Laura Ojeda Melchor

Laura Ojeda Melchor
German Shepherd Expert
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Laura Ojeda Melchor grew up with two beloved German shepherd dogs—Clancy and her daughter, Bella. From the time her family brought Clancy home, Laura took on the duty of pooper-scooper and potty trainer. As a teenager Laura helped her mother care for Clancy during her pregnancy. She still remembers fondly the exciting, frigid winter night when the seven special puppies were born. Laura kept the youngest puppy—Bella—and potty trained her, too. She taught Bella important commands, took her for long walks, and spent hours throwing tennis balls for her. Clancy and Bella have both passed away from two different and debilitating types of cancer, but several of Clancy’s other babies are sweet, elderly German shepherds owned by family friends, so Laura gets to see them on Instagram from time to time.

In November, Laura brought home a sweet new puppy, Eira Violet. Eira is half Alaskan malamute and half German shepherd, and Laura loves her deeply. She chose not to use a crate to potty train Eira and was pleasantly surprised at the results. She now has a sweet, energetic dog who always uses the potty outside, plays well with Laura’s toddler, and enjoys long family walks in beautiful Alaska. If you were to meet Eira, she’d bound up to you with a wagging tail and get you running around the yard with her in no time.

Laura earned her MFA in Writing from Vermont College of Fine Arts in 2017. She writes fiction and completed a manuscript of a novel for her creative thesis entitled “Lucy Running”. And guess what? Its main character is a German shepherd! She’s also working on a novel about a veterinarian’s daughter who wants to help save Alaska’s gray wolves.  In addition to her fiction writing, Laura is a freelancer and a contributing writer on Book Riot. She feels incredibly lucky to live with her family in Wasilla, Alaska, where outdoor activities for dogs and people alike abound.