Kino Kerr

Kino Kerr
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Dog Specialist

Kino has been passionate about dogs for as long as she can remember. A proud Canadian, she has spent her entire life in the Pacific Northwest, where almost everyone is a fan of maple syrup and ice hockey. Interestingly enough, however, no one ever guesses that she’s from Canada when she visits the United States.

Growing up, her family had two furry friends—a Shiba and a Corgi, both of whom were huge cuddlers. At one point, she even had a pet chinchilla, though he and the canines never got along. A pet lover through and through, she eventually began to volunteer at the local SPCA, where she had the chance to bond and work with many rescue dogs.

Today, Kino is the proud owner of a rambunctious five-year-old Siberian Husky. A 55-pound goof, he enjoys shredding paper that has been carelessly left on the counter and opening the sock drawer—the latter of which he’d managed to teach himself one afternoon. Full of pent-up energy, he and Kino go for two one-hour walks every day; even then, however, he’s never truly tired. Upon returning home, it usually takes a game of fetch or five before he starts to wind down.

In her free time, Kino enjoys shopping at the pet section—mostly in search of doggy toys that’d be able to withstand her goofball’s destructive chewing power—and reading. One of her favorite novels of all time is A Dog’s Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron. Aside from that, she also likes to write. Somewhat of a tech geek, she has been able to type over 140 WPM ever since she was in grade school—a skill that comes in handy for her freelance writing career. In addition to writing about pets, she also has experience writing about healthcare, technology, and pop culture.