Stephanie Smith

Stephanie Suesan Smith
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Dog Trainer

Stephanie Suesan Smith, Ph.D. has had dogs since she was four years old.  She did competitive obedience with two dogs (an apricot Poodle and a mix).

Stephanie put a junior hunter on an (English) Pointer.  In addition, she was a marshal for pointing dog hunting tests and field trials.

Stephanie spent a decade doing (English) Pointer rescue.  This required training the rescued dogs and finding good homes for them.  These dogs had already had one bad break and she was determined they would be loved and cared for from now on.  One potential home said he could have adopted a child with less paperwork.

When she was little, Stephanie waited excitedly until her Dad walked in, carrying a white miniature Poodle.  “Here is your new puppy,” he said. Stephanie promptly lunged at the dog and got nipped for her trouble.  Stephanie learned an important lesson that day. Never lunge at a dog. Go slowly and softly. She has never forgotten that lesson.

Currently, Stephanie has a Catahoula Leopard Dog and a mixed breed dog.  Both are around 75 pounds and live in the house. They have access to a big fenced back yard.  Big yard or not, the dogs can often be found laying at her feet while she works on the computer.

Stephanie’s other skill is writing.  She writes non-fiction articles on dogs and on gardening. Stephanie sold her first article, “Treating Bites and Stings,” for Dog Fancy Magazine.   In addition to being a hard core dog writer, she has been a master gardener since 2001.  She has written many articles on gardening since then.