Kelsy Peterson

Kelsy Peterson
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Dog Rescuer

Kelsy Peterson lives in Ogden, Utah with her terrier-mix rescue. She received her B.S. in public relations and advertising from Weber State University. She currently works in marketing for a steel company and enjoys writing in her spare time.

Growing up surrounded by mountains, Kelsy has a life-long passion of hiking, camping, and exploring the many surrounding lakes and rivers – anything to get outside. More recently, that includes her rescue, Sophie.

Sophie was rescued as a feral puppy along with her siblings. They were found in an abandoned building in New Mexico and brought up to Rescue Rovers in Utah for adoption. Sophie was the oddball of the bunch. Her siblings all had curly hair and dark markings. But, there was something about the straight-haired apricot puppy that captured Kelsy’s heart.

Sophie is now an incredibly affectionate and happy dog. She loves joining her mom on runs, hikes, and camping trips, but also loves curling up on the couch after a long day. She is also highly treat-motivated. Since this treat addiction can get expensive, Kelsy has learned how to make healthy homemade dog treats and always leaves her house stocked with carrots, peanut butter, and pumpkin puree, Sophie’s favorites.

Kelsy has been around dogs since she was born. Her family has owned a Dalmatian, a West Highland terrier, and a Shih Tzu. Her expertise comes from being around and self-training many different breeds and understanding their different temperaments and characteristics.

Writing has always been one of her biggest passions. She has written for Weber State University, a local newspaper, a health website, as well as for her current company. However, creative writing is what she most enjoys. She also enjoys a variety of books and hopes to one day have a full library in her home, reading nook and all.