Kelly Black

Kelly Black
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Dog Specialist

Kelly Black is a writer and proofreader. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, she remembers two things vividly from her childhood: watching the Pittsburgh Steelers on TV and playing with the family dog, Mindy. When Kelly and her husband married, they moved to Florida and immediately adopted their first dog, a mutt named Heinz. (The name was a tribute to Kelly’s beloved hometown and the fact that the dog had about 57 different breeds in him.)

Four months after Heinz joined the family, an abandoned golden retriever wandered into their garage. After turning him in to the Humane Society where no one claimed him, Kelly and her husband adopted him too and named him Samson. These fur babies paved the way for the human babies that came a few years later.

Kelly started her freelance writing career several years ago, and one of her most well-received pieces was a tribute to Samson when he passed away. Since then, she has enjoyed writing about dogs and taking pictures of them. She found that getting to know people’s dogs through her photography was a great way to make friends with the owners too.

Kelly and her family now live outside of Philadelphia. They have four children and one dog, Lulu, who joined the family after Heinz passed away. Lulu is a Chihuahua mix who loves to sit on laps, sleep under the covers, bark at everything (and nothing), and play with her human siblings. Kelly was thrilled to publish her first book in summer 2017. In her spare time, she loves to play with her kids, read, cook, catch a movie, and of course, cuddle with Lulu.