Hope Dale

Hope Dale
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Dog Expert

Hope is a UK based dog lover and freelance writer. She spends her days writing, usually with a dog curled up under her desk (or else, demanding that she stops working for cuddles and a trip to the park).

With a BA (Hons) in Theology, and an MA in Medieval History, it wasn’t until she completed her studies that she finally realized: writing was her passion. She couldn’t imagine leaving grad school for an office job (especially one that kept her away from her dogs), so she picked up her laptop and began to write full-time.

Her canine friends include: A soppy Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Chester; a very sassy Japanese Spitz; five chihuahuas, who all live together in a converted windmill; a super laid-back Bichon Frise (she has to be, she lives with the chihuahuas); a lazy but adorable Shih Tzu;and a rather temperamental, but absolutely gorgeous, English Cocker Spaniel.

Every single one of the above breeds is Hope’s absolute favorite, (depending on which fluffy ears are listening), but her secret favorite *might* be the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel- who can resist those beautiful liquid eyes!

Though most of her favorite breeds are on the smaller side, she does have a penchant for Staffies, who she believes are generally ‘golden-hearted softies’ and ‘fantastic cuddlers’. In fact, one of her childhood Staffies used to follow her down the slide at the park.

When she’s not writing about dogs, Hope spends her time writing for ethical businesses, drinking copious amounts of hot tea (well, she is British), and walking in the English countryside with her dog friends.