, it is recommend you measure your dog before ordering. Featuring a plain and plaid side for added interest, in a variety of colours, these stylish coats are also waterproof and windproof. Made from a polyester, terylene/cotton mix, they are easy to put on and take off with hook and loop fastener.

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Rupert in his winter coat

Heat pad

I would do anything to enjoy a day snuggling on one of these wonderful heat pads. The gentle heat is soothing for dogs suffering from arthritis and for those who just love a nice warm spot to sit and keep warm. Easy to use, this heat pad is available in three sizes, featuring a removable (chew resistant) polyester cover for easy-cleaning. Switch to the auto setting for 1-12 timed heating.

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Orthopaedic dog bed 

Sometimes it’s difficult to get comfortable but if there’s any way we can make this easier for our dogs it’s with this orthopaedic dog bed featuring a memory foam cushion a plush cover that is removable for easy-cleaning. Available in three sizes, the rubber backing provides a non-slip base and bolster soft bolster sides provide extra support and comfort for your dog.

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Digestive treats

Our digestion is important, particularly as we get older and these tasty dog treats are available in three flavors, including peanut butter with healthy fats, vitamin B, E and protein. Pumpkin with natural omegas and antioxidants and mint with added vitamin A B12 and C for natural teeth cleaning. Made from all-natural ingredients, they include no wheat, corn, soy, artificial flavoring, by-products.

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Just because your dog is a little older doesn’t mean they won’t enjoy a good toy to keep them amused. Not only is this lickmat lovely for dogs who enjoy foodie treats such as peanut butter, but it’s also ideal who any dog who suffers from anxiety. Made from non-toxic plastic, these lickmats come in two sizes and are easy to clean.

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I hope my guide to the very best Christmas gifts for dogs has got you feeling all inspired for the holiday season. Fingers crossed one of these gifts is going to make your No.1 dog very happy indeed! If any of you reading this have already purchased any of the gifts featured, I would love to hear what you and your dog think of them in comments below.

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