Krista Rae Shawley

Krista Raw Shawley
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Dog Guide

Krista Rae Shawley is a dog mom from Boise, Idaho who you will find on the mountain by means of board, bike, or pack, depending on the season. She, alongside her husband Brian and Blue Heeler Pointer mix Sable, reside throughout the Northwest traveling the parks, trails, slopes and waters by campervan. She has mastered the art of the trail dog, as their dog Sable bravely accompanies them on journeys and endeavours that challenge even the best of canines.

Throughout the years, many challenges have been faced and lessons have been learned. It is through these years of experience, trial and error, and a loving bond that she has gained the knowledge necessary to help others build strong, long-lasting relationships with their dogs.

Her experience outside has given her some very unique opportunities to connect with dogs in deep ways. Outdoor survival situations have pushed her and her pup countless times and built an unbreakable connection. These events have also shed light on the psyche of the dog and how one is to truly behave as an owner of a dog. The importance of being a proper guide and parent/partner for a dog has powered her to help others with their dog relations. She has spent countless hours in all conditions in command of dogs at their limits.

Krista is a graduate from South Seattle College with her AA and has been a passionate writer for the last three years. Writing gives her freedom, and this freedom gives her time to be on the road and travel the world with Brian and Sable by her side. She loves to live a healthy life and to help others to do the same by teaching them healthy habits and delicious recipes to promote better living for dog and being alike.

Krista’s passions include mountain sports such as downhill mountain biking and snowboarding. She loves to hike, take backpacking trips, and camp under the stars (when the weather permits). Krista also finds much excitement by cooking amazing meals with minimal supplies. She enjoys spending her time reading great books, writing, and learning new things. Her favorite National Park is Mount Rainier and if you ever ask her for a suggestion, she’ll tout all about it.

If you’re ever looking for her, though, she’s probably outside exploring the terrain with her two best friends, Brian and Sable— living her best life, and inspiring others to do the same.