Sydney Bair

Sydney Bair
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Labrador Expert
Sydney Bair is an oncology nurse and labrador expert. When she was a child, she loved animals and dreamt of living on a ranch with dogs and horses. She didn’t know what she would do in her grown-up life, only that it needed to include animals. At some point, she thought she would be a veterinarian and help animals overcome illness.
Life would eventually have different plans – and she would, in fact, spend her days with human patients – but in the meantime, at six years old, she yearned for a dog. A canine companion. Her mom finally caved and brought her and her brother to the Animal Humane Society. They walked through the kennel excitedly, but Sydney hadn’t found the dog she was looking for yet.
But then, within a chain-linked kennel, she spotted Jericho, whose tail wagged endlessly. It was love at first sight. Jericho was a Labrador-Terrier mix with short, slick black fur. He was an energetic, six-month-old pup who kissed her child-sized hand as if he already knew he was hers.
“That’s the one,” she said resolutely. She loved him instantly, though distinctly hated his name – not because it was bad but because she couldn’t quite pronounce it.
Even so, Jericho was brought into the family.
And he lived 16 happy years. But eventually old age and cancer took hold. And while he might be gone, he is never forgotten. Sydney still remembers how he would curl up on her small bed night after night. How terrible he was at walking on a leash. How he would sometimes gain too much weight and misbehave. Yet how lovable and loyal he always was.
She now yearns for another dog, and she’s trying to find the best time to bring a new companion into her life. Meanwhile, she satiates her love of dogs by caring for her mother’s sweet Doxiepoo and Dachshund and petting every dog who comes into the human hospital.