Michelle Ropp

Michelle Ropp
Beagle Expert
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Michelle Ropp is a writer and violin-maker from the beautiful Pacific Northwest. She also writes articles for an animal advocacy nonprofit, Their Voice, and has grown up with dogs all her life. She volunteered for two years at Shy Wolf Sanctuary while living in Florida, and had the incredible opportunity to work with wolves, wolf-dogs, coyotes, foxes, and many other animals one-on-one. At Shy Wolf Sanctuary she was trained in canine behavior, communication, and de-escalation techniques, and led countless educational visitor tours.

Michelle is lucky to have two loving beagles at home and is constantly crafting for them, creating miniature quilts and homemade treats and toys. Both are rescues. The eldest, Gunther, was found as a feral puppy on the streets, half-starved and raiding garbage cans to survive. The shelter deemed him too dangerous for human contact despite the fact that he was only a puppy, but with a lot of convincing (and waiver-signing), he was adopted one day before he would have been put down. In the beginning, he was destructive, defensive, and scared and would lash out often—but with time and love, he has become loving, protective, and incredibly clever.

Joey, the youngest beagle, had collapsed on the side of a highway when he was found. He was half the weight he should have been with bones jutting out from nose to tail, and he was terrified of everything. With lots of love, treats, and Gunther to help him come out of his shell, he grew braver and sillier and eager to please. The two beagles grew close, and love each other just as much as they love their new home and family.

Michelle also writes fiction and poetry in her spare time and has been published in Hadrosaur Tales, Gamers Decide, and Gravel Magazine. She has two novels drafted as well. Both are being edited to prepare them for publication.