Lauren Montgomery

Lauren Montgomery
Dog Photography Expert
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Lauren Montgomery likes to go by the monoger, Pup Mom, and lives in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. She holds a B.A. in English and a M.S. in criminal justice from The University of Alabama. Lauren hopes to one day go to law school, where she plans to practice criminal law.

Lauren has loved writing since she was a little girl and loves creating stories and connecting with others through the one thing that gives her the most joy, second to her pup children – of course! If Lauren could be anything in the world, she would give up her 8 to 5 and become a full-time writer. Lauren is happy to call herself a freelance writer.

Professionally, Lauren works in Compliance and has also previously worked as a Title IX Investigator. Her experience is in higher education and includes investigations, drafting and reviewing policies, and compliance with higher ed regulations. She is certified in compliance, ethics, and overseeing internal investigations.

Lauren’s hobbies include true crime novels and documentaries, napping, sunbathing and consuming a lot of Netflix. She also enjoys baking, much to the dismay of her gym focused husband, and is pretty confident in her ability to bake amazing cookies. She is happily married to her best friend and together they have four dogs and a cat named Kitticus Maximus, or Kiki for short. Lauren’s four dogs include a Lab-mix (Gracie), a German Shepherd (Athena), a Siberian Husky (Ghost), and a Miniature Australian Shepherd (Bailey). She accepts that she is insanely in love with animals and would love to one day have her own rescue or sanctuary. Lauren’s the most proud of her family, fur and all.