Melanie Sinfield Pugh

Melanie Pugh
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Miniature Schnauzer Expert

Melanie Sinfield Pugh is an animal lover and freelance writer from the UK. She was born and still lives in the Hertfordshire countryside, now with her husband Lee and their miniature schnauzer, Rodney. Her first love was her tomcat, Tizer, who joined her family when she was 8 years old. That was it, she was smitten. An array of different pets followed each of which Melanie lovingly cared for.

After a long career in the Travel Industry, Melanie has taken a step back to fulfill her dream of writing. Since falling for her little dog Rodney, and keen to give him the best life possible, Melanie has been surprised to discover how little is really known about caring for dogs and other animals. From finding a reputable breeder to general health and nutrition, Melanie is alarmed that so many genuine pet loving folk simply aren’t knowledgeable about how to source and look after their animals. She is now on a mission to educate, without patronizing, pet parents across the globe and is passionate about spreading the word so that everyone can enjoy a long, rich, and happy life with their pets.

Melanie is a reader and researcher and thrives on studying and learning. She tries to be healthy and does train and has recently discovered the benefits of Pilates. She is also a new runner, something that she never thought she’d be able to do in a million years.  

She enjoys traveling and has a real affinity with India, but these days she can’t bear to leave her beloved Rodney behind. She therefore intends to travel around Europe in the near future, with her husband too, of course.

Melanie, being British, does like to relax in her local pub. In fact, she has had many of her best ideas over a beer or two.