20 Best Gifts For Dog Lovers

It can often be a challenge coming up with gifts for dog lovers. Birthdays and other special occasions.  If you have a friend or family member that is a dog owner and dog lover, fear not, there are lots of unusual, quirky, practical and distinctive gift ideas out there.

We have pulled together a list of twenty best gifts that we hope give you some inspiration!


1. For the Dog Lover That Needs to Destress

Do you have a friend that has a high-stress job, maybe they find it difficult to relax?  This Dog Lover Adult Coloring in Book will combine their love of dogs with the ability to destress for a while.

Adult coloring books have become extremely popular in recent years.  They are an inexpensive and easy way to switch off from the stresses of daily life.

There is also the option to buy coloring in postcards with a dog theme, and then these can be used as an extra thoughtful thank you card or other communication to loved ones.  They are sure to appreciate it given it has that little extra touch. A thoughtful present that doesn’t cost the earth. If you do want to provide them with something extra, why not also buy them some good quality coloring pens too.  These ones from Staedtler have a good reputation.

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2. For the Dog Owner That Likes to Coordinate with Their Dog

Do you have a friend that loves to collar coordinate their outfit with their dog’s collar or bandana?  Do you know that they are very eco-conscious? Why not consider this unique gift set.  It contains a collar for a dog along with a matching friendship bracelet.  It is also made out of environmentally friendly hemp. Super sweet, gift boxed and ethical too.  A perfect unique present for the lady dog lover in your life.

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3. For the Person With a Senior Dog

As your dog moves into their golden years, whilst it is always good to live in the moment and enjoy the time you have left with them, you may often find yourself thinking about life without them.

For a person in this situation having things that can help them to remember their dog by can be reassuring.

Why not consider gifting this Dog Photo Frame with Paw Imprint Set.  It is a wonderful, personalised gift option and one that will allow the recipient to have a treasured memory of their dog for the years to come.

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4. For the Board Game Fanatic

Is there someone in your family that is not only a dog lover but an avid board game player.  Do they always want to get the games out at family gatherings? Why not consider gifting Dog-Opoly, the doggy version of the famous and much-loved board game.

This could be the perfect after-dinner entertainment at Christmas time!

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5. For the Aspiring Baker

Do you have a dog-loving friend that is always baking cookies for their visitors?  This mini cookie cutter set in a storage tin could be the perfect gift.  All the cutters have a doggy shaped theme.

Or maybe you want to keep the cutters for yourself and, instead, gift some home-baked goodies to your doggy loving friends instead.  You could even make some doggy-safe cookies that could be a gift for their dog too.

If you are looking for inspiration for what doggy treats to make or you want to add something extra to the gift then this Organic Dog Biscuit Cookbook could be a great addition.

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6. For the Hairy Dog Owner

If you don’t like getting covered in dog hair when you visit your doggy loving friend’s house, then this could also be a purchase that has a slightly selfish motivation.  There is nothing worse than embedded dog hairs on sofas, beds and on our legs, after the dog has sat on our lap for a cuddle. The shedding big breeds like Labradors and German Shepherds can be the worst for this.

It may not be a glamorous gift, but a good Pet Hair Removal Tool can be a super useful and practical pressie.

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You could also consider getting them a Furminator for helping to rid their dog of those unwanted hairs.  It is one of the most effective brushes for shedding dogs on the market.

7. For the Dog Lover with a Sense of Humour

Okay, this one might not be for everyone but if you know that your doggy loving friend has a wicked sense of humour then maybe this super realistic handcrafted Doggy Doody Soap will get some giggles.

You could even take it a step further with the practical jokes and trick them into thinking their dog has had an accident in the house, just make sure they don’t scold the dog or that the dog thinks it is suitable for eating!

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8. For the Book Worm

Do you have a friend that has an insatiable appetite for reading?  Do they always have their head stuck in a book? There are lots of really fantastic books out there about inspiring dog stories.  A recent favourite is the New York Times Bestseller List entry Finding Gobi.  This is the story of Ultra Runner Dion Leonard and his wonderful rescue dog Gobi.  When Leonard was competing in an ultra race through the Gobi Desert in China, he was suddenly joined by a sweet little stray dog who then accompanied him on the final 77 miles of the journey.  The story of what happened after this is truly inspiring and a great read.

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If you are looking for a book for a younger dog lover why not consider Walter the Farting Dog.  Not only is it promoting dog adoption but the humour in the books is infectious.

9. For the Person That Is Passionate About Dog Training

Do you know someone that is always attending training classes with their dog?  Are they out every weekend at competing in a dog sport?

Getting them something that will help them along their training journey could be a thoughtful and practical gift.  Always do your research to make sure you won’t double up on a bit of kit they already have.

Maybe you could get them a new clicker for their positive dog training sessions (you could even have it personalised) or perhaps you could get them a great new treat pouch.  The Doggone Good Treat pouches are super popular.

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10. For the Person That Has Just Had a Baby

For those people that have just welcomed a new two-legged addition to their family, they will often be showered with lovely gifts.  Why not set yourself apart by getting them something with a humorous twist and a reference to the much-loved doggy members of the family.

This babygro will likely have everyone smiling whenever they pop by to visit the family!

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Don’t forget when you visit to bring a treat for the dogs too and share our article on how to help dogs and children live harmoniously together.

12. For a Person That Has Just Lost Their Dog

Losing a pet can be like losing a beloved member of the family.  It can be a tough time and knowing that you have loved ones out there thinking about you at this time can be very comforting.  It can also be lovely having a special memento.

This necklace has a locket section that can be used to place a little of the departed dog’s ashes inside so that the owner will feel they are carrying a bit of them with them all the time.

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Another option is to have a portrait of their pet commissioned from a photograph.

13. For the Fashionista

When researching this article, this is the one product that I have been sorely tempted to rush off and buy myself.  Great fun and from a great brand, so expect they will be super comfy and well reviewed. What is not to love about these playful dog themed flats from Skechers?

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If you have a friend that loves unique and quirky fashion and celebrating their love of dogs, then this could make a great and unique gift.

14.  For the Coffee Drinker

Okay, so getting your friend or family member a coffee mug is not the most original idea, but we love this versatile travel mug.  Perfect for a dog walker on the go it can hold drinks and it will also keep water cold on a hot day.  If you have a friend that enjoys a long hike with their dog, does an early morning dog walk and can’t function without a coffee or always has to have a coffee on the run then this could be the perfect gift.

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15. For the Wine Lover

If you are looking for a gift for a wine connoisseur that has a doggy theme, then you will be spoilt for choice.

You could opt to get them a wine glass with a fun doggy message on it, or featuring a cute doggy face.

Or if you want to splash out a bit more and go for something a bit more unique and that will look great on any countertop, this dog shaped cork holder is also fab.

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16. For the Person That Likes to Shop

For your doggy loving friend that can be found on regular shopping sprees, why not get them a doggy-themed tote or shopper.  Perfect for scrunching up inside their handbag and pulling out for those spur of the moment spending sprees. It is also much more eco-friendly than getting a carrier bag from the store.

There are lots of different designs and styles.  The ones that are easy to roll up and squeeze into even the smallest handbag are our favourite, just like this one from LOQI DOGS.

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17. For the Person That Loves Camping

Do you know someone that is always away on adventures every chance they get? At the weekend they will head off for a couple of nights camping.  Do they take their dog on every trip too?  Why not get a practical gift that would also benefit the dog when they are on these adventures.  If you are looking to splash out on a high quality item that will prove to be a great investment why not consider getting the dog its very own sleeping bag.  The Ruffwear Highlands Sleeping Bag is lightweight, packable, quick drying, water resistant and versatile.  Perfect for keeping the dog cozy and comfy on the trail.

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If the sleeping bag is over your budget then what about getting a portable dog bowl kit.  This one from Awakelion has a collapsible food and water bowl and also a sealed 5L capacity bag that is useful for storing the dog’s food supplies.

18.  For the Person Who Road Trips with Their Dog

Do you have a friend that never goes anywhere without their dog?  Getting them something they can use to help their dog stay hydrated whilst they are on a road trip could be a nice practical gift.  The Road Refresher is much more practical for use in the car than a typical travel bowl. It is designed to avoid leaks if it is accidentally tipped over and it can also be secured to the carpeted surface of the boat of a car using velcro fixtures.

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19. For the Person Whose Dog Has Everything

If you know your friend already spoils themselves and their dog rotten then why not consider giving some back in their honor.  You could support a charity that is close to their heart by making a donation. Perhaps they have adopted a dog from a particular charity, or maybe they have been involved in volunteering from a certain doggy organization.  You could also consider sponsoring a dog on their behalf. Guide dog puppies in training can be sponsored, and the recipient usually receives some new updates on the dog’s progress through the year.

20. For the Person That Would Love a Dog but Can’t Have One

There are lots of passionate dog lovers out there that don’t lead a lifestyle that would allow them to own a dog of their own.  That doesn’t mean that they won’t love a doggy related gift.

Why not get creative with your gift.  You could hand make some little vouchers to pop in a card entitling your friend to some free cuddles with your own dog or you could arrange for you both to go along to your local shelter to walk the dogs there for the day.

Other Gifts for Dog Lovers

Other gift ideas include:

  • Dog DNA test – a dog DNA test could reveal interesting tidbits of information and health conditions you should watch out in your dog
  • Custom Pet Portrait – a custom pet portrait can be a great piece of home decor
  • Dog Mom / Dog Dad / Man’s Best Friend Apparel
  • Dog Bed
  • Dog Water Bottle – A leak proof water bottle can come in very handy
  • Dog Socks

Hope this list of the best gifts for dog lovers gives you some inspiration. The best gifts for dog lovers can come in a such a variety of shapes and sizes – you can really work your imagination for this gift for the dog lover in your life.