Best Dog Bandanas

Owners have a general need to style their dog, while also keeping them comfortable. While some of us do this by dressing them in costumes or sweaters, or putting fun hats on them, we all have different ways of styling our dogs.

Another fun way to style your dog, and potentially keep them cool temperature wise is to buy them a bandana. Today I will go over some of the best bandanas on the market, while describing their features, size options and overall reviews through Amazon.


What to Consider when buying

Believe it or not, when searching for the right bandana, you should look for a few different features before buying the option for your dog:

Some of these features are:

  • Can it be washed?: These items tend to get dirty, so you want to make sure that you can easily throw it in the wash.
  • Size: You don’t want to strangle out your dog, but at the same time, it shouldn’t be falling off. Measure your dog’s neck first, allowing a touch of extra room to actually tie the product on the neck comfortably.
  • Material: Pick a material that is nice and cool for your dog.
  • Double sided feature: If you can get a bandana with two different designs on a side for the same price as a single sided bandana, do it! Two styles to switch back and forth on will be a fun way to keep your dog stylish.
  • Will your dog wear it?: While some dogs love the bandana, and think it makes them look cool; not every dog will enjoy wearing the product. Doing a quick test run will be key in making this determination.

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Many Bandanas are easy to tie

Some Benefits of a Bandana

A few more things you may want to consider when determining if a bandana is necessary are that:

  • They can cool down your dog: There are specific materials that some of these bandanas are made of that can really be light resistant, and keep your dog cool on hot summer days.
  • Safety from others and at night: Some bandanas are made as almost “warning” colors to people who might want to pet dogs walking by. Also, bright bandanas may be good for night time walking in case your puppy gets away.
  • Irritation of skin area: If there is some type of allergy or injury around the neck area of your dog, these bandanas may help prevent them from scratching away at it.

Best Dog Bandanas

TRAVEL BUS Dog Bandana

With these being a five pack for a very reasonable price, it is one of Amazon’s “top choice” options for your dog.

Some of the best features of these bandanas include:

  • Breathable and durable: Made of a cotton yarn, this material is light and makes it easy for your dog to still breathe. The material seems to be strong.
  • Medium and large dogs suitable: The sizes seem to fit even Medium and large dogs, and are easy to adjust as needed.
  • Different designs and reversible: With 5 different plaid designs, and can be flipped over to use as well, these will give you a lot of uses before cleaning!

The only real negative feedback that they get is that while they state that they are good for large dogs, such as golden retrievers,  it appears much larger dogs do not truly fit into these bandanas.

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Remy+Roo Dog Bandanas – 4 Pack

A top notch newer item to the Amazon Marketplace, this four pack, while a bit pricey, gets raving reviews!

The features that support these reviews include:

  • Two adjustable sizes: The small size is good for dogs up to 30 pounds, while the large is sufficient for dogs up to 100 pounds. It provides a curved design to easily secure comfortably around your dog’s neck.
  • Durable material: Made with a double layer of polyester fiber, these bandanas are sure to be strong and long lasting.
  • Different designs and 100% guarantee: With trendy designs, these will keep your dog cool and feeling great! If you are not satisfied with your purchase, the company offers a 100% money back guarantee.

With minimal negative reviews on these, they seem to be a top option for your dog! Some reviews do state that they wish they had more girl dog options, as the designs do not really make a lot of girl dog based colors and designs.

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VIPITH 8 Pack Triangle Dog Bandana

This option might be the biggest steal on Amazon. An 8 pack is extremely affordable, and gives you a variety to choose from. Other great features include:

  • Material and Size: The material is strong, being made from a soft cotton, which allows your dog to breathe easier. The range of size is best for small to medium dogs, but may not be great for larger dogs.
  • 8 different colors and designs: With a large variety of colors and designs, your dog can be styled in a different bandana every day of the week. The plaid design is fashionable and the dual layer design makes it extremely comfortable for your dog.
  • Easy to wash: The material can easily be placed into a washer and dryer if need be, and they come out very nice and are easy to fold and put away.

The negative reviews that come with this product are that they do not fit large dogs. While it shows that in the description, the picture of a large dog is often misleading to consumers.

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YaoYao Personalized Dog Bandana

Here is a great option for you to personalize your dog a keepsake bandana! With a great price point, this item includes features:

  • Sizes and Colors: With four different sizes, and four different colors, you are bound to find the perfect match for your dog. From extra small up to larger for bigger dogs, these adjustable bandanas fit all types of dogs.
  • 100% Cotton and Easy to Wear: This item is made of a soft blend cotton that is smooth and comfortable for your dog. Along with this, a quick release button makes this easy to take on and off with ease.
  • Multi Function and personalized: The bandana can also be good for your dog to stop scratching the front of their necks, and the personalized name will help them feel good about knowing that this bandana is for them.

There are only really a few negative reviews on this product. A few people state that the ordering of this product is difficult and long, and they do get the product, there are mistakes within the order.

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12pcs Bandanas Cowboy design

If a basic bandana is all you need, these for the price might be sufficient for you. The price point is good for getting so many, and these other features are worth that price:

  • Cotton material: With a soft cotton material, and being sewn completely around, the bandana should hold strong.
  • Cowboy design and colors: With a large variety of designs and colors, these are great for parties, or for dressing your dog up in variety.
  • Machine Washable: They recommend to wash these right away as they will come stiff. After one wash, they loosen, and will make it easier to tie around your dog’s neck. Being machine washable, you can consistently keep these clean.

These are good for basic usage, however, they do not get as many positive reviews as others. Many say that they don’t always wash well, and the material is super thin. If a quick option with 12 different varieties is what you are looking for, these may or may not work for you.

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The personalized YaoYao may be the winner after all of the raving reviews. While it received some of the highest reviews, a lot of the other dog bandanas seem to give you a pretty solid set of options. Please feel free to comment below on any other dog bandanas you use!

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