Emily Swaisland

Emily Swaisland
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Whippet Expert

Emily Swaisland is a twenty-something-year-old living along the Brighton coast…the UK coast that is, no snazzy California beaches. She went to the Brighton Institute of Modern Music when she was 16 to study for a career in music and drums where she achieved her Diploma and BA Honours Degree in Professional Musicianship. Emily has done a variety of session jobs within drumming, with her biggest one to date being featured on The Graham Norton show backing popstar Gabrielle Aplin.

She lives with her boyfriend and their two adorable whippets, Tigerlily and Mia. Emily has grown up with dogs, and various other furry friends, since she was three years old and has always had a passion for animals and caring for them. When Emily was little, she would go to work with her Nan in the school holidays and help out with the cattery that she worked in. Emily remembers taking along her own little cat cuddly toy and being allowed a spare cattery run if one were to be available.

Dogs have always been the centre of Emily’s world and she is happiest when she is with her own ‘poochie family’ as she likes to call it. Brighton has many beautiful routes to walk dogs along, and her two little whippets love going down to the beach. Emily has learnt all she knows about dogs and their countless breeds through growing up, with both her Mum and Nan having dogs throughout their lives as well. This is where her love has stemmed from…it simply runs in the family!

Emily’s expertise lies in the knowledge of being a dog owner. She knows the day to day life of being a ‘dog parent’, knows what it means to find the best breed for you and your family, the basics of canine first aid, and can tell you what almost every breed of dog is that she may pass in the street…she thanks her younger self and the countless days of reading her ‘Dog Encyclopedia’ for that one.

She would describe herself as the Crazy Dog Lady who ooh’s and ahh’s at every dog she sees. In her spare time, she loves to catch up with her friends and family, keep up her drumming skills, write posts on her blog and share pictures of her dogs on Instagram. She attends the occasional Zumba class, has a slight chocolate addiction and has enjoyed learning to cook new meals at home, as Emily and her boyfriend are recently new homeowners…all very exciting! Emily likes to add that bit of sparkle wherever she goes!