Caroline Abbott

Caroline Abbott
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Cavapoo Expert

Caroline Abbott is a freelance writer who is based in Torquay in Devon, England. It’s a beautiful part of the UK with plenty of beaches and woodlands which are ideal for dog walking.

After obtaining a degree in psychology from Exeter University, Caroline spent a decade working as a reporter for local newspapers. She won a national award during her journalism training, but when she was made redundant she took the opportunity to pursue her passion for travel.

While she was in Australia, she met her first Cavapoo – known in that country as a Cavoodle. It was love at first sight and she promised herself that one day, she would have a Cavapoo of her own.

She had always desperately wanted a dog – probably a Golden Retriever, Border Collie or German Shepherd – and had even been known, as a young child, to drag logs or cuddly toys (depending on whether she was outdoors or indoors) around on a leash. She read books and watched TV programmes and movies about dogs and other animals in her leisure time.

It wasn’t until she was in her early 30s, when she stopped renting a house and got her own place, that she was finally in a position to fulfill her dream of getting a dog, and of course it had to be a Cavapoo. She traveled across the country to pick up her new baby, Ruby, who proved worth the wait and exceeded all expectations.

It was sheer coincidence that Caroline met a partner who also had a Cavapoo, and now she and Ruby are the happiest they have ever been. Working as a freelance writer has enabled Caroline to spend more time surrounded by what she loves most, whether at home or out and about exploring the countryside and the cafes and bars along the way.