Ana Carmona

Ana Carmona
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Dog Psychologist

Ana Carmona was born in Lisbon, Portugal, where she lives with her sons, husband and their dog Dexter. She has a degree in Social Communication, but her passion for animals made her choose a different path. After finishing her studies she worked in the portuguese Animal Protection Society as a secretary and veterinary assistant, where she learned and practiced the basics of veterinary nursing.

Being a vegan animal rights advocate, Ana joined the political party PPA (Party for the Animals) in 2009. In 2014 the party changed its name to PAN, which means People-Animals-Nature. She was a part of the National Committee from 2016 to 2017.

Ana’s interest for dogs increased, so she decided to study their behavior and ethology, as well as taking other courses, like first aid for dogs and basic training.

Throughout her life she always had pets, most of them being rescued cats and dogs. It was because of one of her dogs, Anúbis, that in 2016 Ana decided to create a group to promote the adoption of older animals and/or with special needs and to raise donations in goods to distribute to animal shelters. Anúbis was a lovely dog, always happy and full of energy. At 6 years old he started to lose weight very fast and was diagnosed with diabetes. Although being accustomed to take care of sick animals, Ana was afraid that Anúbis wouldn’t live much longer. But by strictly following the veterinary orders, through daily injections of insulin, a special diet and lots of love, Anúbis lived a practically normal life until he was 14 years old. The group is called Projecto Anúbis as a tribute to her dog.

In her free time Ana likes to hang out with her family and friends and to cook vegan meals for them. She also enjoys gardening, knitting and taking long walks on the countryside.

Besides working in the dog psychology area and coordinating the Projecto Anúbis group, she is planning to develop a new project directed to children, where they will be taught to respect dogs, their needs and to interpret dog language.