10 Things You Need to Know about the Boxador

One of the most energetic dogs is a mix of a boxer and labrador.

The boxador mix, also known as a Boxador, comes in as a large breed dog. Some of the Boxer breeds can be slightly aggressive, and will need special attention.

Females generally can be 50-70 pounds while some of the bigger males will come in at closer to 90-100 pounds. 

They are very long in length, protective of their family, and are energetic and playful. I am here to tell you why the Boxador is a great family dog!


Health Concerns in Boxadors

While these are wonderful dogs, there are some common health concerns you must look out for in a boxador breed:

  • Cancer: While any type of dog could potentially have this deadly disease, boxer related breeds are more prone to it.
  • Heart disease: Another common possibility within the boxer breed. Research suggests that because of their high energy levels, their heart rate can often be higher than other breeds. 
  • Bloating, intestinal issues and allergies: Less common in the mix boxer breed, it is often found to be more of an issue within the Labrador portion of the breed. They still are prone to occasional stomach issues and allergies.

If any of these are a concern, check in with a local vet or specialist.

10 Things You Need to Know about the Boxador 1

The Boxador is a great Family dog

  1. They can be extremely nervous

While the breed is extremely fun and active, they often show signs of nervous habits. My boxador at home will often be very nervous and shows signs of veering away from loud noises and sudden jolts by humans.

The Boxer portion of the Boxador are known to be anxious, insecure and can be scared of being separated from their family. Reassuring your dog that you are there from them will help them shed away from their nervous habits.

  1.  They are very energetic

The boxer and labrador are generally very playful dogs, and when they are combined, the energy level is at a very high rate. In order to burn off this energy, a fenced in backyard or walks consistently will help burn off the energy. 

Often, I will play ball and frisbee for quite some time in order to burn off my Boxador’s energy, but also having a second dog will help wear the dog down every day. At the end of the night, with close to 30 minutes of exercise, your boxador will hopefully sleep through the night.

  1. They Growl and can be Aggressive

While this is not always true, certain Boxer mixed breeds often having a personality that can show signs of aggressiveness towards other animals. Some dogs of the Boxador mix can have an aggressive dog growl that often intimidates humans and other animals.

While the growl seems aggressive, the Boxador will often whine after to show signs of more of a playful mood. Keeping an eye out for aggressive behavior is important, and if the growling does not improve, seek out a training expert.

10 Things You Need to Know about the Boxador 2

Boxadors are Energetic and Playful

  1. They are playful

On top of all the energy that this mixed breed brings, they are extremely playful. Between catch, battling with their dog brothers or sisters, and constantly wanting to walk, these dogs will be needing a lot of attention. 

Our Boxador is extremely playful both with adults, our other dog and our son. During this playful time, he may nip a bit. Watching out for their teeth will go a long way into playing with your puppy.

  1. Watch out for your Fence

If you are a homeowner that has a fenced in yard, you better keep an eye out for your fence. Boxadors get distracted by animals passing by, and will often try and “get” to the animal walking by. The fence jumping will occur often and if not dealt with, your fence will take a beating.

It is recommended that during a busy time in your neighborhood when dogs and animals may be out the most, that you may want to be outside with your dog, training them to stay away from the fence by causing a distraction.

Various training methods are available if the fence jumping continues and does not seem to be getting better, it is recommended to get assistance via these training methods.

10 Things You Need to Know about the Boxador 3

Boxadors Love jumping on fences

  1. So Long Personal Space

Constant attention can be the case in many dogs, but the Boxador takes it to an all new level. Every time you turn around, they are there. They enjoy sniffing a lot, and personal space is not something you should expect with this breed combination. Attention is a great thing, but be prepared to have them at your feet 24/7.

The aggressive closeness should always be shown as a positive thing, as the dog just wants to be by your side. It shows affection and that they care about being part of the family.

10 Things You Need to Know about the Boxador 4

Boxadors do not leave your side

  1. They are loving

The boxador truly is an affectionate dog towards their owners. While constant attention will be required, they show so much appreciation to their owners for just being a part of their lives. Being by your side, snuggling up with their owners, and laying by your feet, these dogs will be part of the family quickly.

The more you show them love, the quicker they will adapt to a friendly environment.

  1. They are Fast Eaters

Putting a cup of food in front of your Boxador you will guarantee one thing: it will get eaten and quickly. The Boxador eats fast, barely leaving any time for breathing in between.

Because of this, it is recommended to get a bowl with sections in it in order to challenge your Boxador, and well as slow them down when eating. With our dog, we give ½ cups of food at a time to separate them into smaller portions so the dog doesn’t inhale it all in one breath. This allows his stomach to relax in between feedings, and will calm any digestive issues the dog might have.

  1. Maintenance

The Boxador maintenance is moderate. The breed really enjoys digging and getting dirty outside, while exploring the great outdoors. The bathing process isn’t necessary often however, as their skin and hair is very soft and can be smooth. A bath once a month with constant brushing and wiping up is sufficient for this dog.

The shedding of this dog is moderate but not overwhelming. I would recommend brushing the Boxadors hair 1-2 times a week at minimum to keep their coat fresh and now allow the skin and hair to dry up.

Their ears and teeth should be consistently cleaned to avoid any dental or ear issues. Our boxador is given ear drops once a month, and we attempt to brush his teeth once a month if possible. Be careful, as they can be skittish and have very large, sharp teeth. Brushing their teeth can be quite a challenge, so if it is something you do not feel comfortable with, allowing your groomer to do so may be a better option.

They are very patient when trained

With all the energy that the Boxador brings to the table, training this dog brings a lot of patience. Often times, if told to “go sit,” our Boxador will sit in the living room and watch us eat dinner patiently until he is called back in.

While Boxadors can be patient, the training process has to be consistent.

Boxadors show patience when training. They are very good at listening once you have them trained. The beginnings of training will not be easy, as they get distracted very easily, but once trained, your dog will be sure to show you that they are here to listen to their owner.

10 Things You Need to Know about the Boxador 5

The Boxador can be very patient

Overall, the Boxador is a great family dog with a little bit of patience and love. I would highly recommend this dog to a family that is able to keep up with the fast pace of the breed, and be ready to have a very protective, caring dog.

10 Things You Need to Know about the Boxador 6