Whistle Tracker Review

The Whistle Tracker is a small device that uses GPS signal to track your dog’s location and its activity. It easily attaches to your dog’s collar and is built extremely tough and waterproof.

When the device is fully charged and attached to your dog’s collar, you can use the associated app and all of its features after purchasing a subscription. The most important feature on the app is the location tracker. You are able to mark a box or circle around a desired location, such as your home or yard, and the app will warn you if your dog ever leaves the “invisible fence” you set up through the app. You can then view your dog’s updated location whenever you need to.

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Whistle Tracker Review 1
The Whistle app shows where Aspen is located. The green circle is her “safe zone” or the “invisible fence” that I set up. When aspen leaves this area, I get an alert on my phone.


What is the Whistle Tracker?

The app also allows you to see how much your dog moves during the day. It will tell you how many calories your dog has burned, the distance it traveled, and how many hours during the day your dog was resting. You can even set an exercise goal for your dog and the app will tell you how close or far away they are from reaching their goal. After using the Whistle Tracker for a while, the app will give you average values for these parameters and keep track of different awards and achievements your dog has earned.

Whistle Tracker Review 2
The Whistle app lets me see the calories that Aspen has burned, the distance she traveled, and how much of the day she spent resting. It also shows me how close she is to meeting her exercise goal.

Whistle Tracker Review 3
The Whistle Tracker fits securely on your dog’s collar and keeps track of their location and activity. That information then gets sent straight to the app on your phone.

Who needs the Whistle Tracker?

Do you ever worry about where your dog might be? Or worry about whether or not your dog gets enough activity during the day? Does your dog tend to roam or run off if it gets off the leash or out of the yard? If so, then this tracker might be for you!

If your dog is a Beagle, Austrailian Shepherd, or any other breeds that tends to run away or chase something due to a strong prey drive, this tracker may be a good purchase for you.

If you are trying to help your dog lose weight and think that keeping track of how much activity they get during the day is important, this tracker might be the one for you.

My husband and I used to spend our summers on my in-law’s ranch. Our Siberian Husky, Aspen, was able to run around freely outside with the other dogs and loved it. Then, one day, she ran away and we couldn’t find her. She was missing for more than 24 hours before one of the neighbors found her. During those few hours she was missing, my husband and I spent all of our time searching and worrying about her safety. We had no clue where she was or how far she could have traveled. We posted on the internet and talked to the neighbors. Everyone was on the lookout. It was complete luck that one of the neighbors found her almost 6 miles away.

After that incident, my husband and I decided we needed to invest in a pet tracker. We knew it would ease our minds and help us keep Aspen safe at the ranch.

We aren’t the only people who decided to get a pet tracker after our dog ran off. Here is a video from a man who bought a Whistle Tracker to keep track of his own dog after a similar event.

Whistle Tracker Review 4

This tracker is great for our dog, Aspen. She loves to run off the leash and this tracker lets my husband and I keep track of where she is at and how much activity she is getting.

 Pros and Cons


  • Waterproof
  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Many app features
    • Location tracker
    • Activity tracker
    • Calories burned
    • Distance traveled
    • Hours of rest
    • Percentage of exercise goal reached
    • Achievements
    • Multiple safe places
    • Push notifications, email notifications, and/or text notifications
  • Great customer service
  • Can use multiple tracker devices on one app


  • Monthly subscription
  • Requires a smartphone for the app
  • Tracker needs charged regularly
  • Only available in U.S. and where AT&T cellular service is available
  • Fits on collars 1 inch thick or less

Whistle Tracker Review 5

No matter what your dog likes to do for fun, whether it is swimming or playing in the dirt, this tracker is tough and can withstand it.

Comparison to Other Trackers

Garmin T5 GPS Dog Collar

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The Garmin Tracker is more expensive than the Whistle Tracker and has less features. It might be a good purchase if all you want is the location tracker with none of the extra features that the Whistle Tracker comes with.

The Garmin Tracker does not require a subscription, however, to track your dog, you have to purchase a handheld device that is not included with the GPS dog collar. This increases the price of the Garmin Tracker, but if you don’t like the idea of paying a subscription, this might be the tracker for you.

The Garmin Tracker is also bulkier than the Whistle Tracker and has a large antenna attached to it that may get in the way at times.

Black + Decker Smart Dog Collar

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The Black + Decker Tracker is very comparable to the Whistle Tracker. This tracker requires an app, a subscription plan, and tracks your dog’s location and activity. It is slightly less expensive to purchase, however the monthly subscription is about the same price.

The Black + Decker Tracker comes in the form of a collar, so if your dog’s neck size is larger than 21 inches or smaller than 15 inches, it won’t fit your dog as well as it should. The collar is dependent upon 2G coverage, so there are some areas in the United States that the collar will not work effectively in.

One feature that the Black + Decker Tracker has that the Whistle Tracker does not, is 2-way audio. This allows you to talk to your dog through the collar when they are away from you.

Findster Duo + Pet Tracker

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The Findster Duo + Tracker works as a location tracker and an activity tracker. It requires a one-time purchase of the device with no additional subscription.

It gives real time location updates through an app on your phone and works in every country. The device was designed to track the location of your dog during walks and not necessarily all day or for distant locations. The battery life and the range that your dog can be tracked is less than the Whistle Tracker.

 Overall Thoughts on Whistle Tracker

The Whistle Tracker may be a perfect purchase for anyone who wants to keep track of their dog’s location and/or how much exercise and activity their dog gets. Even though you have to pay a subscription, I believe this tracker comes out on top when compared to other trackers for the number of features you get and the quality of the device and app. I know that my stress and worry level has dramatically decreased while using the Whistle Tracker on my own dog. I especially like taking it on road trips to places that I am not familiar with. I can count on always being able to find my dog if I need to. Anyone who ever wonders where their dog is at or worries about them running away should maybe think about looking into this product and everything it has to offer.

Whistle Tracker Review 6
I can rest easy knowing I can always find Aspen’s location on the Whistle Tracker app.

Whistle Tracker Review 7