Mark O’Neill

Mark O’Neill
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Dog Specialist

Mark O’Neill is a freelance writer, freelance editor, and independently-published fiction author. Originally from Scotland, he now lives in Würzburg, Germany with his wife Monika and their dog, Schlumpf.

Mark has been writing professionally since the late 1980’s when he began working for a young people’s British newspaper called “Early Times”. Scoring interviews with rock bands and politicians, Mark then went onto journalism school and work experience with newspapers and Scottish radio. He also made a brief appearance on a British BBC television programme. Thankfully that programme has disappeared without trace.

He now works as a tech writer for several sites, as well as a copywriter, ghostwriter, and consultant for dozens of businesses worldwide. He is now attempting to branch out with writing about dogs, but his specialist subjects remain tech, especially iOS, MacOS, SEO, social media, and cybersecurity. He likes to teach people how to be safer online using common-sense techniques.

From 2007 to 2013, he was the managing editor of He wrote an eBay industry column from 2004-2005, got published in multiple print publications, worked for sites such as PC Magazine, and even found time to become an English teacher to German students. In 2017, he fulfilled a long-time dream by starting to write spy fiction novels which can be found on Amazon, iBooks, Kobo, and more.

Mark is a big believer in self-education and thanks to the internet, he is always teaching himself new subjects. He is learning to program using Codecademy, and taking online certification programs with Google, Bing, Copyblogger, and more.