Lauren Lee

Lauren Lee
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Animal Rescuer | Bully Breed Advocate

Lauren Lee is an avid animal advocate and freelance writer from Connecticut.  She was raised in Fairfield County, Connecticut where her mother and father and stepmother still live today.  She lives in the Northwest Hills of Connecticut with her husband and four rescue dogs. She holds a BA in Sociology and Creative Writing from Simmons College and a Masters in Education Curriculum.  Her background includes news journalism, corporate editing and 15 years teaching Language Arts. She has also designed and facilitated creative healing workshops for Sandy Hook children.

Lauren has been passionate about animals and writing since early childhood.  Though her first pet was a Pet Rock, she went on to own guinea pigs, salamanders, hermit crabs, and goldfish while in early elementary school.  She first tried her hand at rescuing as a third grader, when a contractor accidentally knocked a nest full of infant rabbits out of their home while constructing a stone wall.  She spent weeks feeding all six infant bunnies with an eyedropper several times a day until they were strong enough to be set free.

All the while, Lauren wrote persuasive letters to her parents pleading for a dog.  To this day, her mother has kept one letter she wrote in third grade stating, “if I can’t get a dog I will never laff again.”  Her spelling has improved since and her rescue undertakings have increased.

Lauren has volunteered at local area shelters, training some of the more “behaviorally challenged” dogs in order to teach basic skills and manners necessary to find them loving, forever homes.  One of her favorite accomplishments was training a 130-pound Shepherd/Rottweiler mix to stop jumping up and using his teeth, to obey basic commands, and to wait for his walks. She then was able to make sure he was placed in a loving home.  Her other favorite training experience was teaching a deaf pit bull terrier to obey hand signals. After bonding with him, Lauren took him home with her.

Lauren works with rescues and shelters all over the country to network and cross-post dogs in need of foster homes and permanent, loving homes.  She has written for Urgent Part 2, a nonprofit organization that circulates information about the dogs on the New York Animal Care Center’s nightly “To Be Destroyed List.”

Lauren believes there is no such thing as a bad dog. She works to educate and inform people about the misunderstood bully breeds in an effort to change the stereotypes and misperceptions that surround these dogs.  

She is the author of “A Wonderful Foster Failure,” an essay published on and  

Lauren also enjoys going down to a small shelter near her home and visiting the pit bulls or walking them through a wooded path.  She spends time planning rescue and adoption events, as well as writing poetry.